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(44.13 KB 565x658 ancap.jpg)
Bernd 06/29/2017 (Thu) 18:27:37 [Preview] No. 8546 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
ITT we type nice things about ancap.

For example:
I think ancap is great because it promotes entrepreneurship and rewards those who can take initiative.
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Bernd 07/01/2017 (Sat) 07:19:08 [Preview] No. 8594 del
Drink less grappa, Giuseppe.

Bernd 07/10/2017 (Mon) 05:34:55 [Preview] No. 8858 del
I think all ideologies are like that. There's a reason why they aren't called practicoligy.

Bernd 07/10/2017 (Mon) 15:28:20 [Preview] No. 8863 del
And what is an ideology? A tool to help you not have to think for yourself.
It is made for idiots.

Bernd 07/10/2017 (Mon) 16:19:35 [Preview] No. 8865 del
how has anarcho capitalism been reduced to a meme ideology?

Bernd 07/10/2017 (Mon) 16:27:13 [Preview] No. 8866 del
I think an ideology gathers all the thoughts from a certain perspective on a common topic of those thoughts. For example socialism gathers the thoughts on equality and argues on the importance of equality. An ideology isn't unchangeable it is slowly shaped by it's advocates however it's rough shape should remain the original (or it turns into something else) but new thoughts are added in time, corrections can be made. Ideologies can inspire people to give birth to forms of government, social institutions, economical systems etc.
People can but don't need to be committed to a specific ideology. They are good to know however as this knowledge can help get through life in our time and age. Noone was born with true judgement but we have the chance to learn the worth ours and others' by learning about the world and lots of thoughts on important topics are summarized by ideologies. Yes, lots of people follow blindly certain advocates of certain ideologies just because they heard some wise, semi-wise or pseudo-wise thoughts from those but this doesn't mean that following the teachings of an ideology is wrong or the ideology in itself is wrong. Also someone who consider himself a follower a certain ideology shouldn't necessarily accept automatically everything which other followers think or say on that topic. One can and should make up his own mind. For example someone who thinks that equality among people or a subset of people is an important thing hence he's a follower of socialism doesn't necessarily agrees with Marx' thoughts expressed in the Communist Manifesto.
Of course the more specialized a certain ideology, the less general it's topic, the more specified it's teaching the less diverse will be it's followers.

Memes are just thoughts. Ideologies are thoughts. Ideologies are memes.

(192.06 KB 1181x1748 1498438017484.jpg)
Bernd 07/05/2017 (Wed) 16:35:17 [Preview] No. 8748 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Goodnight kc
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Bernd 07/07/2017 (Fri) 17:24:27 [Preview] No. 8816 del
Could it be some wordplay on 2chan?

Bernd 07/07/2017 (Fri) 17:29:40 [Preview] No. 8818 del
No idea, the french guy and swede who post there in Jap might know more than me.

Bernd 07/07/2017 (Fri) 17:40:31 [Preview] No. 8819 del
(52.72 KB 1316x788 jap_n_russian.png)

Bernd 07/08/2017 (Sat) 18:28:19 [Preview] No. 8838 del
(11.48 KB 604x618 there is the proof.png)
Thanks providing proof.

Bernd 07/08/2017 (Sat) 20:45:37 [Preview] No. 8839 del
hei faget :DDDD
get your nigger ass on /AM/ :DDDDDD

http://www.gogo anime.to/knights-magic-episode-1

(213.27 KB 744x1052 path5780.png)
tessellations Bernd 07/03/2017 (Mon) 23:49:20 [Preview] No. 8707 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Anyone else really likes a little bit more creative tilings?

I've been playing a bit with this tiling of irregular pentagons lately.
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Bernd 07/06/2017 (Thu) 17:39:06 [Preview] No. 8782 del
>when you add colours you sacrifice some symmetries
Is that a bad thing? Crystals eventually aren't symmetrical despite their structure.

Bernd 07/06/2017 (Thu) 19:31:27 [Preview] No. 8783 del
That's another thing, crystal defects are a whole another topic... how to fit together two pieces of periodic structure that are misaligned.
Of course, symmetry breaking isn't a bad thing by itself.

