Anonymous 02/14/2018 (Wed) 16:23:28 No.15351 del
The big problem is trying to get rid of peaceful people who don't share the same ideologies as you, or trying to de-huminize groups of people who share different opinions.

Ask yourself this: how often to Christians go around killing people today? Very rarely. Hell, Muslims on average will turn to religious extremes a lot more often than most other religious cultures out there. Do I hear anyone whining about that?

My point is unless someone actually turns to extremism, you should leave them alone. Now, if they do try to harm you or your family, you should have the right to defend yourselves in lethal matter. And police also have the right to get involved if an individual (or group of individuals) turn violent or extremist.

Otherwise, leave them be. They are only humans like me and you, they just hold different beliefs. That's not dangerous, its called true diversity.