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State lawmakers eye bump stock ban

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The German Gestapo Turns Against Nazis, Kidnapping Children From Kike Bashing Parents

The German police state will snatch children away from their parents if they criticize Israel or oppose Zionism, the head of Germany’s DPoIG has warned.

“Authorities need to act decisively [against anti-Semitism] including when the aggression comes from migrants,” Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union (DPoIG) told reporters on Wednesday.

Anti-semitism includes criticizing Israel, encouraging others to boycott Israeli goods, and expressing anti-Zionist views.

“If children are raised to become anti-Semites we shouldn’t be afraid to take them away from their families.” He went on to accuse many school administrators of ignoring the problem, saying “they act according to the mantra ‘it doesn’t exist in my school.’”

“There has also been a tendency not to willingly register anti-Semitism by Muslims – but it needs to be recorded without prejudice so that we can develop effective counter-strategies,” Wendt said. reports:

Although Wendt did not specify how exactly he expects it to be determined that parents are anti-Semitic, Josef Schuster, the head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, called last week for a better system to be introduced in schools. He said that teachers and students should have a way to report “anti-Semitic or other acts of violence without bureaucratic hurdles, in order to get a clearer picture of what is going on.”

Wendt’s remarks came just days after Wolfgang Schaeuble, speaker of the Bundestag, said that radical Muslim communities and immigrants with extremist views on Israel are contributing to anti-Semitism in Germany.

It also comes after a Jewish girl in a Berlin primary school was reportedly told by a Muslim classmate that she deserved to be beaten and killed because of her religion, in the third report of anti-Semitism in Berlin schools over the past 12 months. Another Jewish student in Berlin was recently forced to change schools as a result of violent bullying by Muslim classmates, who threatened him with a fake gun.

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County Jail's 'horrible and inhumane' treatment led to inmate death, claim says

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L.A. sheriff's narcotics detective accused of involvement in drug-trafficking operation can't be fired, court says

L.A. sheriff's narcotics detective accused of involvement in drug-trafficking operation can't be fired, court says

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Occupational licensing is a big reason the poor don't become rich

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More hidden State Police pay surfaces. This time: millions in perks

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NJ chief justice: Stop turning municipal courts into moneymakers

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NY farmer says ICE officers stormed his farm without a warrant, cuffed him, threw his phone

NY farmer says ICE officers stormed his farm without a warrant, cuffed him, threw his phone

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German Government Announces They Are Communists Now, Not Fascists, Erecting Statue of Karl Marx

A statue of Karl Marx has been erected in the revolutionary philosopher's hometown in western Germany. The sculpture has proven a controversial addition to the community — not least because it was a present from China.

Workers installed a 5.5-meter (18-foot) statue of Karl Marx in Trier's city center on Friday ahead of celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of his birth.

The huge bronze figure was mounted atop a pedestal right in front of the former Marx family home.

Marx, one of the fathers of socialist thought, authored the "Communist Manifesto" in 1848 and later "Das Kapital" (Capital), both of which had a significant impact on the politics and conflicts of the 20th century.

The 2.3 ton statue was a present from the People's Republic of China — a fact that has fueled plenty of debate in the community in recent months.

"The glorifying Marx monument is a poisonous gift from China," said Ulrich Delius, director of the Society for Threatened Peoples, adding that it was "sad," that the city had accepted a statue from a government that "commits state terror against its own people."

Dieter Dombrowski of the Union of Victims' Associations of Communist Tyranny called the gesture "bizarre."

Marx was "not just a scientist and philosopher," he said. He also "laid the spiritual foundations for the communist dictatorships that came afterwards."

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Lawyers: Journalist was detained by ICE because of reporting

Lawyers: Journalist was detained by ICE because of reporting

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GO FIGURE! Kimba Wood, Judge In Michael Cohen Case, Is Close Friend Of George Soros

Federal Judge Kimba Wood, who is overseeing the court case against Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen and who ordered Sean Hannity’s name outed as a client of Cohen, is a close friend of George Soros and officiated at his 2013 wedding, according to news reports at that time.

Kimba Wood is also on close terms with Bill and Hillary Clinton and was nominated by the former president as his choice for Attorney General. Wood was ultimately ruled ineligible for the role after it was revealed the judge hired an illegal immigrant to work as a nanny.

The bombshell revelation that Kimba Wood is a close friend of George Soros and the Clintons raises serious questions about the impartiality of the federal judge and has sparked calls for Judge Wood to recuse herself.

The judge is currently weighing whether to have a neutral third party review the documents seized in FBI raids on the office, home and hotel of Mr. Cohen.

Washington Times reports:

Mr. Cohen’s attorneys have sought to keep the government from reviewing the materials by asserting attorney-client privilege. Prosecutors have demanded access to those documents claiming they are related to an ongoing criminal investigation.

The government is currently probing Mr. Cohen’s $130,000 payment to porn star Stephanie Clifford, better known as Stormy Daniels, for possible violations of campaign finance laws.

This is Judge Kimba Wood. She ruled against President Trump and Michael Cohen today in Federal Court.

She also officiated George Soros' wedding! #RiggedSystem

— Jacob Wohl (@JacobAWohl) April 16, 2018

Judge Wood, who will decide those issues, married Mr. Soros, then 83, and his 42-year-old bride Tamiko Bolton, in September 2013, media outlets reported at that time.

The Bedford, New York, wedding was attended by 500 guests, including top Democrats such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and then-California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome. U2 frontman Bono also attended the reception, Reuters reported in 2013 article.

In lieu of gifts, the couple asked that donations be made to several organizations including Planned Parenthood and Global Witness, an environmental activist group, according to Reuters.

Mr. Soros donated nearly $10 million to political action committees that supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. He also chaired the national finance committee for a pro-Clinton PAC dubbed Ready for Hillary.

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‘Little Pink House’: When the government grabs your home

‘Little Pink House’: When the government grabs your home

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Now N.J. is looking to ban 'ghost guns'

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Trump’s trade rep spends $1M on new furniture, blames Obama

Trump’s trade rep spends $1M on new furniture, blames Obama

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Has the War Party hooked Trump?

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Trump supporters upset over decision to attack Syria

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Package of gun restrictions set to become law in Vermont

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DA Says Social Reform More Effective Than Prison in Preventing Crime

DA Says Social Reform More Effective Than Prison in Preventing Crime

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Russian ISPs Begin Blocking Encryption Apps

Russian authorities are attempting to crush messaging platform Telegram. After refusing to hand over its encryption keys so that users can be spied on, last week a court ordered the service to be blocked. Yesterday broad action was taken, with ISPs blocking more than 1.8 million Telegram-utilized IP addresses belonging to Google and Amazon.

The rules in Russia are clear. Entities operating an encrypted messaging service need to register with the authorities. They also need to hand over their encryption keys so that if law enforcement sees fit, users can be spied on.

Free cross-platform messaging app Telegram isn’t playing ball. An impressive 200,000,000 people used the software in March (including a growing number for piracy purposes) and founder Pavel Durov says he will not compromise their security, despite losing a lawsuit against the Federal Security Service which compels him to do so.

“Telegram doesn’t have shareholders or advertisers to report to. We don’t do deals with marketers, data miners or government agencies. Since the day we launched in August 2013 we haven’t disclosed a single byte of our users’ private data to third parties,” Durov said.

“Above all, we at Telegram believe in people. We believe that humans are inherently intelligent and benevolent beings that deserve to be trusted; trusted with freedom to share their thoughts, freedom to communicate privately, freedom to create tools. This philosophy defines everything we do.”

But by not handing over its keys, Telegram is in trouble with Russia. The FSB says it needs access to Telegram messages to combat terrorism so, in response to its non-compliance, telecoms watchdog Rozcomnadzor filed a lawsuit to degrade Telegram via web-blocking. Last Friday, that process ended in the state’s favor.

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Big Win For Swedish Online Pirates: Sweden ISPs No Longer Obligated To Hand Over User Data

A Swedish ISP has landed an interesting win against a UK-based company acting for international copyright trolls. In 2016, Tele2 was ordered to hand over the personal details of customers behind around 240 IP addresses after they were accused of movie piracy. Tele2 appealed, claiming it doesn't hold the data, and now a court has ruled in the ISP's favor.

On October 27, 2016, UK-based Copyright Management Services (CMS) filed a case against Sweden-based ISP, Tele2.

CMS, run by Patrick Achache of German-based anti-piracy outfit MaverickEye (which in turn is deeply involved with infamous copyright troll outfit Guardaley), claimed that Tele2 customers had infringed its clients’ copyrights on the movies Cell and IT by sharing them via BitTorrent.

Since Tele2 had the personal details of the customers behind those IP addresses, CMS asked the Patent and Market Court to prevent the ISP from deleting the data before it could be handed over. Once in its possession, CMS would carry out the usual process of writing to customers and demanding cash settlements to make supposed lawsuits go away.

Tele2 complained that it could not hand over the details of customers using NAT addresses since it simply doesn’t hold that information. The ISP also said it could not hand over details of customers if IP address information had previously been deleted.

Taking these objections into consideration, in November 2017 the Court approved an interim order in respect of the remaining IP addresses. But there were significant problems which led the ISP to appeal.

According to tests carried out by Tele2, many of the IP addresses in the case did not relate to Sweden or indeed Tele2. In fact, some IP addresses belonged to foreign companies or mere affiliates of the ISP.

“Tele2 thus lacks the actual ability to provide information regarding a large part of the IP addresses covered by the submission,” the Court of Appeal noted in a decision published this week.

The problem appears to lie with the way the MaverickEye monitoring system attributed monitored IP addresses to Tele2.

The Court notes that the company relied on the RIPE Database which stated that the IP addresses in question were allocated to the “geographic area of Sweden”. According to Tele2, however, that wasn’t the case and as such, it had no information to hand over.

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Planned WWIII For Petrodollar Demise Blame Game: Alert Series 07

<Rothschild banking cartel funding both sides of war, as seen throughout history.
<Keynesian economic debt insolvency has dismantled trust in USD $$$ globally. US reserve currency is being dismantled via BRICS nations.
<Central banks need a distraction and intend to shift blame for massive ponzi schemes.
<Insolvent governments need a distraction and intend to shift blame for debt insolvency.
<WWIII looks like the ignition for epic distraction and strawmen to shift blame.
<All Syria false flags & petrodollar dismantling documented, see >>>/news/catalog or archives @
<Guides to prepare for SHTF planted @ >>>/endtimes/7 and >>>/spoon/618 (you should have done this already)

The Saker: This War Is Far From Over

Russia Sending More Heavy Military Hardware To Syria

China May Side with Russia In War With US Over Syria

Neo-cons Cry and Complain! Recent Missile Strikes Not Enough!

Syrian Forces Repel Another Israeli Missile Attack, Intercept At Least 9 Missiles

US & Jordan Kick Off 'Chemical Drills' Near Syrian Border

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UAE Dictator Al Maktoum Exposed Drugging And Raping His Own Daughters, Two Daughters Feared Dead After Escape Attempt

Her friends say the last they saw of her was when commandos intercepted their sailboat in the Arabian Sea and dragged her away, kicking and screaming. A daughter of Dubai’s ruler, she had been trying to escape her homeland, saying she was being abused.

Since then, the whereabouts of Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum are unknown, though she was likely brought back to the United Arab Emirates after the commando raid last month, said Herve Jaubert, a French ex-spy who told The Associated Press that he helped organize her escape attempt.

Dubai’s government and Emirati officials did not respond to AP requests for comment.

“I know it sounds incredible,” Jaubert told the AP, but “it’s just the facts.”

The allegations of a dramatic would-be sea escape intrude into the carefully controlled image maintained by the family of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who not only rules Dubai but is the Emirates’ prime minister and vice president. He is believed to have several dozen children from multiple wives. Some of his sons and daughters figure prominently in local media and online, but others are rarely seen.

The daughter of the ruler of Dubai will be 'drugged and held against her will' after a failed escape attempt, her best friend told a London press conference.

Princess Latifa Maktoum will be kept hidden away and medicated so that she is not able to communicate with the outside world, it was claimed.

Finnish martial arts instructor Tiina Jauhiainem, who says she was seized by special forces along with Latifa and a former French spy involved with her failed escape bid, said the Princess will not be allowed to speak to anyone.

'She will be drugged as that is the common practice in Dubai when they do not want people to speak out,' said Miss Jauhiainem.

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County police to implement 'no refusal' DUI policy

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What Hyperinflation Really Looks Like And What To Expect

RELATED: >>>/news/8140

The intention of this article will be to describe how the prices went wild, and what you could expect in a hyperinflation scenario. Perhaps softer, or perhaps worse, that is not possible to know for an amateur like me, not being an economist. But something similar to this is what could be expected in the real world, not in some hypothetical scenario of the theoretical economy.

For some reason that I will try to elucidate afterward, the salaries stopped being useful for buying anything other than food. The prices I will publish in our national currency, the Bolivar already were rounded by taking 3 zeroes by Uncle Hugo´s command. A few days ago, this was done…again, now by command of the bus driver, in an attempt to make the hyperinflation look less threatening. Go figure.

One Bolivar is worth 0.000020 USD. The minimum wage is $5.21 or 1.800.000 Bs for a month. Now, how could we expect someone to live under these conditions? It is entirely unexplainable to me that this has not generated massive riots… yet.

Here are the hyperinflation costs of basic items in Venezuela.

Remember, many people are paid only 1.800.000 Bs for a month:

Vegetable oil 900ml. Bottle: 748.367 Bs
Cereal mixture for milkshakes: 900Grs can: 1.057.057 Bs
Wheat flour, 1 kg: 398.750 Bs
Cheese, 1 kg: 2.160.950 Bs (yes, TWO MILLION)
Chicken and Bacon: 2.299.500 Bs
395Grs Condensed milk w/sugar: 566.144 Bs
Oatmeal 400 Grs: 550.000 Bs
1 kg. Margarine: 747.000 Bs
1Kg Chocolate mixture for milkshakes: 2.060.000 Bs
Cheese (melted-for spreading) 300 Grs: 1.097.230 Bs
Black Olives 235Grs: 1.677.120 Bs
Ladies deodorant: 890.000 Bs
Insecticide 1 can: 900.000 Bs
Mayonnaise 910 Grs.: 955.000 Bs
2 toilet paper rolls: 399.974 Bs
1 Kg. avocados: 500.000 Bs
30 Eggs: 650.000 Bs.
Dog food, dry, bulk 20Kg: 6.060.000 Bs
Dishwashing soap, cream 500 Grs: 440.000 Bs
2 door fridge: 627.900.000 Bs (yes, six hundred MILLION)
400ML. Shampoo: 2.052.050 Bs (2 million)
4 small ice cream cups: 2.072.691 Bs
Rice 500 Grs: 115.277 Bs
TV 65 inches: 329.999.990 Bs
2Lt soda: 298.000 Bs
Lemon Juice, 500ml bottle: 731.881 Bs
Light bulb, power saving: 935.000 Bs
Shoes: 5.986.825 Bs
Catfish: 465.300 Bs
Sweet corn 400Grs: 466.480 Bs
Ground meat: 1.150.000 Bs.
Steak: 1.300.000 Bs (depending on the region, usually cheaper in cattle-producing states)
Pork chops: over 1.000.000 Bs
Corn flour, 1 kg: 265.000 Bs.

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Tyrannical Canadian Dictatorship Arrests Parents For Protecting Their Child From Being Raped

Canadian police have arrested parents who forcibly stopped a pedophile from raping their 13-year-old daughter, sparking outrage in Canada.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, three adults could face prison time after they captured a pedophile in their home, restrained him and streamed it live on Facebook while they waited for police officers to arrive. reports:

They arrived at the home to find a 28-year-old man on the floor secured with restraints. He was released and taken to hospital for treatment.

A video posted to Facebook Thursday appeared to show the incident taking place live.

In it, a man is shown with his hands restrained by zap straps face-down on the floor as a woman accuses him of trying to prey on her teen daughter.

“He came to my house to meet my 13-year-old f**n’ daughter to fk her,” the woman recording the video says. “He wanted to be her first. We f****n’ tackled him and zap-strapped him and called the police.”

She goes on to say that when she contacted police earlier in the day to ask them to attend, they said no.

“Why wouldn’t the police come and help me catch this predator that just came to my f****n’ house?” she says.

Later in the video, RCMP members are seen entering the home and heard asking residents to untie the man.

“You’re all being detained for assault right now, I’m sorry,” a Mountie is heard saying.

“I’m arrested because we caught a predator that the police refused to catch,” the woman says to the camera.

The video ends after the RCMP ask the woman for her phone.

“I went to the cops and asked to come with me for this meet and they told me to block him and ignore it, and I came home and said yes to the meet,” she said.

The woman said she’d been asking police for six weeks to help her determine the identity of the man messaging her daughter, and that’s why she took matters into her own hands.

“He walked in the front door and up the stairs toward my daughter’s room. I came out of my daughter’s room and met him in the hallway,” she said. “He said ‘oh my god,’ and I punched him in the face.”

Two men with her helped restrain the man, she said, and that’s when she started recording the video.

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California’s war on ‘economic crimes’ raises eerie parallels to communist countries

California’s war on ‘economic crimes’ raises eerie parallels to communist countries

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 3

Slippery Slope to a Constitution-Free America

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 3

Ingraham returns to work, complains about censorship

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 3

Governments And Big Banks Are Stockpiling Gold & Silver Ahead Of Massive Economic Collapse

LEARN HOW TO BE PREPARED AS WELL: >>>/endtimes/7 ; >>>/spoon/618

The writing is on the wall and major financial institutions across the world are warning about the economic disaster to come. Unabated money printing, tariff trade wars, rising interest rates and retail slowdowns point to one result, and it’s going to be brutal. Big banks and governments know what’s coming and they are preparing for this eventuality by stockpiling huge amounts of “real money” ahead of the crisis.

According to Keith Neumeyer, the CEO of the world’s top primary silver producer First Majestic Silver and chairman of First Mining Gold, the cartels he’s previously reported to the CFTC have continued to manipulate the prices of precious metals while loading up their own vaults with gold and silver. The answer to why they’re doing it is simple, as Neumeyer highlights in a recent interview with SGT Report:

The verdict is still out on whether we’re going into a dis-inflationary or inflationary environment… gold can do well in both environments… the fact of the matter is governments are printing extraordinary amounts of fiat currencies and that is not going to change…

The stage is set for higher gold prices due to the amount of money being printed… I am of the belief a major reset is coming where the governments of the world will need to get rid of their debt by fixing everything to the price of gold… and that’s why governments like China and Russia and other governments around the world are accumulating gold… it’s because they know what’s going to happen over the next several years…

If it is true [that JP Morgan has acquired the largest position of physical silver in the world] then it’s pretty amazing… Any bank wanting a long position like that is doing it for a reason… Banks like JP Morgan… they haven’t had a losing trade in multiple years… if they’re long something that’s probably what you want to be buying.

Neumeyer explains that not only are there monetary factors at play, but also supply issues, as production, especially in silver, has dropped markedly over the last several years.

All of this bodes well for rising precious metals prices going forward, with reasonable estimates for future growth far exceeding the all-time highs we saw in recent years:

Metals are in an extremely tight trading range… This base the metals are building right now is three years in the making… and when the metals finally take off this year it’s going to be astounding to watch.

… We lived through it in 2010 and 2011… a good mining stock will far exceed the movement of the metal itself… a stock like First Mining would absolutely explode in an environment like that… it’s hard to predict the exact prices that stocks would do but it would be quite different than it is today… I think $2000 or $3000 gold… these are reasonable numbers that we will experience in the not too distant future.

Financial analysts and large institutions have generally avoided gold and silver for nearly a decade. But the tide appears to be changing.

As prices remain suppressed, government are acquiring, big banks are acquiring and even Morgan Stanley recently noted that gold can be used as a “very good proxy of the true value of a dollar over long periods of time.”

We know economic collapse on a massive scale is approaching.

To get an idea of where one should be diversifying their assets in the event this worst-case scenario plays out, one need only ask the following question: What is money when the system collapses?

5,000 years of history for the single most reliable monetary asset class of last resort has already given us the answer.

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Planned WWIII For Petrodollar Demise Blame Game: Alert Series 06

<Petrodollar reserve currency in rapid decline, insolvency and corruption everywhere.
<US govt/MIC/media need distraction and strawmen to blame USD $ demise. WWIII perfect scapegoat!
<Trump orders attacks in Syria, with help from the UK and France. Israel also continues threats and attacks.
<103 missiles targets 7 locations. Only 3 out of 7 locations hit. 71 total missiles intercepted.
<China joins Russia in Syrian alliance. Russia to send MORE heavy artillery to Syrian Army.
<Syrians dance in streets holding pictures of Assad. Syrians say US is bankrupt, Russia will help Assad keep power.
<British troops recently captured in Syria helping arm ISIS (yet again!)

Despite Srikes, Syrian Army Expands War Against CIA/Mossad Funded ISIS

Syrian Army Declares Full Recapture of Eastern Ghouta

Syrian Army Discover US 'Moderate Rebel' Chemical Weapons Factory in Eastern Ghouta

RT: US Training Syria Militants for False Flag Chemical Attack As Basis for Airstrikes

HA! HA! How 105 Missiles Show Assad’s Future Is Safe

List & Details of Intercepted Missiles

WikiLeaks Secret Cable: "Overthrow The Syrian Regime, But Play Nice With Russia"

R: 10 / I: 3 / P: 4

Roadside strip search by NJ state trooper in NJ draws protest and legal action

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4

Civil forfeiture puts Americans in uncivil spot

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4

Republican lawmaker blasts both parties for 'hypocrisy' over Syria strikes

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4

City police officer facing excessive-force lawsuit

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 4

US, UK and France launch Syria strikes targeting Assad's chemical weapons

US, UK and France launch Syria strikes targeting Assad's chemical weapons

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 4

Planned WWIII For Petrodollar Demise Blame Game: Alert Series 04

<Rothschild banking cartel funding both sides of war, as seen throughout history.
<Keynesian economic debt insolvency has dismantled trust in USD $$$ globally. US reserve currency is being dismantled via BRICS nations.
<Central banks need a distraction and intend to shift blame for massive ponzi schemes.
<Insolvent governments need a distraction and intend to shift blame for debt insolvency.
<WWIII looks like the ignition for epic distraction and strawmen to shift blame.
<All Syria false flags & petrodollar dismantling documented, see >>>/news/catalog or archives @
<Guides to prepare for SHTF planted @ >>>/endtimes/7 and >>>/spoon/618 (you should have done this already)

Trump Orders Military Strikes On Syria: 3 Waves Of Airstrikes Launched

WTF? Russia & Syria Claim 71 of 103 US Missles Were Intercepted, Pentagon and Trump Claims All Were Successfull

Russia Says There Will Be Consequences

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4

Planned WWIII For Petrodollar Demise Blame Game: Alert Series 05

<Rothschild banking cartel funding both sides of war, as seen throughout history.
<Keynesian economic debt insolvency has dismantled trust in USD $$$ globally. US reserve currency is being dismantled via BRICS nations.
<Central banks need a distraction and intend to shift blame for massive ponzi schemes.
<Insolvent governments need a distraction and intend to shift blame for debt insolvency.
<WWIII looks like the ignition for epic distraction and strawmen to shift blame.
<All Syria false flags & petrodollar dismantling documented, see >>>/news/catalog or archives @
<Guides to prepare for SHTF planted @ >>>/endtimes/7 and >>>/spoon/618 (you should have done this already)

Syrians Dance In the Streets After Most US Missiles Intercepted By Russia/Syria

"This strike is only muscle flexing by Trump to show his power," she said. "Assad’s regime is much stronger now."

"We tell Trump, you can do nothing. Here we are celebrating to show that you are bankrupt,” said a jubilant woman interviewed on state television.

Russia Likely To Arm Syria Army With More Heavy Duty Weaponry

Syrian Army Captures British Forces Embedded With Terrorist Groups In Eastern Ghouta

Israel Supports War Against Syria, China Does Not

Israel Response:
China Response:

At Least 20 Dead After Israeli Warplanes Strike Iranian Military Base In Southern Syria

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 4

Department Of Homeland Security Compiling Database Of Journalists And 'Media Influencers'

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4

Trump goes silent on national debt while racking up $1 trillion in 14 months

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5

Supreme Court continues to grant an unhealthy immunity to police accused of wrongdoing

Supreme Court continues to grant an unhealthy immunity to police accused of wrongdoing

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5

America Is About to Risk a World War to Defend the Credibility of Trump’s Tweets

America Is About to Risk a World War to Defend the Credibility of Trump’s Tweets

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 5

About Time! Congress Set To Vote On Bill To Return The US Gold Standard, Fix The USD To Gold!


HR 5404 would legally return the U.S. back to the gold-standard, and define the U.S. dollar as a fixed amount of gold (monetary value), a move that supporters say would help stabilize the monetary system while protecting savers, workers, and investors from the ravages of inflation. If signed into law, the bill would also restrict the ability of the controversial Federal Reserve System to confiscate the American people's wealth and manipulate the economy by expanding the money supply. President Donald Trump has publicly supported the idea of returning to a gold-backed dollar.

According to Congressman Mooney who introduced Bill HR 5404, employment in manufacturing shrank by a third between 2000 and 2010 after holding steady for more than 30 years. And, the Fed’s inflationary policies priced out U.S. manufacturers from global trade. Since 2000, their prices have risen nearly 50%, compared with about 25% for German competitors — mirroring the domestic inflation rates in each country. As a result, manufacturers fled the U.S., much the way American families have fled high-tax states.

But the fix is not complicated, Mooney says. “The solution is to take control of the money supply away from the Fed and give it back to the American people — in other words, to return to the gold standard. Gold gets a bad rap in some history books because of its misuse during the 20th century. This ignores its peacetime record of high growth and almost zero inflation between 1834 and 1913.”