Bernd 07/07/2017 (Fri) 19:53:26 [Preview] No. 8825 del
(120.56 KB 640x512 pattern01.jpg)

Bernd 07/08/2017 (Sat) 14:33:38 [Preview] No. 8833 del
Tileguy is that you?
Did your sister ever forgive you?

Bernd 07/08/2017 (Sat) 14:44:47 [Preview] No. 8835 del
I think he has a brother.
Would you write us about the king-in-the-hill type of legends of your country?

(732.48 KB 573x657 1432987860755.png)
Bernd 06/30/2017 (Fri) 15:02:40 [Preview] No. 8564 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
$200 graphics cards are now $400-$700 out of nowhere

Fuck Russia
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Bernd 07/02/2017 (Sun) 09:40:03 [Preview] No. 8645 del
What kind of factors influence the price of cryptocurrencies? For example real ones are influenced by the country's political and economical stability.

Bernd 07/02/2017 (Sun) 10:14:16 [Preview] No. 8647 del
Size of market and general interest. As long as people feel that bitcoins have value, they will be willing to pay to have them; or exchange it for favours or physical products. It is literally only kept afloat by people believing in its value.

Bernd 07/02/2017 (Sun) 11:09:09 [Preview] No. 8652 del
>by people believing in its value.
Then it's like the Kossuth-banknotes. The Hungarian revolutionary government decided in 1848 to issue paper money based on a certain amount of gold and silver. They financed the economy and the whole war with that. Then came Windischgrätz, took the precious metals and left. However the money said "thanks, I'm fine" and everyone continued to use it like nothing happened till the Russians appearance ended the war of independence.

Bernd 07/02/2017 (Sun) 12:15:51 [Preview] No. 8656 del
oka thanks for eggsplanation, but by making profit of them I meant mining them

Bernd 07/02/2017 (Sun) 13:41:55 [Preview] No. 8677 del
Mining works for many non-BTC currencies and can be profitable. It is another market game, you need to select currency that wouldn't die soon and mine it until price rises. It is mostly about intuition, because some promising currencies die pretty fast.

(138.45 KB 850x738 1498599255348.jpg)
Bernd 06/30/2017 (Fri) 02:08:35 [Preview] No. 8550 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Please love mongolia
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Bernd 07/01/2017 (Sat) 18:10:16 [Preview] No. 8618 del
wth that one on the left look like european
do you know her or did you take a photo of a random person on the street?

Bernd 07/01/2017 (Sat) 18:13:06 [Preview] No. 8622 del
Western Asians are very similar to Europeans in looks. Also make up, contact lenses, hair dye and photoshop.

Bernd 07/01/2017 (Sat) 18:25:20 [Preview] No. 8623 del
I noticed when looking through photos and videos that in middle asia there are those spots of european looking people, but I didn't know it would reach mongolia.

Bernd 07/01/2017 (Sat) 18:26:28 [Preview] No. 8624 del
(272.21 KB 760x568 Kurdishgirls.jpg)
(67.20 KB 621x447 White_Brown.jpg)

Bernd 07/01/2017 (Sat) 19:30:28 [Preview] No. 8633 del
pic is off her facebook :^)
yeah if by "know her" you mean "we talked once when I was a teenbro" then yes

Bernd 06/30/2017 (Fri) 03:31:21 [Preview] No. 8551 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Do you guys like space? I think space is really neat.
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Bernd 07/01/2017 (Sat) 07:54:58 [Preview] No. 8595 del
On that link there was another link:
and it says on Earth a person needs 10 liters of drinking water daily. 10. How? Or they use binary?

