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Trump Backs Grassley Immigration Bill That Ends Some Amnesty Programs, Funds Wall Reader 02/15/2018 (Thu) 18:29:29 Id: e217e9 [Preview] No. 6536 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The group of swing-vote Senators announced Wednesday morning they had completed a draft amnesty bill which would deliver just two of President Donald Trump’s four immigration requirements.

But their amnesty announcement came so late in the Senate’s immigration debate that Trump has already announced his support for the bill drafted by Sen. Chuck Grassley and several other GOP senators. The announcement said:

The Grassley bill accomplishes the four pillars of the White House Framework: a lasting solution on DACA, ending chain migration, cancelling the visa lottery, and securing the border through building the wall and closing legal loopholes. I am asking all senators, in both parties, to support the Grassley bill and to oppose any legislation that fails to fulfill these four pillars – that includes opposing any short-term “Band-Aid” approach. The overwhelming majority of American voters support a plan that fulfills the Framework’s four pillars, which move us towards the safe, modern, and lawful immigration system our people deserve.

Trump also commended the House bill drafted by GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte and three other House chairmen.

At the same time, I remain encouraged by developments in the House toward advancing legislation from Chairmen Goodlatte and McCaul that also enshrines our four pillars.

Now that our military is fully funded, and will be rebuilt stronger than ever before, my focus is on enacting responsible and commonsense immigration reform that delivers for the American People.

The new “talking stick” amnesty was developed by a group of swing-voting senators, informally led by GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. In 2017, her state had just 95 DACA illegals of the population of 700,0000 DACA illegals nationwide.

The bill includes just two of Trump’s requirements because it excludes a reform of the chain-migration and visa lottery programs. Those measures are excluded largely because business groups oppose any reductions to the annual inflow of immigrant workers and consumers.

The bill just offers an amnesty for at least 1.8 million illegals and provides $25 billion for the border wall, spread over roughly 15 years. It does not include any of the border-wall legal reforms which officials say are needed to block migrants from using loopholes to get through the wall.

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US Drone Destroys Russian-Made Tank In Its Second 'Defensive' Airstrike in Syria Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 18:42:34 Id: 20e239 [Preview] No. 6506 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
(1) https://archive.fo/UALWy (Syrian CrISIS & European Destabilization Project)
(2) https://archive.fo/eO0u6 (Syrian CrISIS: The Busted Bad Actors)
(3) https://archive.fo/Odppj (Can't Mossad The Assad / Bad Actors Lose)
(4) https://archive.fo/uexrL (Cleanup / Bad Actor Exposure)
(5) https://archive.fo/YK5hX (Mainstream Media Forced To Expose Bad Actors)
(6) https://archive.fo/cdqZr (Blowback: Good Actors Now In Full Control)
(7) https://archive.fo/JXAsT (Cleanup / More Bad Actor Exposure)
(8) https://archive.fo/NrvHu (Declassified CIA Report Reveals Plan To Destabilize Syria)
(9) https://archive.fo/aWA7e (James Mattis Admits No Evidence Assad Used Chemical Weapons!)

The Pentagon has confirmed that a U.S. military drone destroyed a Russian-made T-72 tank in Syria on Sunday, in the second so called ‘defensive’ strike against pro-Syrian government forces in less than a week.

The pro-government tank was destroyed in eastern Syria marking the second US attack on Syrian forces and raising concerns about a serious military confrontation in the country.

The latest strike occurred less than a week after a major clash between pro-Syrian government forces and coalition forces overnight between that may have left 100 or more of the pro-Syrian government personnel dead.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 19:12:49 Id: ce60e0 [Preview] No.6508 del
(112.84 KB 679x900 Putin jew mother.jpg)
(205.21 KB 529x946 Putin jewish.jpg)
(89.37 KB 785x740 Putin -kabbala.jpg)
(73.70 KB 511x437 Cohen.jpg)
>don't worry bro... I'm not going to let the Jews conquer the middle-east and transform Syria into 'Greater Israel'. I got your back...