Since the link between the dollar and gold was completely severed in 1971, the American economy has “see-sawed” between having too much and too little currency in circulation. That is because the Fed has been given the “impossible task” of trying to guess the market's demand, in real time, Mooney said. The problem has only gotten worse since the 2000s came around, because now the Fed is grading itself on how its money creation is boosting financial markets. All of this has led to growing disillusionment with the dollar, to the point that now many have even embraced “ cryptocurrencies” such as bitcoin.

While the bill would not abolish the Fed — something constitutionalists such as former Congressman Ron Paul have long advocated — it would significantly rein in its massive powers over the economy. “Instead the market would be in charge, the supply and demand for money would match up, and prices would be shaped by economics rather than the instincts of bureaucrats,” Mooney said. Source: Sound Money Bill in Congress Would Define Dollar as Unit of Gold, The New American Magazine.

Manipulation of the Market for Money

The Fed can artificially boost segments of the economy, such as housing, for a period of time (even many years) by creating lots of fiat-money and flooding the market with it by offering it at very low interest rates — prompting lots of people to take out low-interest loans to build houses (and causing a market bubble). In a free market, on the other hand, the price of money would be determined by the amount of savings (supply) and the amount of currency sought by borrowers (demand). Interest rates would be set where the supply and demand curves meet, with the relative risk of a loan raising or lowering the interest rate demanded by a bank — higher risk earns banks higher rates.

But instead, a shadowy, unelected cabal at the Fed arbitrarily sets interest rate “targets” and creates or destroys money to achieve its aims. The problems that result from this central economic planning cannot be overstated and include malinvestment, inflation, destruction and redistribution of wealth (from the poor and middle class to the super rich), and much more.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 5

Russia Threatens Trade War With US, Starting With Titanium Exports

It appears the humans finally read the news and Boeing stock is sinking... Russian Deputy PM says a decision on counter measures on the US will be made after they have analyzed the full impact of US sanctions on Russia.

As we detailed two hours ago, last week, we highlighted four 'weapons' that China has to counter US aggression (dump US debt, devalue the yuan, attack the petro-dollar's dominance, and limit sales of rare earth metals).

While China produces 92% of the world's rare earth metals, Russia is also a key supplier.

And now it seems that Russia has been reading from the same playbook as RT reports Russia's Federation Council is looking to adopt counter-sanctions against the US, under which the country may ban exports of titanium components to aircraft giant Boeing, according to Russian Senator Sergey Ryabukhin.

"Among the rare earth metals that Russia supplies to the United States is titanium, which is necessary for the technological cycle of production of Boeing," Ryabukhin told RIA Novosti.

As of last year, 40 percent of Russian titanium aircraft parts were sold to Boeing and 60 percent to its European rival Airbus, according to a spokesman for Russia’s Rostec corporation.

Russia could also ban the supply of RD-180 engines used by NASA and the Pentagon, the senator added.

“These rocket engines are used not only by NASA, but also by the Pentagon on their satellites. It means the US uses these rocket engines to launch their military satellites," he said.

Earlier on Friday, Russian deputies announced an upcoming response to the American sanctions imposed last week. According to State Duma Vice Speaker Ivan Melnikov, the Russian response would include ending cooperation with the US in the nuclear industry, aircraft building and airspace.

“Russia is able ‘to annoy’ the US by stopping or severely restricting cooperation in outer space, or by cutting supplies of components for Boeing aircraft, [and] close the supply of titanium," said Petr Pushkarev, chief analyst of TeleTrade.

Russia may also limit the supply of drugs, tobacco and alcohol from the United States.

It seems the trade wars just went global.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 5

Broward County Sheriff Deputy Who Exposed Parkland Shooting Stand Down Murdered By State: Media Blackout

A Broward County Sheriff Deputy who dared to question the official narrative around the Parkland shooting has been found dead under suspicious circumstances.

On April 1, Jason Fitzsimon was found dead on his sofa. According to police, the 42-year-old had been in excellent health prior to his untimely death.

RELATED: (Active Shooter Drills, Multiple Shooters Witnessed, FBI Was Aware of Killer) (Trump Blasts FBI For Not Taking Action Against Parkland Shooter) (Citizen Journalist Blows Truth About Parkland Shooting Wide Open) (FBI and Cops Warned Multiple Times About Shooter, Deputies Stood Down During Shooting) (Local Police and FBI Knew of Shooter's Social Media Threats, Did Nothing) (Emergency Medical Teams Ordered To STAND DOWN After Shooting, While Students Bled Out And Died) (Police Radio Recordings Prove Cover Up, Sheriff Refuses to Release Surveillance Footage, SWAT Officers Suspended For Not Standing Down, etc. (Authorities Had All The Evidence To Prevent This Shooting, Allowed It To Happen) reports:

Deputy Fitzsimons wasn’t just any law enforcement officer. Unlike many of his peers, he took to social media to question the potential agenda behind the February 14 Marjory Stoneman High School mass shooting, suggesting that the event was being used to promote the Democratic Party’s gun control platform in anticipation of the 2018 midterm elections. And recent personnel decisions involving public officials indicate (e.g. here and here), an unwritten law of taxpayer-funded institutions is that employees disavow and steer clear of “conspiracy theories” that may call their superiors motives into question.

One post found on Fitzsimon’s Facebook page depicts the Parkland massacre’s main spokesperson, David Hogg, in National Socialist regalia, with the caption, “We will March Until We Disarm Every American.”

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 5

This Explains A Lot: George Soros Has Planted 226 Agents In The European Parliament

It’s an open secret that the “Soros network” has an extensive sphere of influence in the European Parliament and in other European Union institutions. The list of Soros has been made public recently. The document lists 226 MEPs from all sides of political spectrum, including former President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt, seven vice-presidents, and a number of committee heads, coordinators, and quaestors. These people promote the ideas of Soros, such as bringing in more migrants, same-sex marriages, integration of Ukraine into the EU, and countering Russia. There are 751 members of the European Parliament. It means that the Soros friends have more than one third of seats.

George Soros, a Hungarian-American investor and the founder and owner of Open Society Foundations NGO, was able to meet with President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker with “no transparent agenda for their closed-door meeting”, and pointed out how EU proposals to redistribute quotas of migrants across the EU are eerily familiar to Soros’s own self-published plan for dealing with the crisis.

The billionaire financier believes that the European Union should receive millions of immigrants from the Middle East and Northern Africa, provide each one with an annual 15,000 EUR in aid, and resettle these migrants in member-states where they do not wish to go and are not necessarily welcome.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has accused the EU of “eating out of the hand” of Soros. He believes that the billionaire open borders campaigner is behind the attacks on Hungary. The reason is the government’s attempts to take legal action over a new law which requires foreign-supported ‘civil society’ organizations — many funded by Soros — to list their big overseas donors in a public register and be transparent about their funding sources in their publications. The Hungarian government is applying efforts to close the Budapest-based Central European University founded by Soros.

“The whole of the European Union is in trouble because its leaders and bureaucrats adopt decisions like this,” said Orbán. “The people support the ideal of the European Union. At the same time, they can’t stand the leadership of the EU, because it insults the Member-States with things like this, and it abuses its power. Everyone in Europe can see that. This is why the European leadership is not respected.”

The Visegrad group is trying to stand tall under the EU pressure on migrants’ policy. The European Commission of Migration and Home Affairs is pushing a new bill to make migrants quotas obligatory. At least 30 Soros supporters work for the commission.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 5

Planned WWIII For Petrodollar Demise Blame Game: Alert Series 03

<The Economist magazine issued from 1988 hinted at "get ready for a world currency" with a picture of a coin with the year 2018... coincidence?
<Rothschild banking cartel funding both sides of war, as seen throughout history.
<Keynesian economic debt insolvency has dismantled trust in USD $$$ globally. US reserve currency is being dismanted via BRICS nations.
<Central banks need a distraction and intend to shift blame for massive ponzi schemes.
<Insolvent governments need a distraction and intend to shift blame for debt insolvency.
<WWIII looks like the ignition for epic distraction and strawmen to shift blame.
<All Syria false flags & petrodollar dismantling documented, see >>>/news/catalog or archives @
<Guides to prepare for SHTF planted @ >>>/endtimes/7 and >>>/spoon/618 (you should have done this already)

Russian TV Instructing Citizens to Buy Water, Canned Foods and Gas Masks, Prepare Bunkers For WWIII

Russian Figter Jet with Kh-35 Cruise Anti-Ship Missiles Spotted Over Syria’s Tartus

Russian Lawmaker Warns Warships Left Syria Port To Prepare For Attack

Assad’s Top Adviser Says Syria Is Ready For War, Country’s Air Defenses Are On High Alert

Germany, Italy Refuse To Join Syria Airstrikes

Saudi Arabia & Israel vs. Syria and more news

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 5

Next On The Police State Agenda: Banning Mail, Forcing Amazon Drone Deliveries?


Following the fifth bombing in less than three weeks, Austin police - as well as federal agents with the FBI and ATF - are no closer to solving the mystery of who is sending these bombs, and why?

After initially entertaining the theory that the bombings could be racially motivated, a more racially diverse victim base in recent attacks has discounted this theory. In each bombing, the weapons have been loaded with nails and shrapnel. Domestic terrorism has also been discussed as a motive, according to the Associated Press.

As an aside, the AP also clarified that it was unable to confirm reports that one FedEx employee had been injured in Tuesday morning's blast.

While the first three bombings all occurred east of Interstate 35, a section of town that tends to be more heavily minority and less affluent, Sunday's was west of the highway. The differences in where the blasts have occurred, the lack of a motive and other unknowns make it harder to draw conclusions about a possible pattern, further unnerving a city on edge.

Fred Milanowski, an ATF agent who's working the case, said investigators have followed up on more than 500 leads. Police have asked anybody with surveillance cameras at nearby homes to come forward with their footage, hoping that one of the cameras might've captured something suspicious.

With students preparing to return to Austin following Spring Break, police are telling residents to be extra cautious.

Meanwhile, the PGA's Dell Technologies Match Play tournament is scheduled to begin in Austin on Wednesday, bringing dozens of the world's best golfers to the state capitol.

"I'm pretty sure the tour has enough security to keep things safe in here. But this is scary what's happening," said golfer Jhonattan Vegas, already in town.

But after five bombings in the span of five weeks, investigators have no solid leads.

That should be incredibly concerning to all residents of the Austin area.

R: 23 / I: 8 / P: 5

MSM BLACKOUT: Gun Owner Shoots Maryland Highschool Shooter, Saving Lives!

Reports indicate a resource officer at Maryland’s Great Mills High School “exchanged gunfire” with the attacker Tuesday morning to end the threat.

Breitbart News reported news of the shooting and indicated that St. Mary’s County Sheriff Office was on scene and FBI and ATF agents were en route.

Injuries are reported as three, including the shooter.

ABC 7’s Brad Bell tweeted:

#BREAKING confirmed with sources at #greatmillsshooting : 3 students injured. 1 is the shooter. A school resource officer was on duty and took action to end threat. No final word on conditions.

— Brad Bell (@ABC7Brad) March 20, 2018

NBC’s Christina Ginn tweeted:

BREAKING: School resource officer exchanged gunfire with shooter at MD school shooting. #GreatMillsHighSchool Live coverage on @MSNBC. @NBCNews

— Christina Ginn (@NBChristinaGinn) March 20, 2018

WTOP reports that the shooting began with a single shot fired at “a girl in the hallway” at the start of the school day at Great Mills High. It is unclear how many more shots were fired as “students and staff” alerted the resource officer. That officer then moved to engage the shooter, ending the threat.

WSAV/WRC reports that two students were reportedly injured and are hospitalized in critical condition as a result of the shooting. They confirmed that the shooter was also in critical condition after being engaged by the resource officer.

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 5

Idaho boy injured, family dog killed by government 'cyanide bomb'

Idaho boy injured, family dog killed by government 'cyanide bomb'

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 6

Hungary On Its Way To Passing The "Stop Soros Act", His Communist NGOs Could Be Banned From Hungary Soon

The Hungarian people voted in favour of national sovereignty in Sunday’s general election, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told an international press conference in Parliament on Tuesday.

Assessing the election campaign, Orban said it was voters who had determined the most important topics: migration and the question of national sovereignty. And they said they should be the only ones to decide whom they wish to live together with, “and we must respect this decision”, the prime minister added.

Orban said there would be “significant changes” in his new government. The cabinet will be reshuffled “with mostly new people.” He said the new government could be formed in 3-4 weeks’ time. “We don’t intend to continue with the previous term but instead open a new one,” Orban said, adding that the terms of all of his ministers and state secretaries had expired. Asked if he could name any ministers who would stay on in the new cabinet, he said: “I could, but I don’t want to.”

Hungary is a country that wants a strong Europe of strong member states, the prime minister said. He said his government had to stand by a “Europe of nations” rather than a “united states of Europe”.

Orban said the new government’s economic policy would follow “the economic school of Matolcsy”, whose premise is that the country’s finances must be in order. Therefore, Hungary’s public debt is expected to decline further, he added.

On the topic of the “Stop Soros” bill, he said the proposal had been submitted to parliament before the election so that voters would be able to make their decision knowing that, and this fact boosted its legitimacy. “We feel empowered to pass it,” he said.

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 6

Youtube Finally Restores Natural News Youtube Channel After Threats of Legal Battle

RELATED: (Get Ready For A Youtube Alternative For Conservatives (New Youtube Platform For Conservatives Announced, Real.Video) (Natural News Ready To Sue Google If Youtube Channel Not Restored)

Video hosting platform YouTube restored a popular health channel Wednesday, but deleted a third of the organization’s followers.

Natural News founder Mike Adams, AKA The Health Ranger, announced YouTube had reinstated his channel, but did not provide an explanation as to why it was restored.

Moreover, the Google-owned platform brought the channel back, but deleted one third of its subscribers, nearly 100k – “yet another ‘Fuck You’ from YouTube to content creators like me,” says Adams.

“The message from YouTube is clear: We can ban you at any time, for any reason, without explanation, with no recourse, and even when we decide to turn your channel back on, we can just delete a third of all your followers, or do anything else we want to screw with your content and silence your voice,” Adams wrote Wednesday.

Youtube deleted the channel, which had over 350K subscribers and 41 million views, last month during a mass censorship purge against conservatives and others led by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It stands at 252.6K subscribers as of writing.

The channel’s deletion followed efforts to ban Infowars’ own channel – cheered on by CNN, which referred several Infowars videos to YouTube for review.

Adams says the embattled platform’s latest censorship efforts are a last straw for many content creators and users.

“Even if YouTube reverses its outrageous banning of conservative and libertarian accounts, the world already knows that YouTube can never be trusted again,” says Adams, adding he’s launching a new video platform on July 4 dubbed

“This is sort of obvious at this point, but none of us can trust YouTube, Google, Facebook or Twitter as ‘neutral’ platforms anymore. We must actively seek out alternatives such as, and MeWe.”

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 6

Planned WWIII For Petrodollar Demise Blame Game: Alert Series 02

<Rothschild banking cartel funding both sides of war, as seen throughout history.
<Keynesian economic debt insolvency has dismantled trust in USD $$$ globally. US reserve currency is being dismanted via BRICS nations.
<Central banks need a distraction and intend to shift blame for massive ponzi schemes.
<Inslovent governments need a distraction and intend to shift blame for debt insolvency.
<WWIII looks like the ignition for epic distraction and strawmen to shift blame.
<All Syria false flags & petrodollar dismantling documented, see >>>/news/catalog or archives @
<Guides to prepare for SHTF planted @ >>>/endtimes/7 and >>>/spoon/618 (you should have done this already)

Assad Adviser Warns Israel: You Will Be The Biggest Loser In This War!

Trump Says He May or May Not Bomb Syria, Leaving Everyone To Speculate

Theresa May Threatens War Against Syria Without MPs' Vote

CIA/Mossad Funded ISIS To Launch 'Counter-Offensive' Against Assad After Possible US Strike

Battle on Syrian Attack Rages Behind the Scenes

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 6

ready for www3?

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 6

Soros Humiliated After Attempt To Rig Hungarian Election Fails

RELATED: >>>/news/7903

Billionaire George Soros has suffered a humiliating blow after failing to rig the Hungarian election and stop anti-globalist Viktor Orbán from winning.

After pumping millions of dollars of his own money into the Hungarian election, Soros failed to stop Orbán winning a landslide 70% of the vote. reports:

Viktor Orbán is known as an “anti-globalist” painted with the same broad brush as president Donald Trump. Prime minister Orbán has also successfully cut illegal immigration to Hungary by 99% after building his wall on the border.

With the votes counted, Europe Elects is sharing stats which show Fidesz, the party founded by Prime Minister Orbán while he was a young anti-Communist dissident, has won not merely a decisive majority but an outright super-majority, along with minor allied parties. This will allow changes to the national constitution. Hopefully, those changes will be for more the better of the people, and not the expansion of liberty-trampling governments – something Soros has championed for decades.

Landslide for Orban’s Fidsez. 70% of votes for Right or Far Right = major headache for Brussels.

— Andrew Neil (@afneil) April 8, 2018

The results will be extremely disappointing for top bureaucrats in the European Union and activists working for so-called civil society NGOs funded by billionaire open borders campaigner George Soros, who had been hoping for an upset defeat, or for Fidesz to lose its super-majority, at least. This is certainly a bloody nose to the globalists and elitists who want to control the entire population.

Hungarian Government Slams Anti-Brexit Plot: ‘Why Do We Say “Stop Soros”? Just Ask the British People.’

— Jack Montgomery ن (@JackBMontgomery) February 10, 2018

With Orban’s success, Soros is likely reeling from his discomfort that his globalist control over society is slipping, and quickly. Orban has become increasingly popular because of his strong defense policies with regards to his country’s borders. Unlike the open arms of Sweden and Germany that led to disastrous results, Orban successfully all but stopped illegal immigration and the violence that has come with it.

It was a victory guided by a common theme pushed by Orban: “Stop George Soros.” And once again, Orban was successful and Soros is left licking his wounds with his tail tucked between his legs. Nothing is more comforting than seeing billionaire global elitist Soros take a loss.

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 6

Planned WWIII For Petrodollar Demise Blame Game: Alert Series 01

<Rothschild banking cartel funding both sides of war, as seen throughout history.
<Keynesian economic debt insolvency has dismantled trust in USD $$$ globally. US reserve currency is being dismanted via BRICS nations.
<Central banks need a distraction and intend to shift blame for massive ponzi schemes.
<Inslovent governments need a distraction and intend to shift blame for debt insolvency.
<WWIII looks like the ignition for epic distraction and strawmen to shift blame.
<All Syria false flags & petrodollar dismantling documented, see >>>/news/catalog or archives @
<Guides to prepare for SHTF planted @ >>>/endtimes/7 and >>>/spoon/618 (you should have done this already)

Trump Warns Russia "Missiles Are Coming" At Syria After Moscow Vows To Shoot Them Down

11 Russian Warships Leave Syrian Port To 'Conduct Exercises' (Deployment To Counter Strikes)

US P-8 Poseidon "Submarine Killer" Headed For Syria

Putin Warns World Is Getting Much More Chaotic

Trump Warns US-Russian Relations Have Never Been Worse

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 6

Communist Terroism! Russian Crab Producers Accuse Leading Domestic Fish Producer of Attempts to Destroy Crab Industry

Russian fish industry is on the verge of a serious conflict among its major players. Russian leading crab producers have publicly accused the country’s largest fish producer and processor, Russian Fishery Company (RRPK), of attempts to repartition the Russian crab market and destruction of the current system of crab quotas’ distribution in the country.
Alexander Duplyakov, president of the Association of Crab Producers of the Far East, said RRPK is trying to withdraw crab quotas from the distribution on "historical principle"

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 6

Warning All Microsoft Users: You May Need To Switch To Linux or an Other Alternative OS Soon... READ WHY


"Microsoft have changed their terms of service so that they can monitor any of your personal content, including the files on your PC, while using their products or services and if they deem it offensive they can take that content and their products/services away from you and ban you! If you happen to have an Xbox or have bought PC games from the Microsoft Store and are logged into your Microsoft account on any device while committing your "crime" you can be banned from Xbox Live and have all your downloaded games and any credit that's still in your account taken away!

But it gets worse. This applies to all Microsoft products and services. So therefore Windows itself! I think I have already been a victim, probably due to posting here, as recently my Windows 10 key was revoked out of the blue. I contacted Microsoft and they told me my key was no longer valid but outright refused to tell me why. So I had to buy Windows 10 again. I didn't buy it direct from them of course. Please post if this has happened to you very recently too.

I'm pretty scared about what's coming. They want us off the internet and I think this is how they're going to get many people. They're going to just shutdown our Windows on the basis of us breaking their new terms of service. What if ISPs are next?"

OP comment:

First off, no one should be using Windows 10. If you like Windows get an older one like Windows 2000, Vista or XP and make sure you turn OFF all automatic updates in the settings. Make sure you do not leave it online 24/7 either (leaving the OS online when not in use makes it much more vulnerable). There are also programs out there you can install that will completely remove all auto-updates for Windows if you are too lazy to change the settings.

If you want to switch to Linux you can install "Wine" and run Windows executives right from your Linux OS. Depending on which OS you partition (such as Q4OS) this will mimick an older version of Windows. Q4OS is what I recommend because you can install Wine and the OS replicates Windows XP, looking almost exactly the same!

Second, which is VERY important, users should be using a private VPN service in this day and age. No reason not to. Get off your lazy ass, buy a cheap private VPN (these can cost as low as $30 PER YEAR), and shield yourself by encrypting your communications and spoofing your IPs. Its easy and even us boomers can learn how to do it, I did.

Third: always have physical offline backups of any of your important files (this includes ISOs of the OS you use, software you may use and any media or other files you deem valuable).

Make sure you have access to several P2P clients and a Bit Torrent client in order to share media if websites start going down.

Here are some other security tips I recommend (trigger warning: some will seem pretty 'tin foil' but most are good tips!):

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 6

Top UN Inspector: Assad Not Responsible For Chemical Weapons Attack (and Merkel Says Oy Vey!)

A former director of UN weapons inspectors has said that the Syrian government is not responsible for the recent chemical weapons attack, and claims the attack is an attempt to topple Bashar Al-Assad.

Dozens of people were killed in the rebel-held town of Douma on Saturday, in an attack President Putin and others described as a ‘false flag’ perpetrated by the Al-Qaeda affiliated White Helmets group.

On Sunday night, two Israeli F-15 fighters targeted a Syrian military airbase in the Homs province, firing eight guided missiles at the airport, killing 14 soldiers. reports:

However, according to chemical weapons expert Åke Sellström, who investigated the use of chemical weapons in both Iraq and Syria, it is unlikely that Bashar Al-Assad and the Syrian Army were responsible for the attack in Eastern Ghouta.

“With great criticism from the international community, Assad and Russians bombard Ghouta bit by bit, and that they would add the opportunity to be criticized for using chemicals – it feels strange. They do not need it, their tactics are already successful,” said Sellström, adding that there could be numerous “other explanations” for the attack.

Sellström added that if the United Nations was to investigate the attack, recordings and testimony would not be enough to ascertain what happened.

“We would have to meet people and doctors themselves and, in particular, need samples from the environment and poisoned persons,” said Sellström, adding that it would be difficult to measure chlorine exposure “because it evaporates quickly and does not leave any clear markers in the body”.

As we document in the video below, the rebel group in Douma had already agreed to leave the area within 48 hours and the battle was won.

A rebel-held chemical weapons factory was also discovered in the same region where the attack happened just weeks ago.

Given that the Syrian Army was on the verge of victory, it makes no sense whatsoever that they would sabotage their own success.

R: 2 / I: 4 / P: 6

Russia Now Jamming US Military Drones In Syria

(1) (Syrian CrISIS & European Destabilization Project)
(2) (Syrian CrISIS: The Busted Bad Actors)
(3) (Can't Mossad The Assad / Bad Actors Lose)
(4) (Cleanup / Bad Actor Exposure)
(5) (Mainstream Media Forced To Expose Bad Actors)
(6) (Blowback: Good Actors Now In Full Control)
(7) (Cleanup / More Bad Actor Exposure)
(8) (Declassified CIA Report Reveals Plan To Destabilize Syria)
(9) (James Mattis Admits No Evidence Assad Used Chemical Weapons!)
(10) (US Continues War Mongering Buffoonery)
(11) (Russia Providing Humanitarian Aid To Syria)
(12) (US/Israel Deploying Warships To Strike Syria Before Next False Flag)
(13) (Syrian Forces Intercept Truckload Of Weapons & Ammo En-Route To Terrorists)
(14) (Neo-con Zionists Thwart Troop Pullout of Syria)
(15) (Israeli Warplanes Start Bombing Syria After 3rd or 4th False Flag Gas Attack)

The Russian military has been jamming some U.S. military drones operating in the skies over Syria, seriously affecting American military operations, according to four U.S. officials.

The Russians began jamming some smaller U.S. drones several weeks ago, the officials said, after a series of suspected chemical weapons attacks on civilians in rebel-held eastern Ghouta. The Russian military was concerned the U.S. military would retaliate for the attacks and began jamming the GPS systems of drones operating in the area, the officials explained.

Jamming, which means blocking or scrambling a drone's reception of a signal from a GPS satellite, can be uncomplicated, according to Dr. Todd Humphreys, the director of the Radionavigation Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin.

"GPS receivers in most drones can be fairly easily jammed," he said

Humphreys, an expert on the spoofing and jamming of GPS, warns this could have a significant impact on U.S. drones, causing them to malfunction or even crash. "At the very least it could cause some serious confusion" for the drone operator on the ground if the drone reports an incorrect position or is lost, he said.