Bernd 07/01/2017 (Sat) 08:34:12 [Preview] No. 8598 del
I thought it counts water used for cooking too but then I saw separate water for cooking category
>dried food
meanwhile ISS has been growing veggies for quite some time

Bernd 07/01/2017 (Sat) 08:57:41 [Preview] No. 8599 del
Everyone writes his own sci-fi it seems.
>so we're gonna like living on the Moon
>and we're gonna like dehydrate dried stuff sent from Earth
>it will be like when my parents weren't at home on weekend
<but dude, we can grown our food there
>whatever mang, this is my fantasy

Bernd 07/01/2017 (Sat) 08:58:10 [Preview] No. 8600 del
*grow our food

Bernd 07/01/2017 (Sat) 09:06:23 [Preview] No. 8601 del
well yeah I guess the problem is that urban nerds tend to write more about living in space than normal people do

(131.82 KB 960x639 serveimage.jpg)
Bernd 06/28/2017 (Wed) 01:26:43 [Preview] No. 8447 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>ywn steal fuel from a burning truck
Why live?
>An overturned oil tanker exploded in a huge fireball in Pakistan on Sunday killing more than 150 people, including many women and children, who had rushed to the site to collect fuel spilling from the crashed vehicle.
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Bernd 06/28/2017 (Wed) 09:07:44 [Preview] No. 8459 del
Wow, that must be some high pressure. Is that as dangerous as it sounds?

Bernd 06/28/2017 (Wed) 14:00:42 [Preview] No. 8469 del
There are technologies to do cuts even on high-pressure pipelines, and it isn't actually hard (but dangerous of course). First they put metallic camera on pipe, then remove pipe surface below etc. People do it for years.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=fUsgZc4TdlE [Embed]

Bernd 06/28/2017 (Wed) 14:58:50 [Preview] No. 8472 del
And by doing it they cause a lot of unnecessary oil spills. Usually locals just blame the big industry (Shell) for destroying their lands, dindu nuffin, but considering the frequency of spills there I'm sure locals tampering with the pipelines has something to do with it...

Bernd 06/28/2017 (Wed) 15:23:51 [Preview] No. 8474 del
(116.93 KB 1117x768 daraedad.jpg)
>A loudspeaker on top of a local mosque alerted villagers to the leaking fuel, and scores raced to the site with jerry cans,
>inspector general with the motorway police, said officers tried to keep people away but were overwhelmed by the size of the crowd

Bernd 06/28/2017 (Wed) 15:27:26 [Preview] No. 8475 del
Sad. Don't they know stealing is bad?

(448.40 KB 1000x923 feminist-ants.jpg)
Spam Bernd 06/25/2017 (Sun) 08:28:07 [Preview] No. 8310 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Fuuuuck, someone Trump slid the whole board! BO, what the fuck! Why didn't you implement some of the anti spam options?
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Bernd 06/28/2017 (Wed) 11:18:35 [Preview] No. 8463 del
what's with all the autism surrounding Trump anyway?

Bernd 06/28/2017 (Wed) 11:26:33 [Preview] No. 8465 del
Trannies hate him which people like him for but he is very pro jew. I think that sums it up.

Bernd 08/03/2017 (Thu) 20:25:18 [Preview] No. 9399 del
test, please ignore

Bernd 08/10/2017 (Thu) 06:25:06 [Preview] No. 9504 del
your test post didn't go unnoticed

Bernd 08/25/2017 (Fri) 12:29:22 [Preview] No. 9691 del

(222.30 KB 1366x768 mysterious_symbols.jpg)
Bernd 06/26/2017 (Mon) 04:46:00 [Preview] No. 8386 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Bernd 06/26/2017 (Mon) 05:14:26 [Preview] No. 8389 del
(39.48 KB 403x360 slavchan.jpg)

Bernd 06/26/2017 (Mon) 15:03:44 [Preview] No. 8395 del
it's called a "book"

Bernd 06/26/2017 (Mon) 15:41:29 [Preview] No. 8397 del
Cyka blyat idi nahui pizda pidor.

Bernd 06/26/2017 (Mon) 17:02:43 [Preview] No. 8403 del
>љ, њ, џ
>no iotated vowels
either serbian, macedonian or montenegrin


is jibbrisch tho

Bernd 06/26/2017 (Mon) 17:03:32 [Preview] No. 8404 del
oh and ј as well, present in those three