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 19:25:12 Id: 20e239 [Preview] No.6511 del
If Putin is another Israeli puppet he has put on a good act, I'll say that. In order to remain an Israeli puppet he must be planning to backstab Assad though... we'll see. Currently Syria is an economic ally with Russia. However, if Israel can become a bigger economic ally with Russia than Syria, it is possible we could witness Assad being thrown under the bus.... by Putin.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 20:39:32 Id: ce60e0 [Preview] No.6516 del
(1.05 MB 854x480 Putin is a jew.webm)
(27.10 MB 854x480 Putin the Zionist.webm)
I certainly will not be surprised if WW3 involves America going to war with Russia. Zionists are more than willing to sacrifice their own as well as non-Zionists, and America is on the way out economically. Israel is looking to Russia and China for the future. Russia will never attack Israel. Same as ISIS, whom American military invaders only claim to be fighting under the guise to oust Assad.

Putin signed in holocaust denial laws 2014 and regularly promotes jewish atrocity propaganda. He glows in the dark.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 21:35:52 Id: 20e239 [Preview] No.6521 del
This could be part of the bigger plan. Kill off the "worthless Western goyim" and pivot East after initiating WWIII.

One thing is for sure, I ain't fighting in no war against Russia or China. And when it comes down to it I will shelter my immediate family from harm's way. I'm prepared enough to rough it out and ration threw supplies for a couple years, and hunt wild game when needed. I highly suggest every American start preparing to do the same if need be. Take advantage of the dollar now while its still worth something. Even if just stocking up on extra canned foods and spam, something is better than nothing.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 21:39:03 Id: c58145 [Preview] No.6522 del
(84.52 KB 785x329 6dd.jpg)

Based Duterte to Soldiers: Shoot Violent Communist Traitors In Their Genitals Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 20:08:01 Id: fe22d6 [Preview] No. 6514 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Filipino strongman Rodrigo Duterte has urged his security forces to shoot female communist rebels in their genitals as part of his crackdown on violent uprisings in the country.

Speaking to a group of former communist militants, Duterte warned that his soldiers will target women “in the vagina” rather than killing them.

“Tell the soldiers, ‘There’s a new order coming from the mayor. We won’t kill you. We will just shoot your vagina,’” he said. “If there is no vagina, it would be useless.”

Duterte started his offensive against the nation’s Communist Party and the New People’s Army (NPA)—both U.S.-designated terrorist organizations—last November after peace talks with the group collapsed. The Presidential Communications Office included his remarks in an official transcript of the event, but deleted the word “vagina” and replaced it with a dash.

“Duterte (sic) latest nasty remark openly encourages violence against women, contributes to the impunity on such, and further confirms himself as the most dangerous macho-fascist in the government right now,” said a representative for Gabriela, a feminist organization, in a statement.

“He is pushing the fascist AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines] to commit more bloody human rights violations and grave abuses of international humanitarian law, and takes state terrorism against women and the people to a whole new level,” they continued.

Carlos Conde, a researcher for Human Rights Watch, also described it as “the latest in a series of misogynist, derogatory and demeaning statements he has made about women.”

“It encourages state forces to commit sexual violence during armed conflict, which is a violation of international humanitarian law,” the statement added.

These statements did not address the track record of the terrorist group Duterte was railing against. The Communist Party and NPA have been active since 1968, killing police, soldiers, and officials through guerilla tactics and bombings. They have also forced businesses into paying “taxes” to them to fund their violence and killed those who refused to agree to their terms. It is a Maoist group particularly opposed to the United States and seeking to trigger a violent revolution in the country.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 20:13:30 Id: fe22d6 [Preview] No.6515 del
>These statements did not address the track record of the terrorist group Duterte was railing against. The Communist Party and NPA have been active since 1968, killing police, soldiers, and officials through guerilla tactics and bombings. They have also forced businesses into paying “taxes” to them to fund their violence and killed those who refused to agree to their terms. It is a Maoist group particularly opposed to the United States and seeking to trigger a violent revolution in the country.

If this is true, and these assholes are bombing and killing innocent citizens for ideological reasons then they should expect the government to crackdown on them and treat them as the terrorists they are. Cannot blame Duterte if the communists are the ones stirring violence in the first place, especially when bombing and killing members of their own communities. Radical ideologies often bring radical consequences and rightfully so.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 20:41:18 Id: 2a325d [Preview] No.6517 del
>shoot Communist cunts in their cunt
This is a tactic every world leader needs to take on. Prevent stupid from procreating.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 21:15:02 Id: fe22d6 [Preview] No.6518 del
The reason Duterte went this far is because these communists are beyond stupid ... they are downright terrorists who are killing innocent local business managers, bombing police stations, bombing headquarters of political opposition groups, terrorizing people and extort them via fake taxes and harsh retributions against those who won't pay.