U.S. analysts first caught the Russian military jamming drones in eastern Ukraine four years ago, after the invasion of Crimea, according to Humphreys. He said the jammers were initially detected as faint signals from space, bouncing off the earth's surface. The jammers "had a pretty significant impact" on the United Nations surveillance drones that were attempting to monitor the area, grounding the fleet for days and halting intelligence gathering from the air.

R: 4 / I: 6 / P: 7

After Helping Create Infrastructure Since The 1960s... Today The US Government Is Trying To Destroy The Open Internet

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado fears congressional hearings with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg could lead to further government regulation of the internet.

Gardner thinks politicians will take advantage of the Facebook situation and use it as a way of increasing their power over a free and open internet.

“I think it treads on some very tenuous ground,” Gardner said on “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday. “There may be some people who wish to look at the opportunity to have regulation of the internet. Regulation over speech. Regulation over content. I’m very concerned about that and I think that’s the alarming part about the direction that questions could take this afternoon.”

“Maybe they’ll want to get into campaign finance issues, maybe they’ll want to go into free speech issues,” he continued. “Are they going to try to create some kind of a government filter where it determines who can say what on what kind of a platform?”

“Let’s make sure that users’ privacy are protected. Let’s make sure Facebook is doing what they promised they would do. Let’s make sure there is room for competition against Facebook,” Gardner concluded.

“I don’t think what we want, as an outcome of this hearing, is regulation of the internet. Which has been a very incredible free and open voice of democracy around the globe.”

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 7

TOTALITARIAN SHITHOLE: Mandatory Eye Scans, Finger Prints Required To Buy Food, Use Basic Services In India

India has the world’s largest domestic biometric identification system.

Big brother in India now requires all of its 1.3 billion residents to have their fingerprints, eyes and faces scanned in order to access public services like schools, grocery stores, welfare benefits and banks

The Indian government has made registration mandatory for hundreds of public services and many private ones, from taking school exams to opening bank accounts.

Citizens have also been ordered to link their IDs to their cellphone and bank accounts.

Civil libertarians are outraged, saying the program, called Aadhaar, is Orwell’s Big Brother brought to life.

Collective Evolution reports:

Tracking the global citizenry is nothing new, especially since the Edward Snowden leaks came out showing that the monitoring of civilians is truly global. All of our actions are monitored, and everything is tracked, and when we ask why, we’re told that it’s for the sake of ‘national security.’ Every-time that word pops up in my writing, I feel deeply inclined to share this particular sentiment from John F. Kennedy:

“The dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts, far outweigh the dangers that are cited to justify it….There is very grave danger than an announced need for increased security, will be ceased upon by those anxious to expand it’s meaning to the very limits of censorship and concealment. That I do not tend to permit, so long as it’s in my control.”

The justifications for their actions are not always as they’re told in press or media. This new move from India that requires all citizens to have their fingers printed and eyes scanned to use public services likely has ulterior motives. It’s similar to not being able to send your child to public school if they’re not vaccinated. Do as we say or don’t get basic public services.

R: 6 / I: 5 / P: 7

FBI raids home and offices of Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen

"Today the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York executed a series of search warrants and seized the privileged communications between my client, Michael Cohen, and his clients," said Stephen Ryan, Cohen's attorney. "I have been advised by federal prosecutors that the New York action is, in part, a referral by the Office of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller."

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Good! Former Communist Brazilian President Lula da Silva Arrested For Corruption, Commies Go Nuts

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was taken into police custody Saturday after a tense showdown with his own supporters, the capstone of an intense three days that underscored raw emotions over the incarceration of a once wildly popular leader who has been engulfed by corruption allegations.

Just hours earlier, da Silva told thousands of supporters that he would surrender to police, but also maintained his innocence and argued his corruption conviction was simply a way for enemies to make sure he doesn't run — and possibly win — re-election in October.

When he first tried to leave to surrender, however, dozens of supporters blocked a gate where a car carrying da Silva was trying to exit.

"Surround, surround (the building) and don't let them arrest him," chanted supporters. After a few minutes of tense words between guards and supporters, the former president got out of the car and entered the metal workers union headquarters where he had been holed up.

Police vehicles surrounded the union that was the birthplace of da Silva's rise to power. Da Silva emerged a second time shortly after nightfall, this time surrounded by bodyguards who pushed back scores of supporters who tried to stop his advance.

The dramatic scene was the latest development in a whirlwind series of days, which began when the Supreme Federal Tribunal, the country's top court, ruled against his petition on Thursday to remain free while he continued to appeal his conviction.

Judge Sergio Moro, who oversees many of the so-called "Car Wash" cases, then ordered an arrest warrant for da Silva, giving him until 5 p.m. Friday to present himself to police in Curitiba, 260 miles southwest of Sao Bernardo do Campo, and begin serving his 12-year sentence.

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PRODUCTIVE GEO-ENGINEERING: China To Spray Chemtrails To Make It Rain Over 620,000 Sq Miles

China has announced plans to make it rain over an area three times the size of Spain, in the biggest geoengineering project to date.

Since 2013, China has created 55 billion tons of artificial rain every year. Now, Chinese authorities intend to force rainfall and snow over 1.6 million sq km (620,000 sq miles) by spraying chemtrails into the sky. reports:

According to media reports, the government will use new military weather-altering technology developed by the state-owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

The country plans to build tens of thousands of combustion chambers on Tibetan mountainsides. The chambers will burn a solid fuel, which will result in a spray of silver iodide billowing towards the sky.

“More than 500 burners have been deployed on alpine slopes in Tibet, Xinjiang and other areas for experimental use. The data we have collected show very promising results,” an unnamed researcher told the Morning Post. “Sometimes snow would start falling almost immediately after we ignited the chamber. It was like standing on the stage of a magic show,” he said.

The Tibetan plateau is vital to the water supply for much of China and a large area of Asia. Its glaciers and reservoirs feed the Yellow, Yangtze, Mekong, and other major rivers that flow through China, India, Nepal, and other countries.

Sprayed from planes, the particles will provide something for passing water vapor to condense around, forming clouds. Those clouds will bring the rain. A single cloud-seeding chamber could create a strip of clouds covering a 5km area.

Traditionally, the rainmaking process or “cloud-seeding” means rocket-launching chemicals into clouds which accelerate the creation of ice crystals that eventually become rain. China also uses military aircraft for those purposes. Rainmaking is also a popular way to “clean up” air in China, where heavy smog is a big problem for many cities.

The practice of weather modification has become more frequent across the country in recent years, including for major public events. In 2008, China launched over 1,100 rockets containing silver iodide into Beijing’s skies before the Olympics opening ceremony to disperse clouds and keep the Olympics rain-free. Beijing has a “development plan” for weather modification until 2020.

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Good! Nationalist Hero, Viktor Orban, Wins Third Term In Hungary Election

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban won a third successive term in power during Sunday’s elections (which were never really in doubt). Thanks to the Hungarian electoral system, his 133 seats in parliament will probably land him the supermajority needed to reform the constitution. His coalition partner, the nationalist Jobbik party was bound to win 26 seats so if Mr Orban clings onto his existing coalition he will always have more than 70% of the votes.

A jubilant Mr Orban, who was on course to get some 50% of the votes cast, told supporters: "We have won, Hungary has won a great victory."

"There is a big battle behind us, we have won a crucial victory, giving ourselves a chance to defend Hungary."

By projecting himself as the savior of Hungary's Christian culture against possible Muslim migration into Europe, Mr Orban took the overwhelming vote from the rural areas.

The smaller leftwing parties mostly garnered their support in the cities, gaining nine and eight seats respectively.

The other nationalist leaders of Europe were quick to congratulate Mr Orban. In France, Ms Marine Le Pen stated: "Great and clear victory for Viktor Orban in Hungary: reversal of values and mass immigration as promoted by the EU are rejected again. Nationalists could win a majority in Europe at the next European elections in 2019."

Asked by European journalists after his win whether he was indeed fighting the European Union, as many proclaim, Mr Orban responded: "The EU is not in Brussels. The EU is in Berlin, in Budapest, in Prague and in Bucharest."

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Subjugated & Cucked: London To Ban Knives Because Psycho Migrants Are Using Them To Stab People


Last week, TheBlaze reported the number of murders in London - a once peaceful safe city just a decade ago - surpassed the number of murders in New York City in February and March for the first time in modern history. The murders were mostly carried out in stabbing attacks with knives.

What the mainstream media refuses to report is most of these knife attacks are committed by migrants.

Now, London Mayor Sadiq Khan is taking action — by implementing knife control.

In response to the spike in crime, Khan deployed over 300 additional London police officers to the city’s most crime-ridden neighborhoods to stop and search anyone they suspect is carrying a knife. In the U.S., such policies are very controversial and possibly violate the Fourth Amendment, but in England, police are able to stop and search anyone they suspect is carrying a knife.

The “tough, immediate” measures also ban home deliveries of knives and acid, two of the most common weapons in London today (imagine my shock).

Also, Khan has established a “violent crime task force” with 120 officers that will “focus solely on violent crime, weapon-enabled crime and serious criminality.” He’s also investing more than $150 million in London’s police department and $50 million in a youth program designed to steer youth away from violent crime.

“No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law,” Khan wrote on Twitter, sharing his new policies.

According to United Kingdom law, it is illegal for any U.K .resident to carry “without good reason” a knife with a folding blade larger than three inches. Using a knife in a “threatening way” is also illegal.

Adults found guilty of violating the knife laws are subject to four years in prison.

Cucked PR peice:

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Here They Go Again! Israeli Warplanes Start Bombing Syria After 3rd or 4th False Flag Gas Attack

(1) (Syrian CrISIS & European Destabilization Project)
(2) (Syrian CrISIS: The Busted Bad Actors)
(3) (Can't Mossad The Assad / Bad Actors Lose)
(4) (Cleanup / Bad Actor Exposure)
(5) (Mainstream Media Forced To Expose Bad Actors)
(6) (Blowback: Good Actors Now In Full Control)
(7) (Cleanup / More Bad Actor Exposure)
(8) (Declassified CIA Report Reveals Plan To Destabilize Syria)
(9) (James Mattis Admits No Evidence Assad Used Chemical Weapons!)
(10) (US Continues War Mongering Buffoonery)
(11) (Russia Providing Humanitarian Aid To Syria)
(12) (US/Israel Deploying Warships To Strike Syria Before Next False Flag)
(13) (Syrian Forces Intercept Truckload Of Weapons & Ammo En-Route To Terrorists)
(14) (Neo-con Zionists Thwart Troop Pullout of Syria)

Russia and Syria say Israeli warplanes struck an air base in the Syrian province of Homs and that Syrian air defense systems shot down five of eight missiles fired.

The Interfax news agency cited the Russian Defence Ministry as saying Monday that two Israeli F-15 warplanes carried out strikes from Lebanese air space on the T-4 air base on Sunday.

"Two F-15 planes of the Israeli army hit the airbase between 03:25 am and 03:53 am Moscow time (0025 GMT and 0053 GMT) with the help of eight missiles controlled remotely from Lebanese territory, without entering Syrian air space," Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

The Russian military noted that Syrian air defense systems had shot down five of the eight missiles fired.

Earlier, Syria's official SANA news agency reported that the US was suspected of launching a missile attack on the T-4 military airport in Homs that killed and wounded several people after US President Donald Trump promised a “big price” to be paid for what he said was a chemical weapons attack in the Arab country.

The Syrian state media later reported that the deadly attack was carried out by Israeli warplanes.

"The Israeli attack on the T-4 airport was carried out with F-15 aircraft that fired several missiles from above Lebanese territory," a Syrian military source was quoted by SANA.

The US and France had vowed a "strong, joint response" to the allegation of the chemical attack, which came in the wake of the Syrian Army's push to drive out last remnants of terrorists from Douma.

The alleged chemical attack on Saturday in the militant-held town of Douma in the Eastern Ghouta region left dozens dead and drew international condemnation from various countries and international bodies.

Damascus, in a statement released late on Saturday, strongly rejected the allegation of using chemical munitions and said that the so-called Jaish al-Islam Takfiri terrorist group, which has dominant presence in Douma, was repeating the accusations “in order to accuse the Syrian Arab army, in a blatant attempt to hinder the Army’s advance.”

Moscow also rejected the accusations against the Syrian government as bogus reports and warned of consequences of an attack on Damascus.

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Another Murder By Big Pharma: Body Of CDC Doctor Who Exposed Flu Shot Found Floating In River

The body of the missing CDC doctor who controversially warned that this year’s “disastrous” flu shot was responsible for the deadly flu epidemic (, was found in an Atlanta river on Tuesday evening.

Dr. Timothy J. Cunningham, 35, a team lead with CDC’s Division of Population Health, went missing on February 12th, according to Atlanta police, with family and police desperate for answers regarding his sudden disappearance.

Today police confirmed that his remains were pulled from the Chattahoochee River on April 3rd after being found by fishermen. He was found face up and covered in mud:

An autopsy has confirmed that the body belonged to the missing doctor.

In January, Dr. Cunningham shared his opinion that this year’s flu shot was behind the deadly outbreak of the flu, while warning that if his name was attached to the widely-circulated quotes, he would lose his job – or suffer an even worse fate.

Fulton County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Gorniak said on Thursday that they have not yet ruled out the possibility that Dr. Cunningham was murdered, and are waiting for more witnesses to come forward before they conclude their investigation.

It is also not yet known how Cunningham’s body ended up in its final location.

“We may never be able to tell you how he got into the river,” Major Michael O’Connor told reporters during a press conference.

“We’re open to the idea that somebody could come forth with information that we have not previously been privy to.”

AOL reports:

Cunningham, a highly regarded epidemiologist at the CDC, disappeared without a trace after he left work mid-day in February, complaining of feeling ill.

After Cunningham failed to report to work or contact his family for two days following his disappearance, his parents, Terrell and Tia-Juana Cunningham, drove down to Georgia from their house in Maryland to check on their son.

When they arrived at his Atlanta home on Feb. 14, the couple found their son’s phone, keys, wallet, car and dog, with no trace of him in sight.

The unusual circumstances surrounding Cunningham’s disappearance baffled authorities for weeks until his remains were discovered on Tuesday.

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Zionist Neo-cons Leak Situation Room Talk Between Trump and His Top General Regarding Syrian Withdrawal

A confrontation in the Situation Room with President Trump and his most senior military commander has been leaked.

President Trump’s recent announcement that he would be pulling troops out of Syria “very soon” has revealed a major source of tension between the president and his generals.

This week, Trump held a summit in his White House situation room on how to get US troops out of Syria but there has been an astonishing breach.

Chairman of Joint chief of Staff, Marine General Joseph Dunford, clashed over what to do about Syria with Dunford reprimanding the President- so Trump demanded an immediate pull-out.

Both Dunford and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis went head to head with Trump on pulling out of Syria in the Situation Room encounter.

Talks with the CIA were also leaked, which is bound to increase tensions in Washington over Syria.

The Mail Online reports:

Five officials brief the Associated Press on that happened as Gen Dunford told him his approach was ‘unproductive’ and demanded that he issue ‘specific instructions’ on how to proceed.

And the Washington Post detailed how Trump demanded of its head of drone operations – an official whose name is a secret – why operators had waited until a terrorist had left his family’s home before killing him.

The two leaks will serve to increase tensions in Washington over Syria.

Trump on Tuesday said ‘I want to get out. I want to bring our troops back home,’ and later that day held the meeting in the situation room.

Trump’s desire for a rapid withdrawal faced unanimous opposition from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon, the State Department and the intelligence community, all of which argued that keeping the 2,000 U.S. soldiers currently in Syria is key to ensuring the Islamic State does not reconstitute itself.

But as they huddled in the Situation Room, the president was vocal and vehement in insisting that the withdrawal be completed quickly if not immediately, according to five administration officials briefed on Tuesday’s White House meeting of Trump and his top aides.

The officials weren’t authorized to discuss internal deliberations and requested anonymity.

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 8

Zionist Neo-con Nikki Haley Hooting For War Against Russia

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The US ambassador to the UN has warned that Russia will “never be America’s friend” and that Moscow can try to behave “like a regular country,” but the US will “slap them when we need to”

Nikki Haley’s latest take on US-Russia relations stands out even among her most rabid Russiaphobic ramblings.

Speaking at Duke University in North Carolina on Friday, she admitted that friendly relations with Russia is an unlikely prospect, adding that the Trump team has done more against Moscow than any other administration since Ronald Reagan’s tenure.

RT reports: Russia’s never going to be our friend,” Haley told students at a Q&A session, responding to a question about “holding Russia accountable” for alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The diplomat said Washington still works with Moscow “when we need to, and we slap them when we need to.”

She then raised the stakes further: “Everybody likes to listen to the words. I’m going to tell you – look at the actions,” Haley urged. “We expelled 60 Russian diplomats/spies, we have armed Ukraine so that they can defend themselves,” she added.

According to the UN envoy, the US is doing “two things Russia would never want us to do,” namely enlarging the military and expanding its energy policy. “So, this president has done more against Russia than any president since Reagan,” she asserted.

“You haven’t seen the end of what this administration will do to Russia. You will continue to see that play out,” she stressed.

Cooling down the degree of Russia-bashing in her speech, Haley said the US and Russia do cooperate on Afghanistan and Africa, looking out for areas of mutual interest. Meanwhile, she claimed, “our relations with Russia depend solely on Russia.”

However, the Russian leadership can make life easier “if they decide to be a good actor and deal in the international community like regular countries,” the ambassador noted, adding that “they will see more countries want to work with them.”

The topic of Russia-bashing and Moscow’s alleged interference in US democratic processes seems far away from dwindling, despite no solid evidence being presented so far to the public. Moscow has repeatedly brushed off the claims. “Until we see facts, everything else will be just blather,” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in Munich last month.

However, there could be signs of improvement on the horizon. Donald Trump has recently suggested meeting Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Washington, DC. In March, he said the two leaders “will be meeting in the not too distant future to discuss the arms race which is getting out of control.” Putin and Trump have so far met twice.

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Parkland Shooting Hero Who Helped Save Lives Blames Sheriff, Corrupt School System For Ordering Stand Downs

FALSE FLAG EVIDENCE: (Active Shooter Drills, Multiple Shooters Witnessed, FBI Was Aware of Killer) (Trump Blasts FBI For Not Taking Action Against Parkland Shooter) (Citizen Journalist Blows Truth About Parkland Shooting Wide Open) (FBI and Cops Warned Multiple Times About Shooter, Deputies Stood Down During Shooting) (Local Police and FBI Knew of Shooter's Social Media Threats, Did Nothing) (Emergency Medical Teams Ordered To STAND DOWN After Shooting, While Students Bled Out And Died) (Police Radio Recordings Prove Cover Up and Much More...) (Authorities Had All The Evidence To Prevent This Shooting, Stood Down) (Busted! Soros Paid March For Our Lives Protestors $300 Each) (DC Metropolitan Police Admit ‘March For Our Lives’ Was Planned BEFORE Florida School Shooting)

Parkland shooting victim Anthony Borges slammed Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Superintendent Robert Runcie for failing "on so many levels" leading up to the February 14 massacre that left 17 students and teachers dead, reports CBS Miami via The Red Elephants.

“To Sheriff Israel of the Broward Sheriff’s Office and Robert Runcie, the Superintendent of schools in Broward, I want to thank you for visiting me at the hospital, but I want to say that both of you failed us, students, teachers and parents alike, on so many levels,” read Borges's attorney Alex Arreaza.

Borges is being hailed as a hero for saving the lives of 20 classmates for attempting to close and lock a classroom door during the shooting - taking five bullets in the process.

The 15-year-old shooting victim also criticized school officials for allowing self-confessed gunman Nikolas Cruz to continue to attend school even after realizing he was a threat.

“I want to ask you today to end your policy and agreement that you will not arrest people committing crimes in our school,” read Borges's statement, a reference to the Broward County's "Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Support & Education Program" (PROMISE) - designed to allow students who commit crimes to receive counseling and other treatment instead of facing jail time. While Cruz was not part of the PROMISE program, the Borges family expressed concerns over its existence.

Borges also wrote to the families of the deceased;

“They were not as fortunate to survive as I was. I don’t know why I survived and they didn’t but I will tell you that my family and I will dedicate our lives to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. To the other injured, I hope you are recovering well. We have the responsibility to tell the world what happened here."

While the Borges's say they are grateful for the hero label bestowed upon Anthony, they would like to see that end. Instead, the family would like people to focus on the failures within the system that allowed law enforcement to miss warning signs on Cruz.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 8

DHS Creates Database To Track Journalists, Bloggers, Media Influencers, Calls Critics "Conspiracy Theorists"

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to track the vast networks of journalists, bloggers and other "media influencers" through a massive, searchable database that will allow them to monitor "any and all" trends in real time, according to a publicly posted job listing.

Apparently the NSA doesn't share their toys with DHS...

The DHS "Media Monitoring" initiative is currently seeking a contractor who can provide DHS with the ability to track over 290,000 global news sources in more than 100 languages - including online, print, bradcast, cable, radio, trade and industry publications, traditional news sources and social media platforms.

“Services shall provide media comparison tools, design and rebranding tools, communication tools, and the ability to identify top media influencers,” according to the job call, in order to help DHS agencies fulfill "a critical need to incorporate these functions into their programs in order to better reach federal, state, local, tribal, and private partners."

The department's "Statement of Work for Media Monitoring Services" requires the following:

Online & Social Media Monitoring

Ability to track global online sources for coverage relevant to Washington and the six media hubs:

• Ability to track > 290,000 global news sources
• Ability to track online, print, broadcast, cable, radio, trade and industry publications, local sources, national/international outlets, traditional news sources, and social media
• Ability to track media coverage in > 100 languages, including Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Translation function to instantly translate these articles to English.
• Ability to create up to 20 searches with each unlimited keywords
• Unlimited coverage per search (no cap on coverage)
• Ability to change the searches at keywords at any given time
• Ability to create unlimited data tracking, statistical breakdown, and graphical analyses on any coverage on an ad-hoc basis

Database of journalists, editors, correspondents, social media influencers, bloggers, etc.

The chosen contractor must be able to develop a "password protected, media influencer database" which can perform searches in various languages, and present contact details and any other information that could be relevat, including publications that this influencer writes for, and an overview of the previous cvoverage published by the media influencer."

In response to what many suggest are Orwellian monitoring of media influencers, DHS Press Secretary Tyler Houlton issued a response on Friday which justifies the program's legitimacy and alleges that the project's goals are "standard practice."

Despite what some reporters may suggest, this is nothing more than the standard practice of monitoring current events in the media. Any suggestion otherwise is fit for tin foil hat wearing, black helicopter conspiracy theorists.

— Tyler Q. Houlton (@SpoxDHS) April 6, 2018

Absent blindly trusting Houlton, we've been given no indication as to how the Trump administration - or future administrations, might use the massive tracking database. Oh, but we know exactly how this will turn out in police state USSA.

R: 12 / I: 16 / P: 8

Trump Threatens $100 Billion More In Tariffs, Warns Market of Turbulence, China Could Cut Off Rare Earth Minerals

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President Donald Trump on Thursday directed U.S. trade officials to identify tariffs on $100 billion more Chinese imports, upping the ante in an already high-stakes trade confrontation between the world’s two largest economies.

The further tariffs were being considered “in light of China’s unfair retaliation” against earlier U.S. trade actions, which included a proposed $50 billion of tariffs on Chinese goods, Trump said in a White House statement.

“This is what a trade war looks like, and what we have warned against from the start,” said National Retail Federation President and CEO Matthew Shay.

“We are on a dangerous downward spiral and American families will be on the losing end,” Shay added in a statement, urging Trump “to stop playing a game of chicken with the U.S. economy.”

Moments ago, Trump himself confirmed that when in a radio interview on Friday morning, the president said that U.S. markets could face some “pain’’ from the trade standoff with China and other countries, but - like on Wednesday - asserted that in the long-run, Americans would be better off due to his protectionist actions.

Speaking on WABC Radio's “Bernie & Sid in the Morning’’ program, Trump said "I’m not saying there won’t be a little pain so we might lose a little of it but we’re going to have a much stronger country when we’re finished, and that’s what I’m all about.’

"We have to do things that other people wouldn’t do. So we may take a hit, but you know what, ultimately we’re going to be much stronger for it,’’ Trump said during the radio interview on Friday. “It’s something we had to do, and ultimately if you take a look it’s not only trade with China - it’s everybody."

To be sure, stocks have fluctuated dramatically in the past few weeks when Trump drastically intensified trade actions and jawboning against several countries, mostly China. Indicating that he is willing to accept some notable losses in the S&P, Trump said in the interview Friday that “the market’s gone up 40% or 42%.” Which suggests that the president would be ok with a drop of 20% or so if it means winning trade war against China.

R: 14 / I: 8 / P: 8

Feds V&

"On Friday an electronic sticker was slapped onto the online classified ad site, stating it has been seized by the FBI, U.S. postal inspectors and the IRS."

Friday night Dart told the ABC7 I-Team he is "ecstatic that after many years a website involved with sex trafficking, child trafficking and prostitution has been shut down."

Who's next, lads?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 8

Communist Government Arrested US Journalist, Federal Trial Could Have Massive Implications on Free Press

It began as a $280 citation for using a video camera in a courthouse.

But to Gary Gileno, at stake was much more than the couple hundred bucks he was told to pay.

An attorney for the anti-illegal immigration activist and prolific YouTuber told a judge Friday that the four-hour trial over the fine was really about preventing government abuse of power, protecting the rights of journalists and ensuring that citizens can hold public officials accountable.

"If he is convicted … it'll chill speech, it'll chill journalism, it'll say the federal government has a superpower to do whatever it wants," attorney William Becker said. "This is unprecedented. This is what we expect to see in a police state."

The unusual legal battle came after Gileno, 32, tried to bring a video camera into a meeting of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission last year. California law specifically allows the public to use recording devices at such meetings, but the commission's meeting in August was held at a federal appellate court building where filming is prohibited.

