Anonymous 02/14/2018 (Wed) 16:06:36 No.15349 del
Considering I think half the population in my country now qualifies for "mentally ill" I really don't know.

Just leave them alone unless they start to harm other people around you. If they intend to harm you or your family you have the right to shoot-to-kill where I live. So yah. Remain vigilant, fortify your entry-points where you live, remain armed and just stay away from people that might be crazy. Or at least keep an eye out on them if you must be near them or live near them. I've seen some of these kinds of people considering I had a teenage daughter in high school around 20 years ago. You know the kind: the bug-eyed coked-up adrenaline-fueled types in black leather jackets. Yah... don't let them into your house and make sure you set strict rules so your family won't mess around with the wrong kind of people.