Stupid needs to be thrown into jail for misbehavior, so they are forced to learn to change their ways.

Terrorists - who destroy lives of innocent victims - need to be shot in their cunts. And Duterte is not dealing with stupid, he is dealing with terrorists.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 21:15:32 Id: 177a4b [Preview] No.6519 del

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 21:24:49 Id: fe22d6 [Preview] No.6520 del
Recently Russia has imposed similar orders to MPs and LEAs. If terrorists are spotted, they kill them, no trial for those who willingly kill other people.

This kind of law enforcement needs to be in place in ALL countries and I tell you one thing: those countries will turn civilized very fast because those radicals will think twice when they see their comrades being killed left and right. They'll rethink their whole radical ideology and begin to question "is this really worth dying for?" and most will come up with the common sense conclusion "no, it is not worth dying for, so why have I become this extreme to begin with?"

Sometimes radicals need to be dealt radical rules. Lets call this the REAL "rules for radicals!"

Consumer Prices Rising More Than Expected, Expect Hyperinflation by 2020 Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 17:33:23 Id: e43522 [Preview] No. 6502 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
US consumer prices rose more than expected in January, adding to fears that inflationary pressures could lead the Federal Reserve to 'tighten monetary policy' at a faster pace.

The Consumer Price Index, or CPI, increased 0.5 percent in January, above expectations for a gain of 0.3 percent, according to data from the Department of Labor. The year-over-year increase was 2.1 percent, above expectations for a 1.9 percent gain.

Core CPI, which excludes volatile food and energy components, rose 0.3 percent from the previous month, above forecasts of 0.2 percent. It is up 1.8 percent on a year-over-year basis. Economists had expected 1.7 percent.

Markets reacted immediately. Before the release of CPI, stock market futures indicated the market would open higher. With the news, stocks are set to open higher. Bond yields rose.

Investors have been focused on the question of inflation in recent weeks. Many believe that higher inflation could prompt the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates at a faster pace, which could shadder the 'economic' fantasy Americans continue to feel good about.


The current US economic system is broke, but has been for a long long time. The Fed has devalued our currency, via massive debt creation, by 98+ % since Nixon defused the dollar from the gold standard in 1971.

When Nixon scrapped the US gold standard, we defaulted on the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 (which was why the US became a massive superpower and economic powerhouse right after WWII).

Nixon and his sidekick, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, knew that their destruction of the international gold standard under the Bretton Woods arrangement would cause a decline in the artificial global demand of the US dollar. Later they set up agreements with OPEC nations to set up a US global reserve currency which would be tied to global oil trade, known as the US Petrodollar. In order for other countries to buy oil from these OPEC nations, they needed to exchange their currencies for US dollars, or US T-bonds.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 17:33:45 Id: e43522 [Preview] No.6503 del
Fast forward to 1974 and the petrodollar system was fully operational in Saudi Arabia. The US govt then exploited this system and began building an Empire and aggressively spending more and more money they did not actually have, thus creating more and more debt via Congressional budgets and the Federal Reserve system.

Fast forward to the 1980s, when we began outsourcing all our industry to countries like China. Industries knew that as the US govt continued insolvent spending polices, that taxes would continue to rise, and that they would end up making more profit by simply outsourcing to countries with cheaper labor and cheaper taxes.

The US govt did not care about the consequences of their insolvency and addiction to debts. They kept spending more and more.

By the time NAFTA was signed into law in 1994, around half of America's productive industry had been outsourced! What happened to all those good 'ol jobs? They were replaced by a socialist welfare state of-course! An ever-growing welfare state.

This insolvent government created ripple effects. Welfare skyrocketed (because so many Americans no longer had jobs/income), poverty skyrocketed, what were once decent places to live became ghettos! Literal shitholes across American landscape. The middle class began shrinking, NOT increasing!

Fast forward to 2001, after the 9/11 false flag attack. Government spending skyrocketed by billions of dollars per year. Well more than half of American industry had vanished. Taxes were higher than ever before in our history. We began wasting trillions of dollars on "the war on terror" and still lost those wars.