Someone just detained at federal courthouse, where public Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission meeting takin place, 4 trying 2 take pic

— Maya Lau 🦅 (@mayalau) August 24, 2017

The commission, a civilian panel set up to monitor the Sheriff's Department and listen to public concerns about the agency, had been gathering in different locations around the county since it began meeting in January 2017. This was the first time commissioners had met at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals building in Pasadena.

As Gileno entered the courthouse, deputy U.S. marshals told him he had to leave his camera in his car. Gileno insisted he had a right to record the meeting under the First Amendment and the state's open meetings law, known as the Brown Act, and began filming the officers.

They responded by handcuffing and detaining him for about an hour.

After Gileno was cited, Robert C. Bonner, a former federal judge who chairs the commission, told The Times he wasn't aware of certain provisions of the state's open meetings law and relied on the county's lawyers for legal advice.

Rather than pay the fine, Gileno opted to take his case to trial, facing a penalty of up to a $10,000 fine and 30 days in jail if found guilty.

Gileno, who began his YouTube career after showing up at his local council meeting in West Covina, said he has made a living off of his channel in recent years. His copious videos — 3,237 and counting — focus primarily on denouncing illegal immigration and promoting supporters of President Trump. His criminal case may have been a boon for his channel — a recent screed on his own prosecution was viewed more than 10,000 times.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 8

USSA's Societal Breakdown Quickens As New Fads Include Eating Toxic Tide Pods And Sniffing Condoms

When I first heard about kids eating Tide pods — which, admittedly, was not that long ago — I was stunned, of course, but shook it off as just the latest sign of American pop-culture decay that has been trending the wrong way for decades.

I’ve been rewarded for my callousness by something even more shocking to my psyche: Kids snorting condoms.

Not even kidding.

“The exact origin of this trend is unknown,” notes The Free Thought Project, “but in recent weeks teens across the country have been snorting condoms and putting the footage on YouTube to catch their 15 minutes of fame — or perhaps 15 minutes of shame.”

YouTube. Naturally. You can’t learn about various historical, political, or social issues from a conservative standpoint on YouTube without having that content “restricted,” but you can watch an idiot teenager inhale a condom up his or her nose all day long and no one sees anything wrong with that, apparently.

Search the term “condom challenge,” says The Free Thought Project, and you’ll bring up more than 770,000 results on the social media platform.

And no, I’m not going to add one to this story; if you really want to see a kid snort a condom, well, I just told you where to go online and how to find the videos. You’ll have lots to choose from.

But The Free Though Project describes the act itself:

In the stunt, a teen takes a condom up one nostril and attempt to pull it out of their mouth or out of the other nostril. This is actually a trick that has been performed by professionals in sideshows for generations. However, none of these kids are professionals and many of them are getting sick and risking permanent damage to their bodies.

Speaking of the health dangers, experts warn that kids who try this risk damage to the inner lining of their noses. They’re also susceptible to allergic reactions and infections. Sometimes the damage will be structural and could be permanent.

It could even be fatal. Nasal passages lead to the throat, and snorting a condom could lead to an airway obstruction or snort-sucking the thing down into a lung.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 8

US Govt Wasted $60 Million on Inoperable Afghan Power System, While US Infrastructure Crumbles At Home

The U.S. government has spent an estimated $60 million on a high-voltage power system in Afghanistan that remains inoperable because people still reside along the transmission line route, and turning it on “presents life and safety hazards,” an audit by an American watchdog agency found.

In a report released on Thursday, the U.S. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) attributes the system’s problems to “mismanagement” by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in charge of the project.

John Sopko, the head of SIGAR, writes that the agency has paid the Afghan contractor it hired for the project, Zwakman Nabizai Construction Company (ZNCC), an additional $98,000 to ensure the power plant and equipment are locked up and disabled due to safety concerns.

SIGAR reports:

Although [the power system] has been built, USACE’s mismanagement of the contract has resulted in the U.S. government spending almost $60 million on a power transmission project that is not operational because land-acquisition and right-of- way issues have not been resolved, and there was no contract provision to permanently connect the system to a power source.

In addition, the [power] system may be structurally unsound and pose a risk to Afghans who live near transmission towers and lines, or work in the Gulbahar substation.

Despite the USACE’s “ethical concerns with handing over [the power system] to the Afghan government because they are aware that they are handing over an electrical system that presents life and safety hazards,” the U.S. military “transferred it” to Kabul in February of this year.

As of November of last year, Kabul had failed to acquire any of the privately held land needed for the system, known as North East Power System Phase III (NEPS III).

Private owners hold “about 68 percent of the total required for NEPS III,” the inspector general points out, adding:

Nonetheless, USACE issued [the contractor] multiple partial or limited clearances to begin construction of the NEPS III transmission towers, power lines, and substation. ZNCC ultimately built the entire system at a cost of approximately $60 million.

Since the Afghan government has not acquired any privately held land, Afghans still reside, in some instances, directly under transmission lines.

“As a result of this, along with right-of-way issues not being resolved, NEPS III cannot be fully tested and commissioned or become operational,” it adds.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 8

Bahrain Discovers Largest Oil Field With 80 Billion Barrels In Reserves

Bahrain officials have revealed that the tiny gulf kingdom has discovered some 80 billion barrels of shale (otherwise known as tight) oil - the kingdom's largest oil and gas find ever. The field also discovered 14 trillion cubic feet of natural gas beneath an existing field.

Oil Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa said the kingdom has not yet determined how much of the oil can be easily extracted, according to the Associated Press.

The oil fields were discovered in the offshore Khalij al-Bahrain Basin, which covers some 770 square miles in the shallow waters off Bahrain's west coast.

The underwater shale would dwarf the country's existing reserves.

According to figures from the US Energy Administration, Bahrain currently pumps about 45,000 barrels a day from its Bahrain Field. It also shares income from a deposit with Saudi Arabia that produces about 300,000 barrels a day.

"Initial analysis demonstrates the find is at substantial levels, capable of supporting the long-term extraction of tight oil and deep gas," the Sheikh said.

He added during the news conference, which was held in Manama on Wednesday, that Bahrain's National Oil and Gas Authority hoped to lure foreign oil and gas firms to develop the field where the reserves were found, per the BBC.

Bahrain has been pumping oil since 1932 and was among the first Arab Gulf states to extract oil.

According to the Guardian, industry consultants DeGolyer and MacNaughton (Demac) have worked with Bahrain to evaluate the newfound reserves.

"Demac evaluated the reservoir and test data, evaluated volumetric and recovery potential, and provided reports documenting both prospective and contingent resources. This is a project which breaks new ground for the industry," a spokesperson said.

The country has not historically been a major oil producer - but the new field, which officials said could come online within five years, has the potential to dramatically change that. According to the initial estimates, the oil deposits are roughly the size of Russia's oil deposits.

It could also help bolster the sagging Bahrainian economy, which has suffered from low oil prices and unrest among the majority Shia population. The country, like most of its neighbors, is run by a Sunni monarchy, and low oil prices have forced it to cut back on popular government handouts, leading to a some unrest.

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Facebook Is Stealing Hospital Records of Their Users For Advanced Spying Programs

Facebook has asked several major U.S. hospitals to share data about their patients, such as illnesses and prescription info, for a proposed research project. Facebook was intending to match it up with user data it had collected, and help the hospitals figure out which patients might need special care or treatment.

The proposal never went past the planning phases and has been put on pause after the Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal raised public concerns over how Facebook and others collect and use detailed information about Facebook users.

"This work has not progressed past the planning phase, and we have not received, shared, or analyzed anyone's data," a Facebook spokesperson told CNBC.

But as recently as last month, the company was talking to several health organizations, including Stanford Medical School and American College of Cardiology, about signing the data-sharing agreement.

While the data shared would obscure personally identifiable information, such as the patient's name, Facebook proposed using a common computer science technique called "hashing" to match individuals who existed in both sets. Facebook says the data would have been used only for research conducted by the medical community.

The project could have raised new concerns about the massive amount of data Facebook collects about its users, and how this data can be used in ways users never expected.

That issue has been in the spotlight after reports that Cambridge Analytica, a political research organization that did work for Donald Trump, improperly got ahold of detailed information about Facebook users without their permission. It then tried to use this data to target political ads to them.

Facebook said on Wednesday that as many as 87 million people's data might have been shared this way. The company has recently announced new privacy policies and controls meant to restrict the type of data it collects and shares, and how that data can be used.

Led out of Building 8

The exploratory effort to share medical-related data was led by an interventional cardiologist called Freddy Abnousi, who describes his role on LinkedIn as "leading top-secret projects." It was under the purview of Regina Dugan, the head of Facebook's "Building 8" experiment projects group, before she left in October 2017.

Facebook's pitch, according to two people who heard it and one who is familiar with the project, was to combine what a health system knows about its patients (such as: person has heart disease, is age 50, takes 2 medications and made 3 trips to the hospital this year) with what Facebook knows (such as: user is age 50, married with 3 kids, English isn't a primary language, actively engages with the community by sending a lot of messages).

The project would then figure out if this combined information could improve patient care, initially with a focus on cardiovascular health. For instance, if Facebook could determine that an elderly patient doesn't have many nearby close friends or much community support, the health system might decide to send over a nurse to check in after a major surgery.

The people declined to be named as they were asked to sign confidentiality agreements.

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Law Experts Expose Legal Loopholes: Trump Can Build A Border Wall, Despite Congress' Inaction

A conservative legal expert says President Donald Trump has three legal powers to bypass the establishment’s bipartisan opposition to a border wall.

Rachel Bovard is policy director at The Conservative Partnership, which is run by former GOP Sen. Jim DeMint, and she writes in

The first is in Section 102 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA), a law which Congress passed in 1996 and has subsequently amended several times. The law, codified here, gives DHS a clear mandate to construct reinforced fencing along at least 700 miles of the 1,933-mile land border with Mexico.

… [second,] the text of Congress’ recently passed spending bill does give the president flexibility for a very small amount of funding. When it comes to new military construction, in particular, Sec. 8074 expressly allows funding for those deemed “in the interest of national security” — a case that would not be difficult to make given that Mexico’s drug cartels are fueling the opioid trade and played a role in the murder of 29,000 Mexicans last year. Moreover, the section does not require that those funds be approved by Congress, it merely requires that the defense committees receive “prior notification” before they are used.

Finally, Trump could take a page out of President Obama’s playbook and fund the border wall using a trade vehicle — specifically the implementing legislation for a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The fast track law, which governs consideration of trade agreements, contains language allowing the president to include provisions which he deems “strictly necessary or appropriate” to the respective trade agreement. This is the same broad language President Obama used to add Trade Adjustment Assistance to the Korea free trade agreement. Similar provisions were included in the original NAFTA legislation.

Any Trump effort to build a barrier via these alternatives will be met with bipartisan opposition from the pro-migration Democrats and RINO cuckservatives who provided funds in the 2018 omnibus for just 50 miles of border fence.

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78 Year Old Man Arrested For Defending Himself In UK Tyrannical Hellhole

A 78-year-old pensioner in the United Kingdom was arrested and jailed for stabbing an armed robber to death in his home.

From The Telegraph:

A pensioner has been arrested after a suspected burglar was killed during a violent tussle at his home.

…In a statement Scotland Yard said: “At 00:45hrs on Wednesday, 4 April, police were called by a homeowner to reports of a burglary in progress at an address in South Park Crescent, Hither Green SE6, and a man injured.

“The 78-year-old resident found two males inside the address. A struggle ensued between one of the males and the homeowner. The man, aged 37, sustained a stab wound to the upper body.”

The home owner suffered bruising to his arms and his injuries are not life threatening.

Police arrested him on suspicion of grievous bodily harm before then arresting him on suspicion of murder.

He was taken to a south London police station where he remains at this time.

He’s been rotting in jail for over two days.

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NRA Joins Class-action Lawsuit Against Deerfield’s Gun Grabbing Wannabe Despots

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A Chicago suburb is no longer waiting for Illinois lawmakers to pass gun reform.

Deerfield unanimously passed an ordinance that prohibits the possession, manufacture or sale of a range of firearms and large-capacity magazines.

Residents have until June 13 to remove the listed weapons from village limits. Violators face up to $1,000 per day in fines.

The gun rights group, Guns Save Life, is filing a lawsuit, and they're getting support from the National Rifle Association.

"Every law-abiding villager of Deerfield has the right to protect themselves, their homes, and their loved ones with the firearm that best suits their needs,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA-ILA, in a statement. “The National Rifle Association is pleased to assist Guns Save Life in defense of this freedom.”

“We are going to fight this ordinance, which clearly violates our member's constitutional rights, and with the help of the NRA I believe we can secure a victory for law-abiding gun owners in and around Deerfield,” said John Boch, president of Guns Save Life, in a statement.

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Commiefornia Gun Ban, Confiscation Orders Did NOT Prevent YouTube Shooting

California has an “assault weapons” ban and firearm confiscation orders but neither control prevented the Tuesday attack at YouTube’s San Bruno headquarters.

Ironically, “assault weapons” bans and confiscation orders have been put forward as controls needed in the aftermath of the February 14 Parkland school shooting. Gun control proponents also pushed universal background checks and waiting periods following the Parkland attack, but California has both of those too.

In fact, California has some of the most stringent gun controls in the country. The “assault weapons” ban, confiscation orders, universal background checks, and 10-day waiting period are complimented by a requirement that would-be firearm owners acquire a safety certificate from the state, that all firearms be registered with the state, and that law-abiding citizens pursuing a concealed carry permit demonstrate “good cause” for wanting to carry a gun.

Ammunition controls already exist in California, too. These require that Californians only buy ammunition from state-approved vendors and, starting January 1, 2019, will require residents to pass a point-of-sale background check for a box of bullets.

But none of these controls prevented Nasim Aghdam from possessing a handgun with which she injured three then killed herself at YouTube headquarters.

ALL COMMIEFORNIA RELATED: (Schools Sued For Refusing To Teach Children How To Read) (Commiefornia Covers Up Their Polution Levels) (No Right To Bear Arms) (Illegal Alien Felons Protected In Commiefornia, But Not Citizens 1) (Illegal Alien Felons Protected In Commiefornia, But Not Citizens 2) (Cannot Manage Land Properly, Nor Deal With Disasters 1) (Cannot Manage Land Properly, Nor Deal With Disasters 2) (Commiefornia Leads Nation in Poverty Rate 1) (Commiefornia Leads Nation in Poverty Rate 2) (Despotic Draconian Regulations Galore) (Child Rape Legalized In Commiefornia) (Horrific Abusive Healthcare Policies) (Human Excrement To Be Dumped Into Tap Water Supply) (Commiefornia Has Outlawed Poverty, The Poor Are Being Arrested) (Victims Flee Commiefornia In Record Numbers Due To High Housing Costs, High Tax Rates)

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CIA-run Amazon Prime Wants People To Give Them Full Access Into Their Homes

Amazon introduced Amazon Key in October as a system that includes a 'smart door lock', its own Cloud Cam security camera and the Amazon Key app. Using these elements, people can open and close their doors without a key or give a guest a code to enter their homes. But the most interesting -- and controversial -- part of Amazon Key is its in-home delivery capabilities, allowing delivery people to open your door, slide packages inside and then lock the door.

[Well that completely defeats the purpose entry-point security!]

Besides deliveries, Amazon said the service can eventually be used for in-home visits from local businesses on Amazon Home Services, including house cleaners and dog walkers.

[Well that would be completely stupid and annoying as hell!]

Amazon is hoping to use Amazon Key to make itself an even bigger player in smart home technologies, with the company already dominant in smart speakers through its Echo brand. Amazon is focusing on the smart home so it can sell its Prime members new security cameras and smart doorbells, and hopefully convince them to use their Echo speakers for more voice shopping.

[All this 'smart' tech is being used to spy on consumers and sell their data of-course!]

As is typical of the secretive company (or government-run company), Amazon hasn't disclosed any specific figures on how many customers have adopted or used Amazon Key.

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In Big Blow To Zionists & Neo-con Globalists, Turkey Flips East Partnering With Russia-Iran

The leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran met in Ankara for talks yesterday as they cemented their unlikely alliance overSyria in a challenge to US and western influence in the region.

President Putin, President Erdogan and President Rouhani vowed to work together to create a 'lasting ceasefire', build a hospital for wounded civilians in Eastern Ghouta, and allow refugees to return home.

But the deepening ties between the trio will be a concern to the US as its ability to influence the future of the country wains and President Trump openly mulls pulling troops out and dropping support for the Kurds.

Since the cold war Russia and Iran have been allies in their opposition to the United States and both are strong military and political backers of Syria.

Now Turkey has joined their efforts to protect Assad because it wants to crush US-backed Kurdish forces massing on its border.

Turkey and Russia have also been drawn together after President Erdogan announced his country would be purchasing Russian arms.

The deal $2.5 billion for the S-400 sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles, signed at the end of last year, came despite Turkey's membership of Nato.

The countries are now cooperating on Syrian peace efforts as well as projects in the defense industry and energy sectors, including $20 billion deal to build Turkey's first nuclear power station, which began construction yesterday.

Russia is Iran's major supplier of arms and last year the two nations signed a $30 billion energy co-operation deal.

Through these deals Russia now finds itself in the position of having influence in Turkey as well as Iran.

Those two countries themselves exert huge influence beyond their borders.

The EU likes to blame Turkey for the refugee / amnesty crisis, but in reality the EU has pressured Turkey to help Islamic invaders flood into Europe. And let us not forget it is the EU that is pushing for open borders in the first place. Propaganda BTFO!

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Bad Karma: YouTube Employees Suddenly On Front Lines of Shooting War They Started Via Censorship, Speech Oppression

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A shooting at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, turned out to be the work of an angry Youtuber who was censored and demonetized by YouTube, after which she sought to murder YouTube employees in an act of revenge. See the full details about Nasim Aghdam / Nasima Sabz at this link.

Nasim Aghdam was no typical “shooter.” She was a left-wing Farsi-speaking vegan into auras, fitness and the vegan food pyramid. On her website, she railed against YouTube for censoring her channel and reducing her earnings — something YouTube has deliberately done to tens of thousands of content channels, including my own now-terminated channel, “TheHealthRanger” (which was terminated without warning or justification).

As this event first began to unfold, I immediately wondered, “Is this a revenge shooting from someone whose content channel was banned by YouTube?” At first, the media reported this was some deranged girlfriend targeting her boyfriend who worked at YouTube, but as more facts have emerged, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. This was, we now know, the first known case of a censored Youtuber escalating the war on free speech into a kinetic response (i.e. an attempted mass shooting).

YouTube is an evil corporation that’s censoring many voices of reason, truth and liberty… and now YouTube employees find themselves on the front lines of a shooting war.

YouTube, you see, is on a tyrannical censorship crusade to silence all independent voices. Even Nasim Aghdam, as crazy as she may be in other ways, saw that she was being systematically censored by YouTube to silence her views (which, granted, may have been a little twisted, but if she had simply been allowed to vent on a public video channel, she would have had no reason to seek revenge against YouTube in the first place).

As more and more people are coming to realize, this systematic censorship of freedom of expression by YouTube is an act of war against the freedom to speak, as it violates the first and most important divine right set out in the Bill of Rights: Freedom of Speech. As with all such acts of war, it will eventually spawn repercussions from those whose lives are being adversely affected (or even ruined) by YouTube’s assault on free speech. This is precisely what we witnessed today with the YouTube shooting. It’s not excuse for the shooting, of course, but rather an attempt to try to understand the mental state and twisted justifications of the shooter herself. The important thing to realize is that she’s probably not alone in her convictions.

Although I never endorse the use of violence to resolve such conflicts, it is worth noting that in an age when YouTube is engaged in massive information warfare and censorship to defraud the United States, steal the election and overthrow our Constitutional Republic, sooner or later someone is likely to escalate that war into a kinetic phase.

YouTube employees suddenly realize they are in the line of fire as the lives they destroy seek revenge against them.

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What The Mainstream Media Will NOT Tell You About Russia

Globalist media outlets and politicians repeatedly spread disinformation about Russian President Vladimir Putin in an attempt to undermine, weaken and subjugate Russia.

Here are 7 ways in which Putin has changed Russia for the greater good and why he represents a very real threat to the New World Order:

GDP GREW 10-FOLD (1000%) FROM 1999 to 2013: Under Putin, Russian GDP grew from $200 billion in 1999 to over $2 trillion by 2013 when Russia became the 5th largest economy in the world (by PPP GDP).

REDUCED THE DEBT: While the US debt-to-GDP grew from 56% to 105% between 1999 and 2017, Putin did the opposite: he reduced Russia’s debt from 100% to 18% of GDP. There are now more than 160 countries in the world that have higher debt-GDP ratios than Russia! This is a phenomenal achievement.

VASTLY INCREASED FOREIGN & GOLD RESERVES: Russia had virtually no foreign exchange reserves and very little gold reserves when Putin took office. He replenished the coffer and made the Russian economy quite immune to downturns and attacks from Wall Street shysters. Russia now has the 6th largest foreign exchange reserves as well as the 6th largest gold reserves in the world.

AN ECONOMY STRONG ENOUGH TO WITHSTAND US/EU SANCTIONS: There is no better testimony to the strength of the Russian economy than how it not only survived the US/EU sanctions and the huge drop in oil price (65% drop from 2014 to 2016) for the last four years, but came out stronger. Throughout 2014, 2015 and even 2016, western pundits kept assuring us that Russia would collapse any moment.

Alas, all their gloom and doom predictions failed to materialize. In 2017, Russian economy grew 1.4%; its inflation is less than 3%; and, in 2018, it will actually have a budget surplus (while the US will have close to $1 trillion of deficit). Putin’s prudent and conservative financial values have made Russia strong and stable.

When the US stopped Exxon from working on the Arctic project, Putin partnered with China (for money) and France (for technology) and completed the liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Yamal. And he also completed in Moscow a new skyscraper, which will be one of the tallest in Europe.

Under Putin, Russia has set records in grain production and has become #1 in export of wheat, which again is quite an accomplishment considering where Russia was in 2000 (see picture below). Putin has smartly rejected GMO and wants to make Russia the premier exporter of organic food.

PUTIN MADE RUSSIA A GLOBAL/GEOPOLITICAL POWER: According to the US media, Putin is a thug, a tyrant, a killer, a Hitler and every other sensational adjective the media normally uses for the enemies of the Empire. However, if Russia is so poor and Putin is so evil, how come all the global leaders schmooze with him and visit Moscow on a regular basis?

— The Japanese leader, Shinzo Abe, has met with Putin 20 times;
— when Macron became the new leader of France in 2017, the first foreign leader to visit France was Putin;
— Germany’s President visited Putin in 2017 and spoke out against the sanctions;
— Israel’s Netanyahu has visited Putin twice in the last year;
— long-time geopolitical enemy Saudi Arabia made peace and its king visited Russia for the first time in 2017;
— even Russophobic UK sent its foreign minister, Boris Johnson, to Russia in late 2017 for the first time in four years.

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Obama-era Democrat Charged With Sex Trafficking & Torture

Texas Democrat, Attorney Mark Benavides, has been found guilty on six counts of sex trafficking and torture by a judge in San Antonio.

Mark Benavides, a powerful Democrat who ran for the 186th District Court in 2014 during the Obama administration, was accused by federal law enforcement of trading his legal services as an attorney for sex with vulnerable young women and then secretly filming the ordeals. reports:

The clients of Benavides were all criminals such as prostitutes and drug addicts, all of whom were granted his services by trial judges via court-appointed attorney programs. Benevides would then promise the women that if they allowed him to engage in erotic sex that sometimes included physical torture, that he would offer them a legitimate defense in the courtroom.

Throughout the trial, the San Antonio Police Department’s Detective Manual Morales testified that during one of the search warrant executions at Benavides’ homes they discovered an enormous treasure-trove of digital video recordings which depicted Benavides in scenes of sexual gratification for the perverse Attorney who forced his clients into such ordeals.

Morales said police found 246 total “pornographic DVDs” inside of a filing cabinet in the home, and each of those contained videos or Benavides and those female clients.

Some of the content on the explicit videos had such graphic scenes, that one of the female jurors fainted as the group of twelve left the courtroom on Tuesday after being forced to watch them.

The sex-romps with the clients occurred at numerous locations, according to police, with some of the videos being recorded in both jury boxes and courtrooms, as the former clients also testified to, where Benavides had his clients after-hours, and others have occurred inside of various motel rooms across the state.

Benavides Attorneys during the trial had initially requested the trial be moved from San Antonio to Floresville, since the attorney was so widely renown in the area, and the trial had made headlines across the city.

Both the Prosecution and Defense finished their closing arguments on Tuesday before the jury made their decision after four hours of reviewing the case and finding Benavides guilty on all six counts.

Each of the charges against Benavides will carry between 25 and 99 years in a state penitentiary, where it’s expected he will serve out the remainder of his life behind bars.

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Good! Migrant Caravan Abandons Plan to Flood US Border As US National Guard Stationed Around Border

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A caravan of Central American migrants whose trek across Mexico infuriated President Donald Trump has decided not to travel to the US border, leaders said Tuesday.

"We will wrap up our work in Mexico City," said Irineo Mujica, the head of the migrant advocacy group People Without Borders (Pueblo sin Fronteras).

"We have support teams at the border if there are people who need assistance there, but they would have to travel on their own," he told AFP in the town of Matias Romero, in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca.

The just over 1,000 migrants who currently make up the caravan -- many traveling in families of up to 20 people -- have been camped in the southern town since the weekend, deciding their next move in the face of daily attacks from Trump.

The Republican president vowed to send the US military to secure the border and threatened to axe the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) if Mexico did not stop the caravan.

President Donald Trump is directing the National Guard to protect the southwestern border of the country, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Wednesday.

