Anonymous 09/08/2017 (Fri) 14:23:11 No. 22670 del
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Lo! I am to make an announcement. Recently, thanks to the community activity like youtube anime reviewers, I have now, for once in my lifetime, learned a new thing I wouldn't have otherwise known. Or remembered, in any case. That thing, is knowledge of the meme that a 'fractale' is used as a unit of measurement for failed shows that like Fractale sell less than 800 BDs. Of course I know quite much enough about the circumstances of Fractale all the way from it was first in production, but that joke is a thing that wasn't on top of my mind. This conclusively forces me to admit that community does, after all, build into the collective pool of information about anime production and therefore has value for people who should just look shit up instead of staying plebs. Proof that community is not entirely pro-pleb and anti-pro phenomenon, like it was previously assumed.

I will make similar announcement every time the community let's me know something that was any news to me.