Fast forward to 2008, America is Trillions of dollars in debt. Countries are starting to get sick of all our failed wars and insolvency. We hardly produce anything of real value anymore, we give the masses EBT cards and welfare checks to live rather than real income or jobs! We create more death around the world than basic necessities or goods!

Fast forward to 2014, China and Russia join together and announce the "Holy Grail Deal" and, by doing so, effectively bypass the US Petrodollar! 2014 was the beginning where two major superpowers flipped America the bird and said "we will no longer use the USD for oil trade!"

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 19:31:48 Id: 7359e4 [Preview] No.6512 del
Precisely. Awareness of the dying economic system needs to spread. What's more, our currency system is unconstitutional. Webm related.
>Fast forward to today... Cheap labor has flooded into the country from Mexico.
Cheap Mexican labor has been flooding in since the 1980s. I recall witnessing the trucks full of wetbacks and street corners where they'd wait for illegal wages. Might go back further than that, but I wasn't alive in the 70s. This was in Texas. These days, southern and mid-Texas is pretty much Mexico. Mexican politicians, Mexican college professors insisting students fight for Mexican rights and the majority of Mexicans hold most job positions.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 19:47:49 Id: e43522 [Preview] No.6513 del
True. And I believe it was Ronald Reagan of all presidents that allowed mass migration to take place legally in the US, as long as US businesses wanted to profit from their cheap labor. I think that was Reagan's biggest mistake because he didn't realize that the new demographics would absolutely shatter the Republican party and our constitutional laws within the next 50 to 60 years. Quite frankly I am surprised the Republicans can still hold majority in Congress at this point. If things continue, that won't last too much longer. I dread the day the US Congress becomes a de-facto communist party in control as we fall into the third world. If people think we have it bad now, oh fuck! Prepare for enslavement or be ready to die fighting to defend yourself from being thrown into some hellish state-run gulag.

Don't ever give up those guns. Don't ever let them intimidate you. Do what you can to be prepared and look into DIY entry-point fortification for your household, apartment or trailer. You'll need some extra canned foods and other foods that have long-term shelf life stocked up too. Along with skills to hunt, fish, butcher and prepare your meat. What we currently see in Venezuela will happen here, it is only a matter of time...

US Mainstream Media Praise Communistic Murderous North Korean Leader Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 01:36:23 Id: 6e2489 [Preview] No. 6489 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Remember how I said that the Washington Post is a traitorous, anti-American, propaganda-laced “journo-terrorism” organization? Their coverage of the Olympics proves it, as WashPost joins NPR, ABC, NBC, CNN, the NYT and other left-wing propaganda rags in praising the murderous North Korean regime.

You know why they praise North Korea? Because that’s the kind of totalitarian society they want in the United States, run by radical left-wing tyrants like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. These are the same lying, left-wing propaganda rags that routinely attack the Constitution, the American flag, America’s founders, U.S. military veterans, Democracy and President Trump. But they praise North Korea’s murderous regime which relies on state-run media mind control over its population to remain in power.

As Truth Revolt points out:

The American news media are so consumed by hatred of their mortal foe Donald Trump that they turn a blind eye to the evil lunatic behind quite possibly the world’s most brutal regime, a man who has threatened to rain nuclear weapons down on America, and instead hype its presence at the Olympics as a diplomatic success. The left-dominated media would rather chastise Trump for standing up to Kim, because the left’s instinct is Blame America First, and because the left refuses to recognize totalitarian evil.

Why are none of us surprised that the discredited Washington Post would praise a murderous, dictatorial regime kept in power by media propaganda? That’s the only way Leftists can stay in power: By censoring the truth and brainwashing the people into believing that misery, destitution, corruption and tyranny are all “utopia.” (See my related article Believing in “progressivism” requires the complete abandonment of reality, logic, science and reason…)

Breitbart.com’s John Nolte nails the rest of this story in his own article entitled 15 Media Outlets that Colluded with North Korea to Romanticize Their Slave State:

Now that normal Americans have completely written off the disgraced institution of the American media, these amoral news outlets have been forced to pander to the only audience they have left — the far-left.