Trump plans to sign a proclamation Wednesday directing the Defense Department and Homeland Security Department to work with governors to deploy National Guard units to the border, Nielsen said.

Mexican authorities have already deported approximately 400 marchers, while the rest will be given either a 20-day transit visa through Mexico to return home, or a 30-day humanitarian visa for those who want to apply for asylum in Mexico.

Everyone else was encouraged to take a humanitarian visa in Mexico, a document allowing them to travel in Mexico for 10 to 20 days, or document giving them permission to stay in the country for 30 days to file an immigration claim. They will not go beyond Mexico City.

— Adolfo Flores (@aflores) April 3, 2018

Some in the United States think the notion of Central American refugees seeking asylum in the United States after passing through Mexico is laughable - considering Mexico's "working" asylum system.

Mark Kirkorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based think tank that favors more immigration restrictions, said that any migrant from Honduran who tries to enter the U.S. from Mexico should forfeit their claim to be seeking asylum. -WSJ

“I’m sorry, but you are not seeking refuge from persecution if you are passing through 1,000 miles of Mexico, a country that has a working asylum system, and trying to reach the U.S.,” Mr. Kirkorian said.

Caravan organizer Irineo Mujica said that around 70% of the immigrants want to stay in Mexico if they receive their papers to stay and work there - and that many have family living in the country.

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Treasonous Despots In Deerfield, Illinois Violate 2nd Amendment, Threaten Citizens With Gun Confiscation And Legal Fines


The Chicago suburb of Deerfield, Illinois, is giving residents 60 days to get rid of their so-called “assault weapons” [semi-autos] and “high capacity” magazines and empowering the police chief to confiscate them from those who refuse to give them up.

Deerfield previously allowed ownership of such firearms and magazines but had strict storage requirements in place for them. Now, the firearms and magazines will be considered "illegal" to posses in one’s home, even if properly stored.

The Chicago Tribune reports the “new ordinance prohibits the possession, sale and manufacturing of certain types of assault weapons and large capacity magazines within the village.” Those in violation of the ordinance will face fines of $250 to $1,000 per day.

Deerfield’s original “assault weapons” ban, including storage requirements. was instituted in 2013.

Section 15-91 of the ordinance states, “The Chief of Police or his or her designee shall have the power to confiscate any assault weapon of any person charged with a violation under this article. The Chief of Police shall cause to be destroyed each Assault Weapon or Large Capacity Magazine surrendered or confiscated pursuant to this Article.”

The ordinance does not state whether police will regularly knock on doors and enter homes to check in closets and under beds for “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines. Hopefully if they do go door to door, they drop dead like flies!

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Good! Gun Sales Start To Skyrocket, Yet Again

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Background checks for gun sales shattered a record in March while celebrities and Parkland gun control activists pushed for more restrictions on Second Amendment rights.

The previous record for March was 2,523,265 background checks in 2016, but FBI numbers show there were 2,767,699 background checks in March 2018.

There were 19 consecutive months wherein background check records were broken during the Obama administration. That string of record months began with May 2015 and ended with November 2016. Every month a record was set regarding background checks for that particular month.

The number of background checks declined from record numbers by 500,000 in December 2016. But Breitbart News pointed out that even with the 500,000 decrease, December 2016 remained one of the top three Decembers of all time. Only December 2015 and 2012 surpassed it.

Background checks have not been moving at a record-breaking pace during the Trump administration, and this was largely believed to be the result of a lack of any real threat of gun control. Then came the February 14 Parkland school shooting–and the gun control activism that followed–and Americans had reason to fear more laws once more.

On March 28, 2018, Breitbart News predicted that the Parkland gun control activists would drive Americans toward the Second Amendment instead of away from it. Reports of the Second Amendment Foundation’s surge in membership, skyrocketing donations to the NRA PAC during the month of February, and now, record-breaking background checks in March, bolster that prediction.

R: 10 / I: 4 / P: 10

Trump Claims US to Leave Syrian Battlefield Very Soon

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(8) (Declassified CIA Report Reveals Plan To Destabilize Syria)
(9) (James Mattis Admits No Evidence Assad Used Chemical Weapons!)
(10) (US Continues War Mongering Buffoonery)
(11) (Russia Providing Humanitarian Aid To Syria)
(12) (US/Israel Deploying Warships To Strike Syria Before Next False Flag)
(13) (Syrian Forces Intercept Truckload Of Weapons & Ammo En-Route To Terrorists)

US President Donald Trump insisted Thursday that US forces would pull out of Syria “very soon” and lamented what he said was Washington’s waste of $7 trillion in Middle East wars.

In a populist address to industrial workers in Ohio, Trump said US forces were close to securing all of the territory that the Islamic State jihadist group once claimed.

“We’ll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon. Let the other people take care of it now,” he promised, to applause.

Trump did not say who the others were who might take care of Syria, but Russia and Iran have sizable forces in the country to support Bashar Assad’s regime.

“Very soon — very soon we’re coming out. We’re going to have 100 percent of the caliphate, as they call it — sometimes referred to as ‘land’ — taking it all back quickly, quickly,” he said.

“But we’re going to be coming out of there real soon. Going to get back to our country, where we belong, where we want to be.”

The United States has more than 2,000 military personnel in eastern Syria, ALLEDGEDLY 'working with local militia groups to defeat the extremist Islamic State group.' Take that with the upmost skeptism, this could be more political jester.

The comments of a US withdrawal will likely raise fears in Israel (we all know the real reasons why).

“We spent $7 trillion in the Middle East. And you know what we have for it? Nothing,” Trump declared, promising to focus future US spending on building jobs and infrastructure at home.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 10

China Announces New Tariffs on 106 US Products, Including Soybeans

China announced additional tariffs on 106 U.S. products on Wednesday, in a move likely to heighten global concerns of a tit-for-tat trade war between the world's biggest economies.

The effective start date for the new charges was not announced, though China's Ministry of Commerce said the tariffs are designed to target up to $50 billion of U.S. products annually.

The 25 percent levy on U.S. imports includes products such as soybeans, cars and whiskey, Beijing said. The full list can be found here:

With US stock futures plunging toward their Wednesday lows following China's decision to strike back against the US by announcing 25% tariffs on on some $50 billion of US imports, including soybeans, airplanes, cars and chemicals, as the news revived fears of an escalating trade war.

But in a pair of tweets sent Wednesday, President Trump suggested that the market had it wrong. We aren't about to start a trade war with the Chinese, the president said. Rather, we've been fighting a losing battle for years.

We are not in a trade war with China, that war was lost many years ago by the foolish, or incompetent, people who represented the U.S. Now we have a Trade Deficit of $500 Billion a year, with Intellectual Property Theft of another $300 Billion. We cannot let this continue!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 4, 2018

And before that, the president lashed out at the US's weak border laws for the fourth time in a week - after announcing last night that he would mobilize the military to protect the US's southern border as a caravan of Central American immigrants draws closer.

Our Border Laws are very weak while those of Mexico & Canada are very strong. Congress must change these Obama era, and other, laws NOW! The Democrats stand in our way - they want people to pour into our country unchecked....CRIME! We will be taking strong action today.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 4, 2018

What was a surprise, was the unexpected announcement that China would also include US soybean exports in the list of items impacted by tariffs, something which we noted earlier opens up the door to a new, third round of tariffs by the US, which would assure that a "nuclear" trade war has indeed broken out.

China's response was expected, but inclusion of soybeans was not. It will infuriate Navarro/Trump and lead to 3rd round of escalating tariffs

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) April 4, 2018

Perhaps nothing more than the fact that while China is seeking to hurt US exporters, it will also substantially and materially impair its own domestic producers and supply chains, will struggle to replace U.S. soybean supplies "inflicting severe financial pain on domestic companies, analysts and executives at feedmakers said" according to Reuters, and potentially risk sparking runaway food inflation as surging feedstock prices send pork prices through the roof.

To be sure, from a trade war perspective the inclusion of soybeans makes perfect sense: for China, the world's top importer of the oilseed in the world, soybeans are considered one of the most powerful weapons in Beijing’s trade arsenal because a drop in exports to China would hurt Iowa and other farm states that backed U.S. President Donald Trump. As the chart below shows, soybeans were the biggest U.S. agricultural export to China last year at a value of $12 billion.

R: 7 / I: 3 / P: 10

Deliberate Destabilization: Nearly 100 MS-13 Gang Members Arrested in Sting Were Resettled Across US By Federal Government

Nearly 100 recently arrested MS-13 gang members arrived in the United States by crossing through the U.S.-Mexico border as “unaccompanied minors” and then getting resettled throughout the country by the federal government.

About 475 gang members have been arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency’s “Operation Matador” sting, with 99 of those gang members arrested having arrived in the U.S. as “unaccompanied minors.”

Of the 99 MS-13 gang members who entered the country as unaccompanied minors, 64 of them were granted Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJ), which acts as a quasi-amnesty program for young illegal aliens who cross the southern border.

Of the 475 gang members arrested by ICE in this operation, 65 of them had been allowed to be released into the U.S. by an immigration judge, while four were re-arrested on criminal charges after they were released.

Unaccompanied minors who cross the southern border have continued to be resettled across the U.S. despite a direct correlation of the quasi-amnesty program — known as the Unaccompanied Minor Childrens (UAC) program — with the proliferation of the MS-13 gang in regions of the country like Nassau County and Suffolk County in New York.

Under President Trump’s administration, the UAC program has continued. For example, in Fiscal Year 2018 thus far, nearly 200 unaccompanied minors have been resettled in Suffolk County, along with almost 280 in Queens County, and more than 115 in Nassau County, despite the regions’ issues with the MS-13 gang.

Miami-Dade County also struggling with a massive illegal alien population, has had to take in nearly 400 unaccompanied minors thus far in Fiscal Year 2018, as well as Palm Beach County, which has had more than 33o unaccompanied minors resettled in the region.

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 10

Quitting Facebook Reduces Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Quitting Facebook can lower your chances of getting cancer, according to an astonishing study published in the Journal of Social Psychology:

Researchers found that people who quit Facebook for just 5 days would experience a drop in cortisol – a stress hormone that has been linked to the development and progression of cancer.

“I have been a Facebook user for 10 years. I had talked to my co-authors about how I occasionally had to ‘quit’ Facebook from time to time because I found it overwhelming as the number of my friends grew,” said Eric Vanman, lead author of the study.

“We talked and realised that this was happening to them and their friends too. Whenever I would quit Facebook, I’d feel an immediate sense of relief that lasted for days. But then I would start feeling like I was missing out (FOMO!) and I would have to rejoin. The cycle would start all over.” reports:

For their experiment, the researchers recruited 138 active Facebook users. Sixty participants were randomly assigned to a condition in which they were instructed to completely give up Facebook for five days, while the remaining 78 participants continued to use Facebook as normal.

Vanman and his colleagues surveyed the participants regarding their life satisfaction, stress, mood, and loneliness before and after the experiment. They also tested the participants’ salivary cortisol levels, a physiological measure of stress.

The researchers found that the short break from Facebook had both positive and negative impacts on the participants’ stress and well-being.

“People have long reported in other research that Facebook can make them feel bad about themselves or that it stresses them. Many people quit Facebook permanently because of it. Others take ‘Facebook Vacations’, in which they either deactivate or quit Facebook for a few days, weeks, or even months,” Vanman told PsyPost.

“Our research shows that ‘quitting’ Facebook for just five days is enough to reduce one’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The control group, who didn’t give up Facebook, did not show this.”

“We also found, however, that people who were instructed to give up Facebook for 5 days were less satisfied with their lives. Many were openly happy when the study was finished because they could return to Facebook,” Vanman added. “One unexpected finding is that people in the No Facebook condition spent more time in Face-to-Face contact with friends on the Sunday during the study.”

The study, like all research, has some limitations.

“We don’t know long it takes to get this reduction in cortisol or when it would start to increase again before someone decided to get back on Facebook,” Vanman explained. “For example, it could be that being off Facebook for the first few days reduces stress, but, the longer one feels like he or she is missing out, cortisol starts to increase again. We also don’t know if this would apply to giving up other social media like Twitter or SnapChat. We suspect these effects aren’t unique to Facebook.”

“We consider this preliminary research and we would like to conduct a much bigger study where we could look at these effects on cortisol over a much longer time,” he added. “However, our initial findings here suggest that people should try to take breaks from Facebook whenever they feel like it’s getting to be ‘too much.’”

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Good! Trump To Send The Military Aid To Guard Our Border Over National Security Threat

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the US military will be used to guard the US-Mexico border.

“We are going to be guarding our border with our military. That’s a big step,” Trump told reporters gathered at the White House. “We cannot have people flowing into our country illegally, disappearing, and by the way never showing up for court.”

The President’s comments appear to take aim at current US policy which requires border agents to catch then release family units who arrive at the borer from noncontiguous countries.

He also said he had spoken with Secretary of Defense James Mattis about the use of the military to guard the border.

In recent days, Trump has repeatedly tweeted about a caravan of illegal immigrants making their way from Honduras to the US border via Mexico. The President had threatened to end the NAFTA agreement if the Mexican government did not stop the caravan.

The big Caravan of People from Honduras, now coming across Mexico and heading to our “Weak Laws” Border, had better be stopped before it gets there. Cash cow NAFTA is in play, as is foreign aid to Honduras and the countries that allow this to happen. Congress MUST ACT NOW!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 3, 2018

Mexican authorities responded to Trump’s Sunday threat to kill NAFTA by pledging to disband the caravan and allow some transmitters to apply for asylum in Mexico. The organizers, however, said many members of the group will continue marching north towards the US-Mexico border where, if they claim asylum and are with a family unit, they legally must be released into the interior of the country.

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Deliberate Destabilization: Murders in London Overtake New York for First Time Since 1800 Under Sadiq Khan

London has overtaken New York City for number of murders for the first time in over 200 years under the mayoralty of Labour’s Sadiq Khan.

Britain’s multicultural capital edged ahead of the American city — once so notorious for its high crime rates that it was chosen as the setting for Charles Bronson’s Death Wish –– in February, The Times reports.

London saw 15 killings to New York’s 14 over the course of the month, and appears to have outstripped ‘Gotham’ yet again in March, with 22 killings to 21.

Historically, London has had a murder rate per person between half and one-twentieth of New York’s since 1800, according to FBI data and studies by University of California researcher Eric Monkkonen.

The change is partly a consequence of Mayor Khan’s campaign against using stop and search on ethnic minorities, with London police chief Cressida Dick admitting that constables have become “fearful” of confronting suspects as they “might get into trouble or might not be supported if they had a complaint”.

Reported rapes are running three times higher in London than in NYC

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) October 21, 2017

Figures released last year showed London was already the more dangerous of the two cities for almost every other category of violent and sexual crime, with Londoners six times more likely to be burgled than New Yorkers, three times more likely to be raped, and one and a half times more likely to be robbed.

The numbers fly in the face of Mayor Khan’s claim that London is “the safest global city in the world, and one of the safest cities in the world” in 2017.

This assertion already appeared highly questionable after a spate of radical Islamic terror attacks and an admission that hundreds of Islamic State volunteers have returned to the capital and are not being monitored, alongside disturbing developments such as the city being crowned “acid attack capital of the world” following an epidemic of assaults using corrosive substances.

Neither Khan nor politically correct London police boss Cressida Dick — who recently appeared to deny any racial or religious element to grooming gangs and claimed they have “probably” been in Britain for “centuries and centuries and centuries” — seem willing to consider the contribution of mass migration and the accompanying breakdown in social cohesion to the crime wave, with Dick blaming the rising violence on “social media”.

R: 18 / I: 9 / P: 10

Pedophile AntiFA Leader Found Guilty Of Raping Children

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter leader, Micah Rhodes, has been found guilty of the statutory rape of an underage girl and will be sentenced to prison on Monday.

Rhodes, 24, who received funding from George Soros as part of the Antifa Portland Resistance group, was found guilty by a Washington County Circuit Court jury on Friday.

The girl’s personal details have been withheld to respect her privacy. The jury’s 10-2 verdict came after a 1.5-day trial, according to reports.

Rhodes will be sentenced in May, however he is also scheduled next week to go to trial in Multnomah County Circuit Court in a separate case relating to sex with an underage boy.

Court papers say Rhodes groomed the boy on the internet and the boy wasn’t able to consent because of his age.

Rhodes faces four counts of second-degree sexual abuse and one count of third-degree sexual abuse.

The Antifa leader was on supervision by the Oregon Youth Authority for sexual abuse and sodomy at the time he was charged for alleged abuse in both counties, authorities say. Juvenile records aren’t public, so details of the earlier case aren’t available.

Rhodes had been required to register as a sex offender at the time he was charged in the Multnomah and Washington county cases, however that didn’t stop Antifa from allowing him to work closely with underage boys and girls.

It also didn’t stop George Soros from pumping millions of dollars into the movement.

As an Antifa leader, Rhodes was frequently seen at marches and sitting in on meetings at Portland City Hall. He also was a leader of Portland’s Resistance, a group that formed after Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016.

He helped organize people during night after night of violent and destructive protests immediately after Trump’s victory.

Rhodes is facing as many as five years in prison for the statutory rape of the underage girl if the prosecution successfully argues that Rhodes’ felony was particularly egregious. The court case regarding the accusations of rape of an underage boy begin next week.

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Top Cancer Researcher Fired For Falsifying Data On Behalf Of Big Pharma

One of America’s top cancer researchers was forced to resign following an investigation that found he intentionally falsified data on cancer research on behalf of Big Pharma.

Ching-Shih Chen, one of Ohio State’s senior cancer researchers, was found to have committed research fraud on at least 14 cancer research projects over the last 17 years. reports:

The university announced his departure Friday, more than five months after he resigned, with the release of the investigation documents.

Chen’s misconduct and departure is significant because it comes amid what university officials say is a national trend of increased research misconduct, and the announcement arrives just weeks after Ohio State unveiled its plans to improve its misconduct investigative practices.

The university named Chen the innovator of the year in 2010 for a research project that developed two groundbreaking anti-cancer drugs. That research breakthrough ultimately played a role in Chen’s downfall.

Research about a drug he developed at Ohio State in 2008 and licensed to a biopharmaceutical company for patient testing that led to him receiving the award contained data he falsified.

Six well-known institutions and organizations used or published Chen’s work and were notified of his misconduct as a result of the investigation. These include: Data Safety Monitoring Committee; Western Institutional Research Board; the Federal Drug Administration; the Office for Human Research Protections; the Ohio State University Innovation Foundation; and Arno Therapeutics.

During Chen’s career at Ohio State, he received more than $8 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health, according to the NIH database, as well as funding from the Pelotonia Fellowship Program and the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research.

Roughly $5.9 million in grant money was used to fund research related to Chen’s misconduct, according to university spokesman Chris Davey.

The university was notified of Chen’s research misconduct by an anonymous email sent to the research office that contained six allegations of data falsification ranging from 2010 to 2014. An investigation led by Jennifer Yucel, director of the Office of Research Compliance, resulted in the seizure of Chen’s personal laptop and his external hard drive, which contained manipulated images relating to more than a dozen studies.

While six initial allegations kickstarted the investigation, an additional 15 allegations dating back to 2001 were found along the way.

Some of Chen’s misconduct could have impacted cancer patients in various trials that used his research. He manipulated data on compounds to be used on humans in clinical trials, a “highly significant and incredibly dangerous” act, according to the investigation documents.

The documents outlined several falsifications performed by Chen, often analyzing why the researcher would commit such fraud. For example, in one analysis, the investigation committee concluded the doctor likely cropped and pasted lanes into a blot, a measure of protein expression and changes, “so that it showed a constant and equal protein expression” in his findings. That allowed his work to gain credibility because it showed a positive outcome relating to the protein.

Chen’s manipulations included cropping images, reusing blots and pasting lines on images published as supporting data.

R: 20 / I: 17 / P: 11

Treasonous Subversives Trying To Stir Civil War To Undermine and Subjugate America via Gun Grabs

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You are watching one of the darkest chapters of history unfold by the hour, complete with a fascist uprising, totalitarian censorship by the techno-overlords and an irrational, anger-fueled nationwide call for government to confiscate all the guns from American gun owners, even if they have to kill those gun owners first, as a North Carolina Democrat suggested just days ago.

The anti-gun rhetoric and hysteria has reached a whole new level of irrational hysteria, but it’s no accident. This is all happening by design.

I spoke with Alex Jones on the phone this evening, shortly after he issued a similar warning on InfoWars labeled, “Red Alert! Dems announce plan to repeal 2nd Amendment triggering potential civil war.” Jones told me that InfoWars live broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook were being shut down, and that the student anti-gun marchers were largely organized and paid for by George Soros, “a Nazi collaborator,” Jones emphasized.

If you recall, I hadn’t spoken with Alex Jones for nearly five years until just the last two months, as the assaults on our freedoms are now being ratcheted up by a deranged, hysterical totalitarian Left that demands public policy changes based on seething anger and hatred rather than logic or reason. “They’re taking this info war to the next level,” Jones warned me. “Confiscating the guns is just the opening salvo in their takeover plan.”

According to my own research and sources, Jones is absolutely correct. The real goal of the deranged Left is not actually to confiscate the guns of 70+ million Americans… because that’s an impossible task that no one would survive for long. The real goal, it turns out, is to initiate a bloody civil war as a reaction to the gun grab, setting the stage for Democrats’ demands to occupy America with United Nations troops and overthrow Trump by military force.

Globalists, you see, thought they had America all wrapped up and conquered with the election of Hillary Clinton. But the people rose up and rejected the Clinton crime boss, instead choosing a political disruptor named Donald Trump. This set back the globalists by a decade or more in terms of their plans to disarm America, overrun it with refugees and illegals, then dismantle the Bill of Rights while controlling all public discourse through China-style censorship of online content, controlled by Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

While Trump’s victory caused a downward spiral in gun sales, Obama’s eight years of anti-gun rhetoric produced record gun sales and gun ownership across the nation, contributing to the 300 million firearms now owned by over 70 million Americans. During this time, concealed carry permits flourished, and today there are millions more concealed carry holders in America than in 2008 when Obama took office. Gun knowledge and training has also become more mainstream, and online gun videos were one of the most popular video categories on YouTube until the radical left-wing tech giant announced it was banning most gun videos. (Note: is welcoming gun channels, and it’s a new free speech video platform that’s launching this July 4th, Independence Day.)

What Leftists and globalists have both realized is that it’s impossible to take all the guns from armed Americans by force, especially given the fact that many gun owners in America are so fed up with the corruption, political fraud and authoritarian demands of the Left, they have internally decided to fight to the death, if it comes to that, in order to protect their liberties. No government task force given the job of “confiscating” guns from the American people would survive very long, quite frankly. You can’t realistically disarm 70+ million people if they refuse to be disarmed.

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DC Metropolitan Police Admit ‘March For Our Lives’ Was Planned BEFORE Florida School Shooting

More Damning Information About Parkland False Flag Shooting: Anti-gun Protests Were Planned BEFORE Terror Attack!)

RELATED: (Active Shooter Drills, Multiple Shooters Witnessed, FBI Was Aware of Killer) (Trump Blasts FBI For Not Taking Action Against Parkland Shooter) (Citizen Journalist Blows Truth About Parkland Shooting Wide Open) (FBI and Cops Warned Multiple Times About Shooter, Deputies Stood Down During Shooting) (Local Police and FBI Knew of Shooter's Social Media Threats, Did Nothing) (Emergency Medical Teams Ordered To STAND DOWN After Shooting, While Students Bled Out And Died) (Police Radio Recordings Prove Cover Up and Much More...) (Authorities Had All The Evidence To Prevent This Shooting, Stood Down) (Busted! Soros Paid March For Our Lives Protestors $300 Each)

Freedom of information (FOI) documents reveal that the ‘March For Our Lives’ protest was planned months in advance, long before the Parkland shooting occurred.

FOI documents obtained by political researcher Ole Dammegard from the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department reveals that the March 24th protest was planned in 2017 by far-left groups funded by George Soros. reports:

Days ago several alternative news outlets questioned seeming contradictions in Parkland gun control student activist David Hogg’s recollection of the February 14, 2018 events-specifically whether Hogg was on school grounds during the shooting or lounging at his residence.

Several months of planning to organize an event of this scale is common. This admission calls into further question the underlying veracity of the Parkland shooting, as attested to by law enforcement authorities, and vigorously promoted throughout corporate media.

Below is the text of that email.

Good morning,

In reference to your inquiry concerning the March For Our Lives Demonstration, here in the District of Columbia on March 24, 2018. MPD received a permit application several months prior to the actual event, and there was several months of planning for this large event.

If your are requesting additional information reference this event, please follow the below steps to file your Freedom of Information Act request:

If your have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free in contacting me directly.

Officer Scott C. Earhardt, Badge No. 2372
Homeland Security Bureau
Special Operations Division
Planning and Logistics
Metropolitan Police Department
2850 New York Ave., N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002
202-671-6529 (Office)
202-671-6522 (Planning)
202-671-6511 (Station)

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Busted! Soros Paid March For Our Lives Protestors $300 Each

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#MarchForOurLives organizers paid protestors $300 each to attend the March 24 protest in Washington, D.C, according to reports.

Journalist Jacob Wohl found ads posted on Craigslist where Soros organizers looked to recruit paid protestors to attend the march.

“Here’s just one of many of the Craigslist ads where Soros Organizers were recruiting PAID protestors for #MarchForOurLives ! Don’t expect the MSM to talk about this,” the Editor In Chief for The Washington Reporter tweeted.

“Here’s one of the ads that was posted by #MarchForOurLives organizers seeking PAID “street-teams” in Washington DC.”

I archived the craigslist paged where Soros organizers were soliciting paid protestors but twitter is censoring most of the archive links http://archive (dot) is/FA56h

— Jacob Wohl (@JacobAWohl) March 25, 2018 |

Jacob Wohl’s explosive find confirms claims made earlier in the week by former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr., who said that the survivors of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting were being manipulated by George Soros in order to ban guns in America.