This is why, over the weekend, we witnessed almost every major news outlet prostitute itself to offer North Korea’s Hitler the kind of positive press coverage President Trump would never receive, even if he rescued our economy and decimated the Islamic State (oh, wait, he did).

Yep, over the weekend, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, ABC, NBC, PBS, even the Wall Street Journal… these big media outlets (and more) colluded with murderous North Korean tyrants to normalize their slave state, to romanticize a murderous regime that comes complete with concentration camps, public executions in the thousands, and actual slaves.
5 posts and 2 images omitted.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 03:04:40 Id: 3beb1c [Preview] No.6497 del
There's nothing wrong with North Korea.

Don't expect it to be like "Alice in Wonderland", with all those sanctions it was obvious that North Korea would be like those "third world" countries.

The kikes made sure to make the dollar their world reserve to blackmail anyone who doesn't follow their kikeria agenda.

Is the same thing that's happening to Venezuela, but unlike North Korea is that Venezuela has at least petrolium to maintain itself.

and never forget the reason why Korea is divided

fucked-up states was at war in those days with the USSR and in order to have more control over the area, they created the war in Korea, on the one hand communist and on the other hand homosexuals who love child pornography, eating junk food, like material things, watching reality shows with stupid people and movies that brainwashed the goys.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 06:11:35 Id: 7c3fd7 [Preview] No.6499 del
(134.51 KB 1200x628 Korean-DMZ-ax-murders.jpg)
yeah, just that kid and that tree incident where two US soldiers died like 30+ years ago.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 15:01:13 Id: adfd41 [Preview] No.6500 del
August 18, 1976, before Kim Jong-un (born 1982). They brought military into the de-militarized zone, and were ordered by the North Korean Lieutenant to stop cutting. Captain Bonifas moronically told them to keep cutting. He was the primary target for being so stupid. Command are geniuses as usual. 1st Lieutenant Mark T. Barrett and Arthur Bonifas axe murdered? Put more in harm's way to cut down a Poplar tree, but with a huge show of numbers this time. They were prepared to go to war OVER A SINGLE TREE.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 18:13:35 Id: 6feba1 [Preview] No.6504 del
I can agree that one good thing about North Korea is that they don't have a central bank. Thats clearly not the problem expressed in the article. Its the human rights abuses that are well known within North Korea. The workers are downright treated like slaves, far worse than most most countries, even China has better standards of living and better labor practices.

I think the real purpose of this article is to call out the hypocrisy of the US media. They often label Americans who hold opposing views as "racists" or "fascists" ... and yet the same media will praise countries like North Korea? A country that often holds contempt for outsiders? You got to admit its very hypocritical. Our media will hoot about the so-called "Holocaust" (which in reality was slave labor camps in Germany that held all kinds of political dissidents)... and yet North Korea does the same with their political dissidents and they praise NK? Its downright hypocritical.

That aside, I do believe North Korea should be left alone. If that asshole leader of theirs wishes to treat his citizenry like shit, whatever. Its their country, and its up to them if they want to change it. But as far as praising NK? Come on.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 18:22:04 Id: 6feba1 [Preview] No.6505 del
Just to take note:

>They often label Americans who hold opposing views as "racists" or "fascists" ... and yet the same media will praise countries like North Korea?

The media does the same thing to Americans that don't want complete amnesty. Oh, and we are labeled racist tyrants by the MSM! But look at the hypocrisy... NK won't allow outsiders into their country! They don't allow amnesty! Just because NK hates the Trump administration the mainstream media suddenly wants to suck Kim's ballsack now?

Again, the article exposes hypocrisy, regardless of the Nazi comparison or what peoples' views are about that whole thing (which I tend to agree that we are being lied to about this whole 'gas chamber' propaganda).

Top 10 Worst Colleges In The United States, 2018 Reader 02/13/2018 (Tue) 03:59:11 Id: 0a50cb [Preview] No. 6449 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) released their annual list of the worst colleges for free speech and education on Monday.

Ten schools were included on the list. The list was presented in no particular order and it included both public and private institutions. Here are the schools included in this year’s list: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, N.Y.), Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pa.), Harvard University (Cambridge, Mass.), Los Angeles Community College District (Los Angeles, Calif.), Fordham University (New York, N.Y.), Evergreen State College (Olympia, Wash.), Albion College (Albion, Mich.), Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.), University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, Calif.), and Texas State University (San Marcos, Texas).

FIRE awarded DePaul University the Lifetime Censorship Award for their history of censoring guest speaker events and student activism efforts.

Included amongst those schools on the list was Drexel University, for its botched handling of the George Ciccariello-Maher debacle. Ciccariello-Maher, who is perhaps most famous for his satirical “white genocide” tweet, was suspended from his classroom as a result of online backlash. Ciccarello-Maher’s provocative Twitter account earned his the rage of several online mobs that convinced Drexel University to reduce his status to that of an online course lecturer.

Ciccarello-Maher ultimately resigned from his position following his demotion to online teaching. “We are all a single outrage campaign away from having no rights at all, as my case and many others make clear,” he said when he resigned.

Harvard University was included in the list for their recently adopted policy that sanctions student members of single-sex social organizations. Breitbart News has extensively covered this new policy. Recently, the Crimson suggested that the new policy should apply only to male students. As written, the current policy provides female Harvard students with a five-year “grace period” before sanctions will be implemented.

Evergreen State College was included in the list as a result of the spring 2017 chaos that forced Professor Bret Weinstein to relocate his class sessions away from campus.

Bari Weiss of the New York Times called Evergreen State College’s “Day of Absence” exercise “a day of racial segregation,” but when Biology Professor Bret Weinstein objected to it in an email to fellow faculty members, a hoard of students descended upon one of his class sessions and demanded his resignation. Weinstein and his wife, also a professor at Evergreen, ultimately resigned from their positions as part of a settlement with the college.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Reader 02/13/2018 (Tue) 19:40:16 Id: e9cac1 [Preview] No.6456 del
If I had kids growing up today I would not lend them a dime for college, I'd tell them to learn some skills instead and let them live at my place until they got a job. I would not pay a cent for them to be indoctrinated by communist professors. If they wanted to go to college they'd do it 100% on their own dime. Would not sign a fucking thing for them.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 15:18:33 Id: e05d96 [Preview] No.6501 del
Raise them warning of the dangers of Marxism/Communism, keeping the thought of staying fit (and being used to exercise) in the minds of any sons or daughters you have. My girls are into gymnastics. When they're older, I'll put them through many self-defense courses. If you have a boy, keep him away from all that shit which isolates him from the opposite sex. Anime. The gay community. Video games all day long, or sitting for hours in front of the television being fed agendas. Encourage interaction with girls at an early age. Express disappointment he's not bringing a girl over. Never let him declare he's a faggot. If he does, buy an escort to fuck his brains out. They'll die out there on their own if they're social rejects.

FBI Director Mueller Helped Cover Up 9/11 Probe, Court Documents Show Reader 01/26/2018 (Fri) 19:42:27 Id: aceb32 [Preview] No. 5790 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Court documents recently filed by the government further rock the credibility of Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller because they show that as FBI Director Mueller he worked to cover up the connection between a Florida Saudi family and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The documents reveal that Mueller was likely involved in publicly releasing deceptive official agency statements about a secret investigation of the Saudis, who lived in Sarasota, with ties to the hijackers. A Florida journalism nonprofit uncovered the existence of the secret FBI investigation that was also kept from Congress.


Under Mueller’s leadership, the FBI tried to discredit the story, publicly countering that agents found no connection between the Sarasota Saudi family and the 2001 terrorist plot. The reality is that the FBI’s own files contained several reports that said the opposite, according to the Ft. Lauderdale-based news group’s ongoing investigation. Files obtained by reporters in the course of their lengthy probe reveal that federal agents found “many connections” between the family and “individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001.” The FBI was forced to release the once-secret reports because the news group sued in federal court when the information wasn’t provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The disingenuous statements were issued by FBI officials in Miami and Tampa in a desperate effort to disparage a 2011 story exposing the agency’s covert investigation of the Sarasota Saudis as well as reporting that it had been concealed from Congress. Mueller is referenced in a document index that was ordered by a federal judge to be created in late November 2017. The south Florida judge, William J. Zloch, a Ronald Reagan appointee, asked the FBI to explain where it had discovered dozens of pages of documents in the public-records case filed six years ago. The index reference to then-FBI Director Mueller appears in an item involving an agency white paper written a week after the publication of a news story about the abrupt departure of Saudis Abdulaziz and Anoud al-Hijji from their Sarasota area home about two weeks before 9/11. The couple left behind their cars, clothes, furniture, jewelry and other personal items. “It was created to brief the FBI Director concerning the FBI’s investigation of 4224 Escondito Circle,” the al-Hijjis’ address, the index says.