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The American Dream Is An Illusion On Hollywood’s Skid Row

ALL COMMIEFORNIA RELATED: (Schools Sued For Refusing To Teach Children How To Read) (Commiefornia Covers Up Their Polution Levels) (No Right To Bear Arms) (Illegal Alien Felons Protected In Commiefornia, But Not Citizens 1) (Illegal Alien Felons Protected In Commiefornia, But Not Citizens 2) (Cannot Manage Land Properly, Nor Deal With Disasters 1) (Cannot Manage Land Properly, Nor Deal With Disasters 2) (Commiefornia Leads Nation in Poverty Rate) (Despotic Draconian Regulations Galore) (Child Rape Legalized In Commiefornia) (Horrific Abusive Healthcare Policies) (Human Excrement To Be Dumped Into Tap Water Supply) (Commiefornia Has Outlawed Poverty, The Poor Are Being Arrested) (Victims Flee Commiefornia In Record Numbers Due To High Housing Costs, High Tax Rates)

Thousands of homeless people in one of America’s richest cities live on filthy sidewalks infested with flesh-eating bacteria and tuberculosis.

For years Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles has been home to the greatest concentration of homelessness in the United States.

The poverty and deprivation there has turned the American dream into a mere illusion.

RT reports:

Homelessness in Los Angeles has increased 43 percent in just four years. Skid Row, the epicenter of homelessness in the City of Angels, is home to approximately 2,500 people who live on the streets in a 49 square block area. It is the biggest concentration of homeless people in the United States. Overall, a staggering 60,000 people live without shelter in LA county.

Reverend Andy Bales is the CEO of the Union Rescue mission, which provides shelter to 1,000 people on any given night. He told Redfish Media about the appalling conditions in Skid Row, which, according to the most recent Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council action letter, is 80 restrooms shy of satisfying the minimum standards of a long-term refugee camp. It has nine permanent restrooms for 1,777 people, or one for every 197 homeless people, compared to the UN refugee camp standards of 20 per person.

Bales outlined just how dangerous this extreme lack of basic sanitation is. “I actually contracted three flesh-eating diseases E. coli, staph and strep from the sidewalks when I had a wound boot on and, after two years in a wheelchair I ended up losing my lower right leg. That is the condition of the health on Skid Row because of the shortage of restrooms. It really is a crisis.” Bales added that a certain strain of tuberculosis, which is not found anywhere else in the world, also thrives in the area.

The chronic conditions in Los Angeles and in other cities around America prompted the government to invite the UN’s special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, to carry out inspections last year.

In his damning report, Alston said: “The United States is alone among developed countries in insisting that while human rights are of fundamental importance, they do not include rights that guard against dying of hunger, dying from a lack of access to affordable healthcare, or growing up in a context of total deprivation.”

Alston concluded that the “the American dream is rapidly becoming the American illusion.” On Skid Row, the poverty and deprivation make it very hard for anyone to even believe in the illusion any more.

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4chan April Fools Day

New April Fools prank this year. Unfortunately no new board mergers. Instead, there is a global team system where users are assigned to teams based on IP. Teams are based on Easter confection because of overlap with Easter this year. Teams are governed by a scoring system that has not been officially explained, which is displayed in the announcement section of webpages. Speculation currently is that the scoring could be based on the number of (You)s posters get, the number of posts or threads they make, "points are gained by writing the word per post", or possibly even their GETs (unlikely imo).

Swaglord is actively shitposting on his boards. To /b/ and /s4s/ he stickied a compilation of rabbits eating things.
On /g/, he embedded a short audio clip of random operating system sounds, including wangblowz's error tune. He is actively posting even now, with and without Mod trip. He implies active support for Team Creme and disdain for Team Chocolate, which are the first and last place teams, respectively, at the time of this post. He's also created a duckroll thread and did a visible ban.
On /s4s/, he posted and stickied a silly thread about rabbits, and stickied a thread commemorating the 5th birthday of /s4s/.

Investigation into the meaning of it is going on on /qa/ and perhaps /g/.

Meanwhile, Easter posting is rather slow---either that, or many posts are being deleted by mods.

R: 25 / I: 15 / P: 11

Why The Western Elites Hate Putin: What You’re Not Being Told

Why The Western Elites Hate Putin: What You’re Not Being Told

All the drama about Russian hacking and collusion are a smokescreen, masking the real reason why the elite hate President Vladimir Putin.

The real conflict is about a geopolitical power struggle for world domination, which involves hundreds of trillions of dollars and a desire to enslave the human population at any cost. reports:

Here’s the big picture: it’s a geopolitical battle of USA+EU versus Russia+China. The US and EU are governed by the same banking and military-industrial overlords, while Russia and China – two independent countries – have made an alliance out of necessity. Why? If Russia falls, China will be the next. Get the bear, you get the dragon, and thus you get the world.

But here is the kicker: the globalists did trap the bear in 1991 when the USSR failed. However, rather than befriending the bear, they caged it and then starved, tortured and humiliated it for the next eight years. That’s when the bear tore down the cage and fought back.

Betrayal in the 1990’s

The biggest theft of the century happened in Russia in the 1990’s, and the perpetrators were Wall Street shysters who promised miracles of capitalism, but instead dismantled the entire country. In the name of privatization, Russia was put up for fire sale.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 11

Unprecedented: China To Now Pay For Oil Imports With Yuan Instead Of Dollars



Just days after Beijing officially launched Yuan-denominated crude oil futures (with a bang, as shown in the chart below, surpassing Brent trading volume) which are expected to quickly become the third global price benchmark along Brent and WTI, China took the next major step in the challenging the Dollar's supremacy as global reserve currency (and internationalizing the Yuan) when on Thursday Reuters reported that China took the first steps to paying for crude oil imports in its own currency instead of the US Dollars.

A pilot program for yuan payment could be launched as soon as the second half of the year and regulators have already asked some financial institutions to "prepare for pricing crude imports in the yuan", Reuters sourcesreveal.

According to the proposed plan, Beijing would start with purchases from Russia and Angola, two nations which, like China, are keen to break the dollar’s global dominance. They are also two of the top suppliers of crude oil to China, along with Saudi Arabia.

A change in the default crude oil transactional currency - which for decades has been the "Petrodollar", blessing the US with global reserve currency status - would have monumental consequences for capital allocations and trade flows, not to mention geopolitics: as Reuters notes, a shift in just a small part of global oil trade into the yuan is potentially huge. "Oil is the world’s most traded commodity, with an annual trade value of around $14 trillion, roughly equivalent to China’s gross domestic product last year." Currently, virtually all global crude oil trading is in dollars, barring an estimated 1 per cent in other currencies. This is the basis of US dominance in the world economy.

However, as shown in the chart below which follows the first few days of Chinese oil futures trading, this status quo may be changing fast.

Superficially, for China it would be a matter of nationalistic pride to see oil trade transact in Yuan: "Being the biggest buyer of oil, it’s only natural for China to push for the usage of yuan for payment settlement. This will also improve the yuan liquidity in the global market,” said one of the people briefed on the matter by Chinese authorities.

There are other considerations behind the launch of the Yuan-denominated oil contract as Goldman explains:

A commercial benchmark and hedging tool. Until now, Chinese oil imports were based on FOB benchmarks, with long-term procurement contracts settling off Platts Oman/Dubai or Dated Brent. The INE contract has therefore the potential to become the pricing reference for CIF China crude oil, enabling corporate financial hedging. Its warehouse structure is however likely to limit its use for physical crude delivery and may in fact at times reduce its hedge efficiency.

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UN Security Council Holds Meeting Over Gaza Protests and Israel’s Brutal Land Grabs

The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting over the Israeli military’s massacre of over a dozen Palestinians during an anti-occupation mass rally in Gaza.

The UN chief has called for an investigation into the violence where 16 Palestinians were killed and over 1,400 others wounded on Friday.

Secretary-General António Guterres said that “his thoughts are with the families of the victims” that were killed or injured during the violent clashes at the Gaza border.”

Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour said he expected “the Security Council to shoulder its responsibility” in relation to the “heinous massacre” of peaceful Gaza demonstrators by Israeli forces

RT reports:

The meeting was called by Kuwait, which, along with Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and other countries with predominantly Muslim population, voiced their anger over the way the Israeli army retaliated against mass unrest that erupted along the border with Gaza Strip on Friday.

The meeting was set to kick off at 6:30 pm local time [10:30 pm GMT]. It was initially reported that the meeting would proceed behind closed doors, meaning that neither Israeli nor Palestinian representatives would be able to partake in the discussion. However, the session was ultimately held in the open.

Israeli troops used live fire, rubber-coated bullets and tear gas to disperse the protesting Palestinian crowds that flocked to the border fence in their hundreds. At least two men, who Israel claims were “terrorist infiltrators,” were killed by tank fire.

The UN has urged Tel Aviv to promptly conduct investigations into the killings of protesters, calling on it to abide by international human rights norms and humanitarian law when dealing with dissent.

“Lethal force should only be used as a last resort with any resulting fatalities properly investigated by the authorities,” UN deputy political affairs chief Taye-Brook Zerihoun said, as cited by Reuters.

Speaking at the meeting, Russia’s deputy envoy to the UN offered Moscow’s help in arranging talks between Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

“We confirm our readiness to offer a Russian platform for a meeting of Israeli and Palestinians leaders,” Vladimir Safronkov said, noting the need to hold direct negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis on all pressing issues, including the status of Jerusalem.

The Israeli representatives, meanwhile, chose not to attend the meeting because it coincided with the start of the Passover holiday. Riyad Mansour, the Permanent Observer of Palestine to the United Nations, was present at the meeting and took to the floor after all the UNSC permanent and non-permanent members made their statements.

Israel’s absence at the session was lamented by US diplomat Walter Miller. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of life today. We urge those involved to take steps to lower tensions and reduce the risk of new clashes,” he said, as cited by Reuters.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) cracked down hard on the crowds amassing in the area, using drones to dispense tear gas at protesters. Over 100 snipers were on standby, authorized to use live ammunition in case someone ventured to cross into Israeli-occupied territories.

Some 1,416 people were injured in the altercation and at least 16 were killed, according to figures provided by the Gaza Health Ministry. Roughly half of the injuries were inflicted by live fire, the ministry said, while many protesters were also targeted by tear gas and rubber bullets.

R: 4 / I: 3 / P: 11

New Saudi Crown Prince Admits Western Leaders Backed Islamic Terrorists

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman says the Saudi-funded spread of Wahhabism began as a result of the Deep State asking Riyadh to spread it to the West during the Cold War.

Speaking to the Washington Post, bin Salman admitted that Western leaders paid Saudi Arabia to spread extremism to their countries. reports:

He added that successive Saudi governments had lost track of that effort, saying “we have to get it all back.” Bin Salman also said that funding now comes mostly from Saudi-based “foundations,” rather than from the government.

The crown prince’s 75-minute interview with the Washington Post took place on March 22, the final day of his US tour. Another topic of discussion included a previous claim by US media that bin Salman had said that he had White House senior adviser Jared Kushner “in his pocket.”

Bin Salman denied reports that when he and Kushner – who is also Donald Trump’s son-in-law – met in Riyadh in October, he had sought or received a greenlight from Kushner for the massive crackdown on alleged corruption which led to widespread arrests in the kingdom shortly afterwards. According to bin Salman, the arrests were a domestic issue and had been in the works for years.

He said it would be “really insane” for him to trade classified information with Kushner, or to try to use him to advance Saudi interests within the Trump administration. He stated that their relationship was within a normal governmental context, but did acknowledge that he and Kushner “work together as friends, more than partners.” He stated that he also had good relationships with Vice President Mike Pence and others within the White House.

The crown prince also spoke about the war in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition continues to launch a bombing campaign against Houthi rebels in an attempt to reinstate ousted Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi as president. The conflict has killed thousands, displaced many more, driven the country to the brink of famine, and led to a major cholera outbreak.

Although the coalition has been accused of a large number of civilian deaths and disregard for civilian lives – an accusation which Riyadh denies – the crown prince said his country has not passed up “any opportunity” to improve the humanitarian situation in the country. “There are not good options and bad options. The options are between bad and worse,” he said.

The interview with the crown prince was initially held off the record. However, the Saudi embassy later agreed to led the Washington Post publish specific portions of the meeting.

R: 14 / I: 0 / P: 11

Chinese Invade Oil Realm For PetroDollar Kill


The view that makes sense is that Russia will set oil output policy and China will set oil payment policy, as the Saudis have found a new sponsor and protector. The Saudi Royals have ceded control for their remaining oil reserves and production policy. The pudding proof will be military missile deals, since the Saudi Royals want the best. The entire team at the table will continue the lie on the ARAMCO valuation, but keep honest the USDollar amount on their investment. They will cite 10% investment stakes, but while smiling like Cheshire cats. The resulting percentages will be much higher than disclosed, like over 50% for R&C combined, thus control!


Further Chinese investment across the Arab oil region is extremely evident, and in considerable volume. The extent, range, and depth has never been seen before. It extends from Algeria and Libya in North Africa to Iraq and Kuwait in the land mass, to United Arab Emirates in the Gulf region. The diversification includes port construction, oil production, building refineries, stakes in concessions, and provision of drill equipment. Such is without precedent. In typical Chinese manner, they sow the seeds of commerce, which produce jobs and economic growth, leading to more wealth and a better standard of living. The US approach for too long has been to foment discord, to sell weapons, and to observe economic destruction, with resentment in residue. In the process of the Chinese invasion into the petro fields, the US and European firms are gradually seeing encroachment on their turf, which had been securely held for decades. But they still have significant presence. It is easy to see that each Arab nation will be nudged into accepting RMB payment in oil shipments. They must comply with the wishes of their investment partner. The end result will be the death of the Petro-Dollar defacto standard by a thousand dragon cuts. It is assured. The demise will be slow at first, then occur suddenly.


Algeria has turned to China for development, after the IMF left the nation with poverty and debt servitude following a debt restructure. China is building ports, vehicles, and residential homes. The Chinese RMB is openly traded. Petro-China agreed to a deal to produce Libyan oil. The Eurasian Trade Zone reaches to North Africa. The Chinese are reaching into the North Ffrican region, to undermine the Petro-Dollar.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 12

Good! Scott Pruitt Bans Non-disclosed Junk Science From EPA, Agency Must Now Prove Their Scientific Theories

Junk science is no longer welcome at the Environmental Protection Agency. Administrator Scott Pruitt has declared war on what he calls “secret science” – the process whereby EPA regulators have been able to craft rules using non-publicly-available science data.

Pruitt told Daily Caller:

“We need to make sure their data and methodology are published as part of the record. Otherwise, it’s not transparent. It’s not objectively measured, and that’s important.”

This decision will correct a longstanding injustice at the EPA, perpetrated against the U.S. taxpayer. For years the EPA has been able to behave as a law unto itself, cavalierly passing regulations which restrict freedoms, hamper business and hold back the U.S. economy for reasons which have much more to do with left-leaning environmentalist politics than with objective science.

The problem dates back to the early 1990s when the EPA decided it wanted to regulate fine particulate matter known as PM2.5 but couldn’t find any hard scientific evidence proving it was harmful.

Needless to say, the environmentalists are furious that the EPA now has to stick to science rather than political activism.

The New York Times has billed it as “an attack on science” – as if, somehow, scientific experiments conducted in secret for political ends are somehow more representative of “science” than experiments which are both open and independently reproducible.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 12

Pentagon Admits Billions In US Tax Revenue Disappeared in Afghanistan To Fraud, Waste And Abuse

A new report from the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (DoD IG) exposes even more fraud, waste and/or corruption in America’s ongoing war in Afghanistan. This latest report reveals that more than $3.1 billion of U.S. taxpayer funds provided to the Afghan Armed Forces from 2014 through 2017 was grossly mismanaged.

According to the DoD IG, U.S. military leaders overseeing operations in Afghanistan "failed to accurately record" some 95,000 vehicles transferred to Afghan Armed Forces, along with fuel expenses and maintenance costs to keep the vehicles operational. The report issued last Wednesday was the last in a series of DoD IG audits that examined the Pentagon for “systemic challenges” in how senior officials oversee U.S. direct funding to the Afghan Armed Forces said the Military Times.

The DoD IG warned the lack of accountability via military leaders overseeing Afghanistan leaves U.S. taxpayer funds vulnerable to "fraud, waste, and abuse."

“Combined Security Transition Command–Afghanistan (CSTC-A) officials did not effectively manage and oversee the U.S. direct funding provided to the Ministries of Defense and Interior, which oversee Afghanistan’s Army and National Police, respectively,” the report stated.

“CSTC-A management and oversight of the direct funding is intended to increase [Afghan security forces] effectiveness and capabilities so the [forces] can become more professional and increasingly self-sustaining.”

Stars and Stripes, an American military newspaper, said military officials blame, what else, “inadequate staffing and security concerns” for any financial discrepancies. However, the DoD IG audit determined systemic issues are to blame.

CSTC-A officials established unrealistic and unattainable goals for the Afghans to improve their own capabilities toward achieving independence in supplying their own troops, the IG also found.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 12

Good! Clinton Foundation Donor Arrested For Child Sex Trafficking

One of Bill Clinton’s friends and mega donor to the Clinton Foundation, Keith Raniere, has been arrested on child sex trafficking charges.

Raniere was the co-founder and leader of a secretive self-help cult called NXIVM. He was arrested by the FBI in Mexico and charged with sex trafficking earlier this week. reports:

Raniere fled to Mexico last November after U.S. authorities began interviewing “witnesses and victims” linked to NXIVM, however finding him proved elusive after Raniere began using “end-to-end encrypted email and stopped using his phone.”

Shortly before Raniere was arraigned in a Texas courtroom, the FBI raided the Saratoga County, NY home of NXIVM co-founder, Nancy Salzman – who was alleged to be storing large amounts of cash at her residence, brought over the border following NXIVM training sessions in Mexico.

While NXIVM describes itself as a self-help business that has helped thousands of people “reach their potential” through various courses, the women’s-only “inner sanctum” led by Raniere is known as ‘DOS’, which whistleblower Frank Parlato – a Buffalo-area businessman who worked for the cult, says stands for “dominus obsequious sororium” – Latin for “master over the slave women”. Once they are a member – or “slave” – they are allegedly encouraged to recruit new women into their “slave pods”, stop dating, and be on call 24 hours a day to their “master.”

DOS reportedly required female members to give their recruiter – or “master,” naked pictures or other compromising material which could be used as blackmail before being branded with Raniere’s initials below the hip using a cauterizing iron.

Sarah Edmondson, one of the participants, said she had been told she would get a small tattoo as part of the initiation. But she was not prepared for what came next.

Each woman was told to undress and lie on a massage table, while three others restrained her legs and shoulders. According to one of them, their “master,” a top Nxivm official named Lauren Salzman, instructed them to say: “Master, please brand me, it would be an honor.”

A female doctor proceeded to use a cauterizing device to sear a two-inch-square symbol below each woman’s hip, a procedure that took 20 to 30 minutes. For hours, muffled screams and the smell of burning tissue filled the room.

“I wept the whole time,” Ms. Edmondson recalled. “I disassociated out of my body.”

– New York Times

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 12

Playtime Is Over: Western Nations and Russia Removing All Diplomatic Relations

The Kremlin had vowed to retaliate against the "provocative gesture", denying it had any role in the attack; and now it has.

Just days after Trump announced he - together with much of the Western world - would expel 60 Russian diplomats from the US, and close the Russian consulate in Seattle, moments ago the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry.

Huntsman was given notice that Russia is responding quid pro quo to the U.S. decision to order 60 Russian diplomats out.

Lavrov said Moscow will also retaliate to the U.S. decision to shut the Russian consulate in Seattle by closing the U.S. consulate in St. Petersburg.

Earlier this week, Haaretz reports that the Russian Embassy in the United States tweeted a poll quickly after the U.S. announcement asking which U.S. consulate they should close in retaliation. Forty-seven percent of the responders said the U.S. consulate in St. Petersburg should be closed.

However, that is just the response to Washington. In total, dozens more Russian diplomats were expelled from numerous other European nations.

And Lavrov said the same approach will be applied to other nations that expelled Russian diplomats this week.

R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 12

More Damning Information About Parkland False Flag Shooting: Authorities Had All The Evidence...

More Damning Information About Parkland False Flag Shooting: Authorities Had All The Evidence To Prevent This Shooting

RELATED: (Active Shooter Drills, Multiple Shooters Witnessed, FBI Was Aware of Killer) (Trump Blasts FBI For Not Taking Action Against Parkland Shooter) (Citizen Journalist Blows Truth About Parkland Shooting Wide Open) (FBI and Cops Warned Multiple Times About Shooter, Deputies Stood Down During Shooting) (Local Police and FBI Knew of Shooter's Social Media Threats, Did Nothing) (Emergency Medical Teams Ordered To STAND DOWN After Shooting, While Students Bled Out And Died) (Police Radio Recordings Prove Cover Up, Sheriff Refuses to Release Surveillance Footage, SWAT Officers Suspended For Not Standing Down, FBI Admits They Knew About Deadly Threats And Failed To Take Action)

FACT: There were already laws in place to prevent this shooting and to confiscate the shooter's guns. Neither did the FBI (who were tipped off about Cruz) NOR the local police (who were also tipped off about Cruz) do anything! Therefore the failures are NOT constitutional protections, but the lack of policing current laws and taking protective measures against a KNOWN dangerous armed individual!

In yet another failure by officials which could have prevented last month's Florida school massacre, Parkland school officials and a sheriff's deputy recommended in September 2016 that suspect Nikolas Cruz be involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility for a mental evaluation, according to documents obtained by the Associated Press.

Under the law, having been committed would have made it more difficult, if not impossible for Cruz to have legally obtained firearms.

The documents, which are part of Cruz’s criminal case in the shooting, show that he had written the word “kill” in a notebook, told a classmate that he wanted to buy a gun and use it, and had cut his arm supposedly in anger because he had broken up with a girlfriend. He also told another student he had drunk gasoline and was throwing up. Calls had even been made to the FBI about the possibility of Cruz using a gun at school. -AP

A psychological assessment service initiated by Cruz's mother, Henderson Behavioral Health (HBH), show high school resource officer and Sheriff's deputy Scot Peterson along with two high school counselers recommending that Cruz be committed for mental evaluation under Florida's Baker Act - which allows for the involuntary commitment of a person for at least three days.

Peterson resigned after his failure to enter the building as shots rang out.

#BREAKING: Broward County Sheriff's Office releases security video showing Deputy Scot Peterson's actions during the February 14 shooting.

— Ryan Saavedra 🇺🇸 (@RealSaavedra) March 15, 2018

Florida law would have allowed Peterson to initiate Cruz's commitment under the Baker Act.

Cruz, 19, faces the death penalty for the February 14 murder of 17 students and teachers, and the wounding of 17 others alleged in a 34-count indictment. Cruz's public defender Melisa McNeill says he would seek a life sentence in exchange for a guilty plea if convicted.

The documents from HBH reveal that Cruz's mother Lynda had fresh concerns about Nikolas's mental state after he punched holes in the wall. After staff from the behavioral clininc came to interview Cruz and the family, Cruz admitted to punching holes but said he did so over breaking up with his girlfriend. He also admitted to cutting his arm with a pencil sharpener.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 12

Leaked Texts Suggest Coordination Between Obama White House, CIA, FBI And Dems To Launch Trump-Russia Probe

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(31) >>>/news/6938

Congressional investigators looking into the origins of Special Counsel Mueller's Russia probe believe they've found a smoking gun that could justify the appointment of a special counsel to investigate whether the Obama administration exerted undue influence over the FBI.

A series of text messages between FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and DOJ lawyer Lisa Page have revealed the involvement of Denis McDonough, Obama's chief of staff, John Brennan, Obama's CIA director, and former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in helping create an atmosphere of paranoia that gave them the political cover to launch the Russia probe back in the summer of 2016.

The investigators who leaked the information to Fox said the texts between Strzok and Page "strongly" suggest coordination between the White House, two independent intelligence agencies, and a Democratic Congressional leader. That would "contradict" the Obama administration's claims of non-involvement.

The texts tell of former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe being concerned with "information control," and suggest a plot to leak details of the FBI's incipient investigation to both the White House and Reid. Brennan also became involved in agitating for an investigation, though his agency was supposed to be operationally separate from the FBI.

Page texted Strzok on Aug. 2, 2016, saying: "Make sure you can lawfully protect what you sign. Just thinking about congress, foia, etc. You probably know better than me."

A text message from Strzok to Page on Aug. 3 described former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as being concerned with "information control" related to the initial investigation into the Trump campaign. According to a report from the New York Times, Brennan was sent to Capitol Hill around the same time to brief members of Congress on the possibility of election interference.

Days later, on Aug. 8, 2016, Strzok texted Page: "Internal joint cyber cd intel piece for D, scenesetter for McDonough brief, Trainor [head of FBI cyber division] directed all cyber info be pulled. I’d let Bill and Jim hammer it out first, though it would be best for D to have it before the Wed WH session."

In the texts, "D" referred to FBI Director James Comey, and and "McDonough" referred to Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, the GOP investigators said.

R: 9 / I: 10 / P: 12

Bad! Church in Australia Perpetrates Blasphemy, Bans The Name Jesus

A church in Australia was told to remove the word “Jesus” from its signs ahead of Easter Sunday. It was deemed "too offensive."

The Daily Mail reported:

A church has been forced to remove the word ‘Jesus’ from its signs ahead of Easter because it has been causing offence.

Elim Church on the Central Coast in New South Wales paid for digital signs to be displayed at Erina Fair shopping centre reading ‘the greatness of His Power’.