Though the recently filed court documents reveal Mueller received a briefing about the Sarasota Saudi investigation, the FBI continued to publicly deny it existed and it appears that the lies were approved by Mueller. Not surprisingly, he didn’t respond to questions about this new discovery emailed to his office by the news organization that uncovered it. Though the mainstream media has neglected to report this relevant development, it’s difficult to ignore that it chips away at Mueller’s credibility as special counsel to investigate if Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election. Even before the Saudi coverup documents were exposed by nonprofit journalists, Mueller’s credentials were questionable to head any probe. Back in May Judicial Watch reminded of Mueller’s misguided handiwork and collaboration with radical Islamist organizations as FBI director.

Back in 2013 Judicial Watch exclusively obtained droves of records documenting how, under Mueller’s leadership, the FBI purged all anti-terrorism training material deemed “offensive” to Muslims after secret meetings between Islamic organizations and the then-FBI chief. Judicial Watch had to sue to get the records and published an in-depth report on the scandal in 2013 and a lengthier, updated follow-up in 2015.


Reader 01/26/2018 (Fri) 19:48:04 Id: aceb32 [Preview] No.5791 del
The Saudis, who were in bed with the Bush, Clinton and Kissinger families, provided the patsies. CIA and Mossad helped carry the false flag attack out from what I understand. From jamming aviation radars, ordering the military to stand down and not shoot the jets down, to planting the thermite and explosives in the buildings... all the rest of the dirty work was done by intelligence while the Saudis had trained the Islamic patsies.

Three More People Killed From Flu Shots Last Week Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 00:21:41 Id: 7c3783 [Preview] No. 6486 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
RELATED: >>>/news/5672 ; >>>/news/5674 ; >>>/news/5731 ; >>>/news/5865 ; >>>/news/5970 ; >>>/news/5880

A North Texas teacher has died from complications from the flu this week after being forced to receive a mandatory flu shot at the school she worked at.

Heather Holland, a second-grade teacher at Ikard Elementary School, died a needless death over the weekend.

School teachers in the U.S. are required by law to receive mandatory flu vaccinations or risk being suspended from their teaching job.


A British teenage boy has died from meningitis after being forced to receive a lethal cocktail of vaccinations designed to “protect” him against the deadly disease.

Lewis Hilton, 19, was killed by meningitis B – 72 hours after he started getting flu-like symptoms.

Doctors did ‘everything they could’ to try and save his life, but it overwhelmed his body. He passed away on January 28 at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

Mr Hilton, who started playing rugby at the age of six, had been vaccinated against four other strains of meningitis in September.

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Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 00:22:03 Id: 7c3783 [Preview] No.6487 del
A 5-year-old girl from New York has become the fourth child in the city to die from flu shot complications in recent weeks.

As doctors continue to urge parents to vaccinate their children against influenza, children around the country keep dying as a result of complications from the controversial vaccine.

“[The mother] was crying, ‘Save my daughter!’ ‘Help me!’ She was crying for anybody to help her,” said the next-door neighbor, Nelson Martis.

Elisa “was warm, but she wasn’t moving, even though I tried to hold her nose, blow into her mouth, hearing the mother in the background, hearing the neighbors yelling and screaming,” said Martis, a schoolteacher, shaking his head as he described futilely trying to save the girl.

“She was not responsive at all. We tried to breathe into her mouth, pump the heart. … I tried to do CPR until the Fire Department came, and then they came and tried, and it all went down bad.

The child was rushed to Brookdale Hospital, where she was pronounced dead, sources said.


Regardless of what your position on vaccinations is, any rational person cannot deny that the ingredients in vaccines are toxic. In fact, almost every single ingredient in any immunization is toxic to the human body. Besides the vitamins and minerals, nobody in their right mind would drink a concoction with any one or combination of most of the vaccine ingredients. Most vaccinations are directly injected into our bodies, allowing the ingredients to directly enter the bloodstream, which rationally, seems like an even more dangerous approach.

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Two Clinton Connections To Uranium One Killed In "Accident" Reader 02/13/2018 (Tue) 04:25:13 Id: a8e29b [Preview] No. 6450 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
https://archive.fo/5Zhri (default)
https://archive.fo/lf1Kp (#2497)
https://archive.fo/yfWrz (#2630)
https://archive.fo/R1V8E (#2737)
https://archive.fo/sTcQm (#2850)
https://archive.fo/v1Ie5 (#3257)
https://archive.fo/FV8AE (#3782)
https://archive.fo/TGYLV (#4023)
https://archive.fo/gTvV6 (#4666)
https://archive.fo/kp3h3 (#5450)
https://archive.fo/qkUWw (#5464)
https://archive.fo/xNEMr (#6197)

Two Russian citizens set to testify against Hillary Clinton have been killed in an “inexplicable” plane crash in Moscow, according to reports.

Sergei Millian, a Belarus-born businessman who has worked with the Trump Organization and was reportedly a key source in the explosive dossier alleging ties between President Donald Trump and Russia, was killed when the internal flight crashed just outside of Moscow on Sunday.

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Reader 02/13/2018 (Tue) 04:40:45 Id: be5c84 [Preview] No.6452 del
accidents do not exist..
this would be like a direct attack on Russia, why doesn't Putin's kike do anything?

Reader 02/13/2018 (Tue) 19:36:13 Id: 809ab7 [Preview] No.6455 del
I don't think this was an "attack on Russia" although some of their citizens were killed. It was to take out people who knew the Clintons would could eventually testify or leak dirt about them, in relations to uranium sales.

Reader 02/13/2018 (Tue) 20:45:37 Id: a83af1 [Preview] No.6461 del
There are like 3 different lists of killed passengers killed going around. Each seems to be different.

At lease one version is denying that RosAtom CFO IVANOV died, making it look like it was someone else. Fake, false. Almost all of the 70 on board were RosAtom employees. They are trying to coverup the fact that the passenger list shows people who are actually still alive.

RosAtom Vyacheslov Ivanov, on the passenger list, was photographed alive the next morning. Yet he is on the passenger list. But, because there are fake versions of the passenger list out, this appears to be what is causing the confusion.

Thus, if RosAtom CFO is still alive, and he would have been on the plane which was all RosAtom people, yet is still alive, then this means the others are still alive and this was a fake crash, using a dummy plane (filled with smuggled human body parts), to make it look like Uranium One people were killed, so they do not have to testify.

Creates plausible denyability.

Reader 02/13/2018 (Tue) 23:53:34 Id: 4ec47e [Preview] No.6483 del
So is this economic warfare gone kinetic? Like a big hit on Russian oligarchs? Hope they retaliate and kill someone like Jeff Bezos or some of our central bankers.

Source of fake Trump pee pee story found! StoryFound 02/09/2018 (Fri) 03:55:24 Id: 120e87 [Preview] No. 6225 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The source of the fake Trump pee pee story, which was then used to create the fake pee pee dossie has been found!
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Reader 02/09/2018 (Fri) 06:20:17 Id: 994849 [Preview] No.6239 del
Not only that it has nothing to do with this very thread. Keep this shit in your stupid Q research board.

Reader 02/09/2018 (Fri) 15:41:13 Id: ecfb23 [Preview] No.6253 del




Reader 02/09/2018 (Fri) 15:44:27 Id: ecfb23 [Preview] No.6254 del

Plus OP is not a member of Q-research and OP created this thread, so OP has the right to post whatever he feels relevant you piece of shit!

Reader 02/09/2018 (Fri) 19:08:52 Id: af797a [Preview] No.6269 del
This could have been posted in any of the related "witch hunt" threads which act as an expose series to current events like FISA abuse against Trump and FBI-DNC collusion. There are dozens of related threads throughout the news catalog, each of-course being a big news update.

Reader 02/10/2018 (Sat) 05:25:40 Id: 951a42 [Preview] No.6372 del
(65.20 KB 600x1005 840.jpg)
>ID he's referencing doesn't even match OP. Somehow knows it's OP
>same autistic outbursts as pyramid graph guy
>knows what OP is. totally not OP himself