Pastor Martin Duffy told 2GB radio that shopping centre manager Lendlease objected to the signs and forced them to be changed to read ‘Risen Christ’ instead of ‘Jesus’.

‘The phrase ‘Jesus is alive’… is the core message of the Christian faith and what Easter’s really all about,’ he said.

‘It’s a good message. I think there’s a minority group out there that are constantly distorting the message of Jesus Christ. It’s just going on and on.’

Elim Church is a West Gosford evangelical church located north of Sydney.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 12

Trump Comments On Gun Control, Will Allow Courts To Decide Age Restrictions, Supports Tougher Background Checks

After the White House announced last night declared that it would back a new Justice Department program to help states train teachers and other school personnel to carry guns, President Trump has weighed in personally in a series of tweets, saying the White House would "watch court cases and rulings" before making a final decision on whether to raise age limits for rifle purchases.

Trump touted the "very strong improvement and strengthening of background checks" - a reference to the bipartisan "Fix NICS" bill that the administration has said it would support- and said "legislation would be moving forward," adding that "bump stocks will soon be out!"

Also, "highly trained expert teachers" would be trained by the state to carry concealed weapons.

Very strong improvement and strengthening of background checks will be fully backed by White House. Legislation moving forward. Bump Stocks will soon be out. Highly trained expert teachers will be allowed to conceal carry, subject to State Law. Armed guards OK, deterrent!.......

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 12, 2018

....On 18 to 21 Age Limits, watching court cases and rulings before acting. States are making this decision. Things are moving rapidly on this, but not much political support (to put it mildly).

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 12, 2018

Trump just reiterated that schools being "gun-free" zones leaves them vulnerable to mass shooters - who wouldn't dare to attack a place if they knew people with guns were there.

If schools are mandated to be gun free zones, violence and danger are given an open invitation to enter. Almost all school shootings are in gun free zones. Cowards will only go where there is no deterrent!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 12, 2018

Last night, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said she will chair a government commission exploring steps to prevent school violence, per Politico.

"We are committed to working quickly because there’s no time to waste," DeVos said on a conference call with reporters. "No student, no family, no teacher and no school should have to live the horror of Parkland or Sandy Hook or Columbine again."

The commission's work is expected to be completed within a year.

Trump's comments about the age-limit legislation represents yet another position-shift. Trump initially promised that the NRA would sanction lifting age limits, but was then forced to walk it back.

However, Florida Gov. Rick Scott just signed a bill raising the age limit on rifle purchases to 21 in his state after it initially faced opposition from Republicans.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 12

DC Lawmaker Admits Rothschilds Control White House & World Bank

A Washington D.C. lawmaker has blown the whistle on how the Rothschilds secretly control the American government and World Bank on behalf of the New World Order.

According to D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr., the House of Rothschild have controlled governments around the world for hundreds of years.

“There’s this whole concept with the Rothschilds — control the World Bank, as we all know — infusing dollars into major cities,” said White, according to video footage released after the official meeting earlier this month. “They really pretty much control the federal government, and now they have this concept called resilient cities in which they are using their money and influence into local cities.” reports:

According to the video, no one challenged the councilmen and his statements were accepted at face value. It was essentially a non-story until the Washington Post got ahold of it and ran a story calling his remarks “anti-semitic.”

Had White called them hateful names or bashed them on their religion and culture, this certainly could be the case. However, simply criticizing a group who wields massive influence over the world due to their centuries of control in the banking industry is hardly anti-semitic.

However, White provided fodder for the Post when he took to Facebook after his remarks and oddly suggested that the Rothschilds can control the weather too.

As the Post reports, White’s views didn’t draw public criticism until Sunday, when The Washington Post published an article about his recent Facebook posting that suggested a brief snowfall in the District was “climate control” by the Rothschilds, who “create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities.”

It is most certainly outlandish to claim that the Rothschilds can control the weather. However, it is not anti-semitic and calling it so is irresponsible on behalf of the Post.

It is also important to point out that the Rothschild family is indeed one of the most influential groups of people in the world and this influence comes in spite of their documented criminal behavior. Their massive influence is also important to point out because most of it is wielded without holding any form of a public office.

Money is simply thrown around the world to maintain their power.

R: 8 / I: 3 / P: 12

Communists Want Medical Dictatorship To Control And Mandate What You Can and Cannot Eat

There is no doubt that some of us make incredibly poor decisions when it comes to the food we eat. From processed “box” meals to plenty of junk food, it is probably true to say that the American diet is one of the worst in the world. And this lack of nutrition has become especially apparent in recent years with the increase in the number of people with obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle related illnesses.

Nonetheless, while many of us could probably use some guidance and assistance in making healthier food choices, very few of us would like the right to choose what we eat taken away from us entirely.

The magazine claims that technology should be utilized to “help us eat better,” and says that the time is coming very soon when doctors will write out food prescriptions to be delivered to our doors via a food service, cooked by your “smart” stove and restocked by your “smart” refrigerator.

That is, if the sheeple ever allow them. The communist propaganda explains:

"Soon your doctor will prescribe more than medicine to get you healthy and keep you that way. That means prescribing technology to help you monitor your condition and maintain your wellness. By this point, the doctor has also diagnosed any conditions you might have and has prescribed a meal plan for you. Food will be delivered and cooked for you with a lot less effort than previously.

Your obedient compliance to this “prescription” will then be monitored by “prescribed medical wearables or other devices,” which will report back directly to your doctor via smart apps. The article even claims quite proudly, though it’s hard to see why, that there may be devices that will analyze your bodily excretions and scan your internal organs – always reporting back to your doctor, of course."

There are several problems with this whole scenario, the most glaring being the fact that the doctors who would be writing these “food prescriptions” receive virtually no training regarding nutrition in medical school. Many of them still believe in the debunked carbohydrate-loaded food pyramid, and have no knowledge about the dangers of sugar, how polyphenols, antioxidants, etc.

How would they be in the best position, then, to dictate and control the food their patients eat?

Americans need to grow some balls already and tell these communist propagandists to take a hike off a tall cliff! Also, all the so-called "smart devices" are used to spy on you! Buy this crap at your own privacy risks.

Learn how to become better prepared @ >>>/endtimes/7

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 13

Kremlin Leaks Old Top Secret Soviet Plan To Destroy The Untited States From Within

A disturbing new Federal Security Service (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that the communist ruled People's Republic of China (PRC) now has in its possession the complete Committee for State Security (KGB) “master file” plan that details how to destroy the United States “from within”—and whose over 37,000 pages of the most highly classified information ever produced by the former Soviet Union were treasonously provided to the Chinese Ministry of State Security by former FSB officer Maxim Kondratyev and his accomplice Namsaray Dambayev—both of whom received 200,000 yuan ($31,500) from the Chinese, but whose convictions for high-treason, yesterday, will not allow them to spend it from their new homes in the maximum-security penal colonies they’ll both now reside in for multiple years.

According to this report, in the aftermath of World War II, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin, in his knowing that the Soviets could never win an outright conflict against the United States, ordered the KGB to conduct what could very possibly be the world’s most extensive national psychological profile—whose stated goal was to provide a roadmap to destroy the United States “from within”—whose general outline was read into the US Congressional Record on 10 January 1963—and whose most important goals to destroy America were:

Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

Gain control of all student newspapers.

Use student riots to foment public protests

Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural and healthy.”

Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”

Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

R: 1 / I: 3 / P: 13

Despite Fix-NICS Passing and Bump Stock Ban, Communists Still Not Happy As They March For Total Gun Bans

It seems gun owners were correct all along when warning the real agenda behind "gun control" was to enforce gun confiscation.

Despite RINOs recently caving in and supporting the Fix-NICS Act; which expands the background check process to local and state law enforcement and other agencies; and despite Trump promising to ban the Obama-approved bump stocks, young communists across the country are being bussed into Washington DC with Soros-sponsored groups calling for disarming the American people.

Calls for such treason and blatant attacks against our Constitution highlight the demise of the United States, into something akin to the USSR.

This should be a warning to all gun owners to be prepared for future conflict. If you have not gotten what you need in order to defend yourself and family you best do so soon. Many politicians, such as Biden, have promised they will work to subjugate the American population and confiscate our firearms. Attempting such treason could result in a civil war, at the time the American Empire is being weakened and challenged on a global scale.

Americans should take heed of what gun confiscation clearly leads to: mass murder and tyranny. History is repeating itself. These treasonous despots will not be satisfied until you are disarmed by the State, or killed by the State.

Take your time to learn how to become prepared and ready for unrest and societal collapse here: >>>/endtimes/7

Here is a slew or articles calling for total gun bans:

R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 13

Haha! Facebook Collapsing After Exposed For Leaking User Data To Thousands of Third Parties

It has recently been revealed that the research firm Cambridge Analytica secretly collected the private data and information of 50 million Facebook users in order to determine their voting patterns based on personality. The shocking revelation has prompted millions of Internet users to take to Twitter and participate in the #DeleteFacebook campaign, urging others to get rid of their Facebook account for good.

It turns out that Facebook is already starting to feel the negative effects of this boycott. As reported by Newsweek, “Facebook shares dropped by more than six percent, slashing over $30 billion from the company’s valuation.” Even Mark Zuckerberg’s wallet isn’t safe – according to Forbes, his personal net worth has dropped by an astonishing $5 billion. This is exactly what happens when you tell the American people that you are running a social media site, when in reality, you’re running a surveillance organization that spies on users without their knowledge or consent.

To add insult to injury, a former Facebook platform operations manager by the name of Sandy Parakilas has stepped forward, claiming that the company routinely participated in “horrifying” misuse of user data, and that Facebook actually preferred to have “no idea” what third parties were doing with the information that they were given.

“My concerns were that all of the data that left Facebook servers to developers could not be monitored by Facebook, so we had no idea what developers were doing with the data,” Parakilas explained. “It has been painful watching… Because I know that they could have prevented it.” He added that once the information went out to third parties, there was “no insight into what was going on,” which put Facebook in a better legal position because they could claim that they weren’t aware of any abuse or mishandling of data.

But this former Facebook employee isn’t the only who has criticized the social media giant recently. Just days ago, CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden took to Twitter to launch a blistering attack at Zuckerberg, his team, and how they run the business: “Businesses that make money by collecting and selling detailed records of private lives were once plainly described as ‘surveillance companies,’” he wrote, adding, “Their rebranding as ‘social media’ is the most successful deception since the Department of War became the Department of Defense.” Snowden went on to accuse Facebook of making money by “exploiting and selling intimate details about the private lives of millions, far beyond the scant details you voluntarily post.”

Above all else, this is a liberty issue. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution was put in place in order to defend the American people from this sort of abuse, and beyond that, its purpose was to prevent America’s government and institutions from moving in the direction towards tyranny. If companies like Facebook actually respected the Constitution, then none of this would be happening.

R: 46 / I: 7 / P: 13

Uber CEO Halts All Autonomous Car Tests After Deadly Crash

As we detailed earlier, Tempe, Arizona police report that a self-driving Uber vehicle was in autonomous mode when it was involved in a deadly crash overnight.

As ABC15 reports, the crash occurred near Mill Avenue and Curry Road early Monday morning.

The Uber vehicle was reportedly headed northbound when a woman walking outside of the crosswalk was struck.

The woman was taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries.

Tempe Police says the vehicle was in autonomous mode at the time of the crash and a vehicle operator was also behind the wheel.

Police added in a statement that the woman’s “next of kin has not been notified yet so her name is not being released at this time. Uber is assisting and this is still an active investigation.”

In a brief statement from an Uber spokesperson, they confirm:

“We are fully cooperating with local authorities in their investigation of this incident.”

And Bloomberg reports that Uber will now halt all autonomous car-testing in all cities (including San Francisco, Phoenix, and Pittsburgh).

Two questions come to mind - was the women crossing the road on Facebook at the time (Zuckerberg's fault) and/or was the car hacked by Russia? (HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!).

This is the first pedestrian killed by an autonomous vehicle.

As Tiffany Li - (@tiffanycli) notes, who should be liable for this death? Uber? The car manufacturer? The software programmers? Tech lawyers have debated this question for decades. If this goes to trial, we'll soon have an answer.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi tweeted of the "incredibly sad news"...

Some incredibly sad news out of Arizona. We’re thinking of the victim’s family as we work with local law enforcement to understand what happened.

— dara khosrowshahi (@dkhos) March 19, 2018

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YouTube Is Banning Gun Tutorials, Now They’re Re-appearing On Pornhub and Elsewhere


YouTube today updated its policies on videos containing firearm and firearm modifications, banning demo videos, how-tos, and anything containing links to sites that sell guns. Needless to say, the gun enthusiast community on the site is not taking happy about it, and some are starting to find unconventional new hosts for their content.

According to YouTube’s updated policies, it will no longer allow content that:

…intends to sell firearms or certain firearms accessories through direct sales (e.g., private sales by individuals) or links to sites that sell these items …Provides instructions on manufacturing a firearm, ammunition, high capacity magazine, homemade silencers/suppressors, or certain firearms accessories such as those listed above. This also includes instructions on how to convert a firearm to automatic or simulated automatic firing capabilities, [or] Shows users how to install the above-mentioned accessories or modifications.

The community is already starting to feel the pressure, as several channels are seeing videos disappear, according to Motherboard. One popular channel, Spike’s Tactical, was taken down entirely for content that, according to a notice posted to the channel’s Facebook page, “promotes violent or dangerous acts.” The channel has since been reinstated, and YouTube told Bloomberg the takedown was a mistake.

At least one of the vloggers in question has turned to a different platform: PornHub. InRangeTV, a channel with over 100,000 subscribers, said in a statement on Facebook that it was “merely looking for a safe harbor for our content and for our viewers.” It also said, “YouTube’s recent update on their policy towards firearm content is extremely poorly worded and open ended.”

We’ll have to wait and see if other gun enthusiasts follow InRange over to PornHub and other video sites like Vimeo. (Oh, don't worry! We will!)

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US Govt Doubles Down With Debt Insolvency, War Hawking and Trade Wars As US Empire Declines Into Third World

US empire is in decline. Reports of the end of the US being the unitary power in world affairs are common, as are predictions of the end of US empire. China surpassed the United States as the world economic leader according to Purchasing Power Parity Gross National Product, and Russia announced new weapons that can overcome the US’ defense systems.

What is happening in the United States, in response, is to do more of what has been causing the decline. As the Pentagon outlined in its post-primacy report, the US’ plan is more money, more aggression and more surveillance. Congress voted nearly unanimously to give the Pentagon tens of billions more than it requested. Military spending will now consume 57% of federal discretionary spending, leaving less for basic necessities. The Trump administration’s new nominees to the State Department and CIA are a war hawk and a torturer. And the Democrat’s “Blue Wave” is composed of security state candidates.

The US is escalating an arms race with Russia and China. This may create the mirror image of President Reagan forcing Russia to spend so much on its military that it aided in the break-up of the Soviet Union. The US economy cannot handle more military spending, worsening austerity when most people in the US are in financial distress.

This is an urgent situation for all people in the world. In the US, we carry an extra burden as citizens of empire to do what we can to oppose US imperialism. We must be clear that it is time to end wars and other tools of regime change, to become a cooperative member of the world community and to prioritize the needs of people and protection of the planet.

This week, President Trump fired Secretary of State Tillerson, nominated CIA director Mike Pompeo for the State Department and chose Gina Haspel to replace Pompeo at the CIA. As we write this newsletter, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster is on the verge of being fired [since been fired and replaced by uber-hawk John Bolton]. The deck chairs are being rearranged on the Titanic but this will not correct the course of a failing foreign policy.

The Pompeo and Haspel nominations are controversial. Pompeo believes torturers are patriots. He is a war hawk on every conflict and competing country, including Russia and especially Iran. And, unlike Tillerson, who stood up to Trump on occasion, Pompeo kisses-up to Trump, defending his every move. Haspel led a CIA black site torture center and ordered destruction of evidence to obstruct torture investigations.

The Democrat’s record on torture is not good. President Obama said he would not prosecute Bush era torturers, infamously saying, “we need to look forwards as opposed to looking backwards.” John Brennan who was complicit in Bush-era torture, withdrew under pressure from becoming CIA director in 2008, instead becoming Deputy National Security Adviser, which did not require confirmation. After Obama’s re-election, Brennan became Obama’s CIA director.

Brennan was inconsistent on whether torture worked. He tried to elevate Haspel, but the controversy around her prevented it. When the CIA spied on the US Senate Intelligence committee over their torture report, Brennan originally lied, denying the spying, but was later forced to admit it. He was not held accountable by either the Democrats or Obama.

Haspel headed a black site in Thailand where torture was carried out. She ordered the destruction of 92 secret tapes documenting torture even thoughthe Senate Judiciary requested the tapes, as had a federal judge in a criminal trial. According to a federal court order, the tapes should have been turned over to comply with a FOIA request. Counsel for the White House and CIAsaid the tapes should have been preserved. Haspel’s actions should lead to prosecution, not to a promotion as head of the agency, as CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou, who exposed torture and served time in prison for it, reminds us.

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US Govt Threatens Sanctions Against European Firms Participating In Russian Gas Pipeline Project

The US State Department is warning European corporations that they will face sanctions if they participate in the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

They claim that the project would undermine energy security in Europe

Earlier this week, 28 Senate Republicans and 11 Democrats signed a letter, urging the White House to use all tools at its disposal to prevent the construction of Nord Stream 2.

They don’t want Russia to be in a position to influence Europe, which would, they claim, be “detrimental”. Their preferred method to implement this obstructionist policy is the use of sanctions.

Zero Hedge reports:

“As many people know, we oppose the Nord Stream 2 project, the US government does,” said State Department spokeswoman, Heather Nauert at a Tuesday press briefing. “We believe that the Nord Stream 2 project would undermine Europe’s overall energy security and stability. It would provide Russia [with] another tool to pressure European countries, especially countries such as Ukraine.”

And speaking of Ukraine, recall that in 2014, shortly after the US State Department facilitated the presidential coup in Ukraine, Joe Biden’s son Hunter joined the board of directors of Burisma, Ukraine’s largest oil and gas company. Surely that was merely a coincidence.

The project which began in 2015 is a joint venture between Russia’s Gazprom and European partners, including German Uniper, Austria’s OMV, France’s Engie, Wintershall and the British-Dutch multinational Royal Dutch Shell. The pipeline is set to run from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea – doubling the existing pipeline’s capacity of 55 cubic meters per year.

Nauert said that Washington may introduce punitive measures against participants in the pipeline project – which could be implemented using a provision in the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

“At the State Department, we have spent a lot of time speaking with our partners and allies overseas to explain to them the ramifications of CAATSA and how an individual or a company or a country can run afoul against CAATSA and fall into sanctions,” Nauert said. “We don’t tend to comment on sanctions actions but we’ve been clear that firm steps against the Russian energy export pipeline sector could – if they engage in that kind of business – they could expose themselves to sanctions under CAATSA.”

Several EU nations, particularly Germany, have repeatedly expressed interest in participating in Nord Stream 2, however the pipeline has been opposed by several minor bloc nations, including Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Hungary. Ukrainian authorities are also staunchly against the project, as it bypasses Ukraine and would impact them monetarily.

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Police seek help in identifying propane tank thief

Fayetteville police are trying to identify a man they say stole 12 propane tanks from a convenience store on Legion Road.

The theft happened about 11:40 p.m. Monday at the Legion Mart at 2425 Legion Road, a police news release said.

Investigators said the locks to the propane storage bin were cut, giving the man access to the tanks.

The man drove away in an older model Nissan Maxima.

Police have released photos taken from surveillance cameras and are asking anyone with information to call the Police Department at 703-1058 or Crimestoppers at 483-TIPS (8477).

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US Congress Refuses To Secure Border, Further Destabilizing America

The omnibus spending bill, passed by the Republican-controlled House and Senate, will allow more illegal aliens to be released into the United States after they are caught crossing the southern border through the “Catch and Release” program.

The spending bill, which Trump signed despite opposition from conservatives and his base of supporters, paves way for the Catch and Release program to not only continue, but increase in its use.

Catch and Release is the process where illegal aliens caught by federal immigration officials are released back into the U.S. until their immigration court hearing. Part of the reason for their release into the country is because the federal government refuses to fund the space needed to detain illegal aliens until their hearing. This is an open act of war against the Untited States.

Likewise, the spending bill does not meet Trump’s previous requirements when it comes to hiring new Border Patrol agents. For example, Trump requested “$300 million to recruit, hire, and train 500 new Border Patrol Agents” last year.

The spending bill, though, only funds $7 million to hire about 350 Customs and Border Protection (CBP) “law enforcement officers” who may not end up being trained as Border Patrol agents.

The lack of funding for ICE and Border Patrol is likely to result in continued pressure and strain on the federal immigration agencies. Both agencies have been under-funded for years while trying to detain the increased number of illegal aliens crossing the southern border every day, and also attempting to find, arrest, and deport the 12 to 30 million illegal aliens currently living in the U.S.

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P.E.I. propane prices tumble

The price of propane took a big tumble, while gas was down a little and heating oil remained steady, in the mid-month price adjustment from P.E.I.'s Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission.

Propane prices were down different amounts depending on the dealer. Here are the changes in the bulk delivery price.

Irving: Down 4 cents to 82.9 cents/litre.Kenmac: Down 9 cents to 80.5 cents/litre.Superior: Down 8.4 cents to 81.5 cents/litre.

The price of regular, self-serve gasoline, including taxes, fell to a minimum of $1.149, down 1.9 cents.

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Sick! Bill Gates is helping India win its war on human waste

October, 2, 2019 is an important date for India's government.

Coinciding with the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's birth, it marks the proposed finish line for "Clean India," the country's ambitious plan to install 75 million toilets around the country.

Right now, 600,000 of the world's 1.7 million who die annually from unsafe water and sanitation (due primarily to open, unclean toilets) live in India. As billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates recently wrote on his blog, those kinds of conditions make a plan like Clean India worthy of both praise and financial support.

Over the past several years, The Gates Foundation has donated millions in aid and grant money to both federal governments and private companies. Some of those donations were used to created high-tech toilets for use in low-income countries.

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Bad! Rosenberg sees near-term US importer challenges in shrimp, crab, lobster

Strong farmed shrimp supply means a positive outlook for revenue for US importers in 2018, but also margin pressure, said Bryan Rosenberg, the CEO of Tri-Union Frozen Foods, which trades as Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods (COSFF).

Along with thin margins on shrimp, Rosenberg, who sold his stake in US importer COSFF to Thai Union Group in October 2016, but stayed on as top executive, anticipates “headwinds” on blue swimming crab, snow crab and lobster. Shrimp makes up over 50% of COSFF’s business, with blue swimming crab; snow crab; lobster; finfish, and scallops making up the bulk of the rest.

“I’m optimistic about the relative value of the shrimp category this year. The supply forecast looks strong, and that generally leads to more consumption and opportunities. But I am not as optimistic about importer margins, which are under pressure,” he told Undercurrent News.

“When you have an oversupply condition, everyone in the middle of the supply chain is under pressure. The shrimp market is so fragmented--there are so many people in it and offering it,” he said.

A rosy shrimp supply picture was presented during the Global Seafood Market Conference (GSMC) in Miami, Florida, organized by the US National Fisheries Institute.

Strong growth from India, a recovery in China and increased production from other Asian and Latin American countries will drive global shrimp production past 3.5 million metric tons in 2018, according to the shrimp panel at the GSMC.

The panel is more bearish than the production level presented during the 2017 Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership (GOAL) in Dublin, Ireland, however. During GOAL, a level of close to 4.5m metric tons was presented for that year.

India -- which supplied 213,956t of shrimp to the US in 2017, worth $2.17 billion -- is forecasted to grow dramatically in the coming years, according to the GSMC panel.

Indian government data shows production of 497,622t for the 2015/2016-year, with the GSMC shrimp panel estimating 566,000t in 2016/2017, 697,000t in 2017/2018 and 757,000t in 2018/2019. India is bullishly targeting 1m metric tons of production in 2020.

This can be tapped by Thai Union and COSFF. Thai Union has started processing in its new, state-of-the-art joint venture plant with Avanti Feeds. The plant, Avanti Frozen Foods, will give COSFF more shrimp to sell into the US market with a vertically integrated story behind it, said Rosenberg.

Rosenberg’s comments on the strong supply picture for 2018 are backed up by forecasts for Indonesia, Ecuador, China, Vietnam and Thailand presented during the GSMC.

Indonesia, which is the next largest supplier to the US market after India, also dramatically increased production in 2017 and should also up the level in 2018, according to the GSMC panel.

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Mad! Global TriMethylol Propane Market Size 2018- ( Chang Chun, Perstorp, Oxea, Mistubish gas, BCC, Polioli and Lanxess)

The research report on Global TriMethylol Propane Market 2018 keenly identifies important facets of the industry. The analysis covers TriMethylol Propane market size, current trends, drivers, challenges, opportunities, as well as key TriMethylol Propane market segments. It is based on historical data and current TriMethylol Propane market needs. Also entails different TriMethylol Propane business approaches adopted by the decision makers. That strengthens TriMethylol Propane growth and make a superior stand in the industry. The TriMethylol Propane market will grow with a significant CAGR during 2018 to 2022. The report isolates the entire TriMethylol Propane market on the basis of key players, regions, applications, and types.

To begin with, it figures out major TriMethylol Propane industry frameworks, rules, regulations, and policies. Then presents an estimation of TriMethylol Propane market share, market dynamics, and leading players. Later, it lists out new TriMethylol Propane propositions to improve business values. In addition, it discovers the TriMethylol Propane market status, current/future projects, consumption and growth rate. It also looks for world TriMethylol Propane market chain analysis, cost and price of raw material. Moreover, it reveals TriMethylol Propane downstream/upstream analysis, and import/export details.

The study provides basic details of the product such as TriMethylol Propane scope, segmentation, overview. Likewise, it covers demand/supply statistics, TriMethylol Propane investment feasibility, and factors that inhibit the growth of an industry. Particularly, it presents TriMethylol Propane product demand, annual revenue and growth aspects of the industry. The upcoming TriMethylol Propane market sections along with the current ones help key players, decision makers, and readers to plan various TriMethylol Propane business approaches accordingly.

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Good! Scientists Have Discovered Method To Destroy Cancer Tumors Using Nothing But Sound Waves

A recent breakthrough in high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy (HIFU) technology has proven its use as an effective cancer treatment. A multi-institutional research team from China developed a semi-enclosed, spherical cavity transducer that can produce a focused, standing-wave field with a subwavelength-scale focal region and extremely high ultrasound intensity. The spherical cavity transducer appeared to generate tighter focal regions and greater pressure amplitude compared with the traditional concave spherical transducer. Researchers said the level of intensity generated by the new transducer design may lead to significant improvements in HIFU therapy. The findings were published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

HIFU is a non-invasive, targeted treatment that makes use of sound waves to eradicate cancer cells. HIFU uses an ultrasonic transducer to convert electrical signals into sound waves, then concentrates ultrasound into a small focal region to raise the temperature to more than 65 decrees Celsius, thereby killing cancer cells in the process without inducing damage to surrounding tissues. The technique works in the same manner as focusing sunlight through a lens, which helps eliminate the disease-causing cells.

HIFU can be used as an alternative to traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery.

High-intensity focused ultrasound therapy proved to be a highly-effective cancer treatment in various studies and clinical trials.

For instance, researchers at the University College Hospital in London examined 625 men with prostate cancer and found that 93 percent of patients who underwent HIFU alone remained cancer-free at five years following the treatment, without requiring surgery or radiotherapy. Data also showed that only one to two percent of patients who had HIFU treatment suffered long-term urinary incontinence, compared with 10 to 20 percent of patients who had surgery. In addition, only 15 percent of patients in the HIFU group developed erectile dysfunction compared with 30 to 60 percent of surgical patients.

“The results of this study are impressive and have the potential to transform prostate cancer treatment for many men in the future. It is extremely exciting technology and these results show that in men diagnosed early by prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood testing, this targeted therapy could be as effective as surgery to remove the whole prostate gland or radiotherapy and cause far fewer side effects,” said study co-author Tim Dudderidge.

The findings were presented at an annual meeting of the European Association of Urology in Munich, Germany.

A British clinical trial funded by the Medical Research Council has also found that 95 percent of patients who underwent HIFU therapy for prostate cancer remained cancer-free at 12 months after the treatment. The researchers also found that none of the respondents suffered urinary incontinence during the follow-up period.

Researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada have developed a new technique that uses focused sound waves to activate minute particles known as nanodroplets. According to the researchers, the new technique was as accurate as using needles in biopsy.

“With a little bit of ultrasound energy, nanodroplets phase-change into microbubbles. That’s important because ultrasound can really oscillate these microbubbles. The microbubbles absorb of the ultrasound energy and then act like boxing gloves to punch the tumor cells and knock little vesicles off. That led us to detect some genes that were indicative of the aggressiveness of the tumour. That’s potentially very powerful. You can get a genetic characterization of the tumour, but do it relatively non-invasively,” said engineering professor Roger Zemp.

The findings were published in the journal Cancer Research:

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Trade War: China Responds To Steel and Aliminum Tariffs, Targets 128 US Goods

Beijing will take measures against the 128 U.S. goods in two stages if it cannot reach an agreement with Washington, the ministry said, adding that it could take legal action under World Trade Organization rules.

Asian stock markets took a dive on the news, with Japan's Nikkei index sliding as much as 4 percent.

The Friday response from Beijing is relatively measured, experts told CNBC.

The decision to target $3 billion in U.S. imports is significant, "but it's not a lot in terms of the total U.S.-China relationship," said economist Tony Nash, who is CEO and founder of data analytics firm Complete Intelligence.

Chinese imports from the U.S. are expected to hit $172 billion this year, he pointed out.

Trump signed an executive memorandum on Thursday that will impose tariffs on up to $60 billion in Chinese imports. "This is the first of many" trade actions, the president said. The new measures will primarily target certain products in the technology sector where Beijing holds an advantage over Washington.

That followed Trump's executive order earlier this month that imposed broad duties on foreign aluminum and steel imports — an action that many said could trigger a global trade war.

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BAD! Congress Just Passed The Worst Bill In History, Ending Internet Freedom As We Know It


The US Senate just passed one of the worst bills in recent memory, the so-called "Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act" (FOSTA) that cleared the House of Representatives in late February.

This is the measure that would make online prostitution ads a federal crime and decimate Section 230 of the CDA, the federal provision shielding web publishers and platforms from certain legal liabilities for the things that users post. It's largely portrayed as a response to Backpage, but its reach goes far far beyond that.

"In the absence of Section 230, the internet as we know it would shrivel," warned Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) from the Senate floor Wednesday. "Civic organizations protecting their right to free speech could be [ruined] by their more powerful political opponents" and "there would be an enormous chilling effect on speech in America." That's why big companies like Facebook like efforts like this to weaken it, Wyden added—"because it would pull up the ladder in the tech world" so new companies couldn't afford to get in.

[Section 230 protects online platforms from liability for some types of speech by their users. Without Section 230, the Internet would look very different. It’s likely that many of today’s online platforms would never have formed or received the investment they needed to grow and scale—the risk of litigation would have simply been too high. Similarly, in absence of Section 230 protections, noncommercial platforms like Wikipedia and the Internet Archive likely wouldn’t have been founded given the high level of legal risk involved with hosting third-party content.]

Wyden stressed that he's been highly proactive on measures that could actually helps victims of sexual exploitation. But FOSTA "is not going to prevent sex trafficking [and] it's not going to stop young people from becoming victims," he noted. In fact, "the legislation before the Senate is going to make it harder, not easier, to root out and prosecute sex traffickers."

This isn't just Wyden's opinion. The Department of Justice has not only called FOSTA unconstitutional; it says the legislation will "create additional elements that prosecutors must prove at trial," thereby making it harder to get guilty parties convicted.

"You're heading in the wrong direction if you [pass a bill] that would raise the burden of proof in cases against sex traffickers," Wyden chastised his colleagues. He was one of two senators today—along with Rand Paul (R-Kentucky)—to vote against the measure.

Another downside: Under FOSTA, any attempts by a website or app to filter out bad content could lead to more legal liability. The only way for companies to stay safe will be to completely give up on content moderation and trying to stop illegal ads from getting through. An amendment to FOSTA, offered by Sen. Wyden, would have closed this loophole, but it was shot down by a large majority.

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Congress Increases Debt By One Trillion for Insolvent US Govt In New Keynesian Spending Spree (Details...)

Despite Rand Paul and a handful of other conservative Senators's best efforts to kill it, the upper chamber easily passed the long-awaited $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill early Friday morning - sending a bill that would lock in federal funding for the rest of the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30, to President Trump's desk.

The final 65-32 vote resulted from a week of all-night bargaining sessions and repeated delays before the text of the 2,000+ page bill was released Wednesday morning.

Paul and other conservatives complained that the budget would've been adamantly rejected by Republicans if Obama was still in the White House. Republicans touted an $80 billion increase in military spending - which Trump touted as the largest increase in military spending ever - while Democrats highlighted an additional $63 billion in domestic spending, per Bloomberg.

Senator John Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican who opposed the bill, also hinted that he too might try to force a shutdown by delaying the vote after criticizing the vote's "price tag".

"It sucks," Kennedy said of the spending measure. "No thought whatsoever to adding over a trillion dollars in debt."

In a move that infuriated his fellow Senators, Sen. Jim Risch of Idaho almost sunk the bill after learning that it included language to name an Idaho forest for Cecil Andrus, the former Democratic governor and Carter administration Interior Secretary who died last year. Andrus and Risch were longtime political rivals, per the Wall Street Journal.

The unceasing squabbling over the bill frustrated many lawmakers, including Bob Corker, who loudly complained about the repeated delays to the vote, per Politico.

"This is ridiculous. This is juvenile," fumed Sen. Bob Corker, who asked McConnell for an explanation of why the chamber was in at midnight. "What has occurred over the last 11 hours that keeps us here voting on a bill that we all know is going to pass?"

The $1.6 billion funding for border security is far less than the Trump administration had demanded. Less than half of that money will be used to build about 33 miles of fencing and levees along Texas' border with Mexico. The White House had initially demanded $25 billion. meanwhile, Democrats won several major concession - particularly regarding immigration enforcement inside the US. The bill provides for minimal increases in funding for enforcement officers.

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RED ALERT! US Congress Working To SHUT DOWN All Image Boards, Pastebin Sites, Alternative Social Media Platforms


The US House of Representatives has just passed a bill called FOSTA (the “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act”). This bill is headed to the senate. It needs to be stopped.

This bill is, as the name implies, ostensibly intended to fight sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is awful, and should be fought. But a lot of sex trafficking experts think that this bill won’t have that effect. That it will actually make things much worse for sex workers. For example, those sex trafficking victims that are supposed to be protected may suddenly find it illegal to talk about their experiences. Whoops.

That’s probably reason enough not to pass it, or at least to go back and take another look. But that’s not the end of the story.

An amendment slipped into the bill also proposes to override section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Without overstating the case in any way, CDA 230 is the reason small companies like ours can exist. It protects us from liability for the actions and content of our customers. That means if you don’t like what one of our customers has to say, you can’t sue us about it. The First Amendment is great, and we love it, but in everyday practice, CDA 230 is what keeps rich people and companies from filing nuisance lawsuits to force us to either censor our customers at their behest or drown in legal fees. They know that, and they hate it.

As the EFF has pointed out, if this protection is weakened, pretty soon the small voices will be silenced. Not because what they have to say is illegal, but simply because it might be. Fear of liability will force providers like us to either moderate all the content that appears on our service — massively Orwellian and expensive — or simply proactively disallow anything that might possibly create liability. Or just shut down and leave the Internet to the likes of Facebook.

In that climate, the only people who will be able to have websites will be people who can afford teams of lawyers and people who only say things so boring that they don’t run any risk of creating liability. Remember when mass communication consisted of three broadcast TV channels and everything said on them had to be approved by the channel’s “Standards & Practices” department, which censored much more than any law required them to because that was cheaper than fighting? Do you miss those days?

If you’re not that worried about us, that’s fine. Here’s why you should still care. Does your website have a forum? Does your blog allow comments? Do you have a feedback form? A wiki? Could someone post spam anywhere on your site offering sex for money? If so, enjoy your ten years in Federal prison. (And yes, we’ve seen several cases where people engaging in illegal activity find unmonitored corners of sites that allow user-contributed content and use them to communicate. We act to shut that down when we find out about it, but we’re strongly against sending the operators of those sites — or us — to prison for “facilitating” those communications.)

This sort of crackdown on online communication has been attempted several times in the past, usually around intellectual property. (Remember SOPA, PIPA, etc.?) But intellectual property owners, despite being good lobbyists, aren’t very sympathetic public figures. Sex trafficking victims are.

That is definitely reason enough not to pass it. But that’s still not the end of the story.

If you live in the United States and you ever took even a high-school level civics class, you probably ran across the concept of an ex post facto law. This refers to a situation where, if I’m in government and you do something legal that I don’t like, I make a law against it, I make that law retroactive, and then I use it to prosecute you for what you already did. That’s not how law works, and it’s not allowed.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 14

ALERT! Communist Traitors In Congress Hiding Gun Control Laws In New Spending Bill!

The Republicans' massive $1.3 trillion "omnibus" spending bill has at least one enthusiastic fan: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

Schumer proudly proclaimed Thursday that the deal shows that America's "era of austerity" has "come to an end."

The New York control freak also praised the inclusion of new gun control measures, but said Congress will eventually need to pass additional gun restrictions as well.

One of the provisions would bolster reporting to the federal background checks system for gun purchases. A separate proposal would authorize $75 million this year for school safety training, metal detectors and other infrastructure, and to create systems for anonymous reporting of threats. For further years, it would provide $100 million a year until 2028.

UPDATE: This afternoon, the House passed the Omnibus spending bill by a vote of 255-167. The measure now goes to the Senate. Gun owners can call their senators at 202-224-3121 and urge them to support a filibuster and oppose the anti-gun omnibus bill.

Sen. Rand Paul still hasn't seen the details of a new budget bill that's likely to be 1,000 pages long — and he's not pleased.

That matters because it was Paul, R-Ky., who last month single-handedly prevented Congress from speedily moving ahead on a sweeping budget deal, triggering a short government shutdown as he protested his own Republican party’s deficit spending.

This time, Paul hasn't yet decided on whether he'll seek to slow the measure, but he's clearly unhappy with the closed door talks, telling McClatchy in an interview this is a "rotten, terrible, no good way to run your government."

"You have to know what's in it," Paul said. "Really, should we be looking at 1,000 page bills with 24 hours to decide what's in them? It's really not a good way to run your government."

"That's why I gave them a piece of my mind the last time around. I'm upset that we're spending like every Democrat that we criticized," Paul said. "I ran for office because I thought the Obama spending and trillion dollar annual deficits were a real problem for our country and now Republicans are doing the same thing.

“So I'm giving them the same grief I gave Obama."

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US To File WTO Suit Against China For Trade Law Violations

Yesterday, a flurry of media reports pertaining to the size of anti-China tariffs, and the timing of their announcement, suggested that the Trump team was still working to iron out the details. But with less than five hours to go until Trump's 12:30 ET announcement, the Wall Street Journal quietly reported Thursday morning that the US is also expected to announce a lawsuit against China at the World Trade Organization for trade law violations. The tariffs would be assessed separately without going to the WTO.

The aggressive move comes a day after the WTO said on Wednesday that the US "did not fully comply with a 2014 ruling against its anti-subsidy tariffs on a range of Chinese products." Indeed, the WTO has ruled against the US and US companies several times in recent years. That was the perceived advantage of pursuing actions under Section 301 of the US Trade Act: It would allow the Trump administration to effectively circumvent the WTO.

The U.S. is also expected to announce it would sue China at the World Trade Organization for trade law violations. The tariffs would be assessed separately without going to the WTO.

Trump officials had earlier said that the tariffs would apply to about $30 billion in Chinese imports. An accompanying report on Chinese trade practices is expected to estimate that the harm to the U.S. from improper technology transfer to Chinese firms is $30 billion annually. Beijing improperly forces U.S. firms to transfer their technology to Chinese joint venture partners as a requirement to do business in that nation, the U.S. trade officials allege.

It’s not clear why the administration appears to have settled on a larger number. On Wednesday, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said the U.S. was using a computer algorithm it developed to decide which products to target. The U.S. is looking to restrict imports of goods that would harm Beijing, but cause relatively little harm to U.S. consumers and companies.

Trump has said that the tariffs would apply to a list of 100 products, primarily technology exports.

Meanwhile, reports surfaced Thursday that the US would be seeking a dialogue with the European Union about tariffs as Trump insists that the US would never again tolerate unfair trade practices.

For years, China has demanded US companies turn over invaluable source code and other intellectual property as a price of admission to the Chinese market. China has also vowed to retaliate.

Thursday's announcement will be the culmination of an investigation that Trump ordered in August.

Update (10:30 am ET): US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said late Thursday morning that he sees Brazil, Argentina and the EU to be added to the list of exemptions to steel and aluminum tariffs.

Update II (11:00 am ET): A Chinese envoy has reportedly complained to the WTO about the US threatening to bring a case against it when the US had clearly ignored the rules, the envoy claimed.

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Austin Serial Bomber Dead, Blows Himself Up After Shootout With Police

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The Austin serial bomber suspected of delivering six homemade bombs to locations around Austin this month, killing two people, has died after blowing himself up. Less than an hour after CBS Austin released photographs of the suspect at a Fed-X facility, media reported of an officer-involved shooting on I-35 in Round Rock.

Police have identified the dead suspected bomber as a 24-year-old white male, according to the Associated Press.

BREAKING: APD sources tell us that the #AustinBombings suspect is dead after this officer-involved shooting in Round Rock

— CBS Austin (@cbsaustin) March 21, 2018

As CBS Austin reported, police were closing in on the suspect when he killed himself by detonating some sort of explosive device in his car, according to CBS Austin's source. People in the area reported hearing the explosion, the New York Times reported.

According to KVUE, the FBI and police tracked the bomber to a hotel in the Round Rock area using cell phone technology, security video, store receipts before 'engaging him' around 3 am on Wednesday. Then, as officers pursued the suspect a device was detonated, before a volley of gunfire.

CBS Austin reported that police pursued the bomber until he drove his car into a ditch off I-35. As officers approached, the bomber detonated a bomb in his car, killing himself and injuring an officer. CBS added that an 11-year veteran SWAT officer fired on the suspect. He has since been placed on administrative leave.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley says the incident that led to the suspect's death will be investigated by the Austin Police Monitor and the Texas Rangers.

President Donald Trump has tweeted his congratulations to law enforcement and all involved in stopping the bomber.

AUSTIN BOMBING SUSPECT IS DEAD. Great job by law enforcement and all concerned!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 21, 2018

7:55 a.m. update: The suspect in a string of bombings in Austin is dead, interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley confirmed early Wednesday.

The name of the suspect, described only as a 24-year-old white man, has not been released, pending notification of his family, Manley said.

Although police are still investigating the possibility of accomplices, he said, “we believe this individual is responsible for all of the incidents in Austin.”

Manley urged the community to remain vigilant for possible other explosives, adding that “we do not know where (the suspect) has been in the past 24 hours.”

Police have not identified a motive for the string of bombings, Manley said.

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Victims Flee Commiefornia In Record Numbers Due To High Housing Costs, High Tax Rates


Commies still love the beautiful weather and beaches, but more and more they are fed up with the high housing costs and taxes and deciding to flee to lower-cost states such as Nevada, Arizona and Texas.

"There's nowhere in the United States that you can find better weather than here," said Dave Senser, who lives on a fixed income near San Luis Obispo, California, and now plans to move to Las Vegas. "Rents here are crazy, if you can find a place, and they're going to tax us to death. That's what it feels like. At least in Nevada they don't have a state income tax. And every little bit helps."

Senser, 65, who previously lived in the east San Francisco Bay region, said housing costs and gas prices are "significantly lower in Las Vegas. The government in the state of California isn't helping people like myself. That's why people are running out of this state now."

A USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Poll of Californians last fall found that the high cost of living, including housing, was the most important issue facing the state. It also found more than half of Californians wanted to repeal the state's new gas tax, which raised fees by 40 percent.

"The rate at which California has been losing people to other states has accelerated in the past couple of years, in part because of rising housing costs," said Jed Kolko, chief economist with employment website

He said the latest Census Bureau data, from July 2016 to July 2017, show "more people moved out of California to other states than moved in from other states. In other words, California lost people due to domestic migration."

During that 12-month period, California saw a net loss of just over 138,000 people, while Texas had a net increase of more than 79,000 people. Arizona gained more than 63,000 residents, and Nevada gained more than 38,000.

Data from United Van Lines show some of the most popular moving destinations for Californians from 2015 to 2017 were Texas, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Other experts also said Nevada remains a top destination.

Regardless, some people still want to move to California but are finding it tough to do so because of the high cost of housing.

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Good! Record Americans Cutting The Cable Cord, TV Viewership Collapsing, Less People Believe The Deception!

According to a new study, subscriptions to streaming TV services exploded by 450 percent in less than a decade. This has resulted in surge of cord-cutting, those who cancel their cable or satellite packages (pay TV). The result is that pay TV household penetration has collapsed from a years-long hold of 75 percent, to just 63 percent in 2017.

In 2009, only 10 percent of homes subscribed to a streaming TV service (Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc.). By 2017, that number surged to 55 percent, or a 450 percent increase.

With the much cheaper (and commercial-free) option of streaming, this is having a devastating effect on the pay TV service. And this is very good news.

Much of the power and influence of the far-left entertainment and media industry comes from pay TV and has nothing to do with merit, popularity, or value.

The reason your cable bill is $100 a month is because left-wing outlets like ESPN, CNN, MTV, and the like, make money off of your cable bill even if you never watch all the toxic programming each produces to destroy everything you believe in. If CNN is on your cable package, you are funding CNN. Same with a bunch of others.

This is how CNN stays afloat. If CNN was forced to survive only on merit (i.e. advertising revenue based on viewers), the anti-Trump channel would be out of business in a year.

So the cable and satellite TV system has been rigged to ensure that ratings and viewership do not matter. Which means that every canceled pay TV package is a paper cut to the left’s golden goose.

My wife and I cut our $140 a month cable cord almost exactly two years ago. Best decision we ever made. We are no longer funding our own destruction, that toxic sludge is not allowed into our home, and those 20 minutes of commercials every hour are not missed at all. There is nothing we miss about cable TV. Quite the contrary. All the news we want is online, all the entertainment we want is much cheaper (and commercial-free) through a streaming service.

For $25 a month, we have access to more TV than we could possibly want to watch through Netflix, Amazon, and a British service. Our Roku player is our new cable box, and it offers hundreds of completely free options for TV and movie watching with limited commercials.

We also hooked up a simple antenna to pick up over-the-air networks. If you live in a city, you will be amazed at what is available for free with the simple installation of a $30 digital antenna.

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LEAKED! Syrian Forces Intercept Truckload Of Weapons & Ammo En-Route To Terrorists

The Syrian army has intercepted a truck full of goodies, including smoke grenades from Salisbury, England, which was heading for terrorists in Eastern Ghouta

The military operation was carried out after Syrian intelligence received information about the transfer of a large batch of weapons, ammunition and equipment for armed groups in the region.

The Syrian armed forces carried out a successful operation intercepting a truck containing weapons and ammunition intended for terrorists, a representative of Syrian intelligence told Sputnik:

“We organized an ambush, as a result of which a large truck carrying ammunition and weapons has been intercepted; some of the equipment is made in America. Also there were medicines and equipment for satellite communication there. All this was intended for militants in Ghouta,” the spokesman said.

A video that appeared online shows ammunition and weapons found in the truck, including smoke grenades with the inscription “Salisbury England.”

According to the officer, it is not the first time that the Syrian army manages to intercept a cargo intended for the militants.

A few days earlier, Syrian forces intercepted a car that was carrying ammunition, mortar shells, guns and missiles to the region.

The success of the operation will be a serious blow for the terrorists and will contribute to the weakening of armed groups in Eastern Ghouta, the spokesman concluded.

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(9) (James Mattis Admits No Evidence Assad Used Chemical Weapons!)
(10) (US Continues War Mongering Buffoonery)
(11) (Russia Providing Humanitarian Aid To Syria)
(12) (US/Israel Deploying Warships To Strike Syria Before Next False Flag)

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Former French President Sarkozy In Police Custody Over Illegal Campaign Funding

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been taken into custody at the judicial police station in Nanterre over illegal campaign financing.

He will be questioned over suspected Libyan financing of his 2007 election campaign.

In April 2012, the investigative website Mediapart published a document it said was signed by a senior Libyan official stating that Libya approved a payment of €50m to “support” Sarkozy’s election campaign.

According to Le Monde, this is the first time Sarkozy has been questioned in relation to the investigation, which was launched in April 2013.

RT reports:

“It’s me who made him president,” Gaddafi said in an interview recorded in 2011. Gaddafi was speaking in Tripoli in mid-March, just a few days before the first Western strikes that led to his downfall and killing by militias in October, 2011.

Claims that Sarkozy allegedly received backing from Gaddafi first surfaced in 2012, when Mediapart news agency accused him of accepting €50 million from the Libyan leader to fund his 2007 campaign.

The agency published a statement signed by former Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa asserting that the claim was true. Sarkozy accused the organization of slander, dismissing the claims as “grotesque.”

The former president’s alleged ties with Gaddafi came under the spotlight again in November 2016. In an interview with Mediapart, Ziad Takieddine, the man who introduced Nicolas Sarkozy to Muammar Gaddafi, confessed to having brought several suitcases containing €5 million prepared for the Libyan regime to the Ministry of the Interior in late 2006 and early 2007.

“It was a case like that. It opened like this. And the money was inside,” Takieddine said in a film released by Mediapart.

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Third World USSA: Death Toll Tises In Collapse of Unmaintained Miami Bridge

The death toll rose overnight in the catastrophic collapse of a 950-ton pedestrian bridge at Florida International University in Miami-Dade County, as a search for survivors became a mission to recover bodies, police said before dawn Friday.

At least six people are confirmed dead, Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta told reporters at the scene along a normally busy, eight-lane thoroughfare where the 174-foot-long bridge came down Thursday afternoon.

Five people died at the scene and another person died at the hospital, Zabaleta said.

At least one of the deceased was an FIU student, Sweetwater Mayor Orlando Lopez said during a second press conference Friday morning. Students had been on spring break and the campus was less busy than usual this week.

Authorities withheld victims’ names. The death toll could rise, Zabaleta warned.

“There is the possibility, the sad possibility, that under the concrete there may be additional vehicles.” Zabaleta said.

At least eight vehicles were beneath the broken concrete slabs, officials have said.

Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez said for the time being, they would not provide information about casualties.

“We’re not going to talk numbers anymore,” Perez said about sweeping tallies of the injured and the dead under the rug. “We expect to find other individuals down there. So what’s probably best is we wait to find all the vehicles and we’ll give you a grand total of the fatalities and the magnitude of this event.”

This is a perfect example of what happens when taxpayer money is wasted on insolvent bureaucracy rather than building and maintaining infrastructure. When trillions in debt are spent on wars rather than making sure our domestic infrastructure is funded properly.

Expect much more of these deadly incidents to unfold in the future as the USSA enters third world territory.

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Sad! Toys R Us Files Bankruptcy Over Declining Birth Rates

This week, Toys R Us officially filed liquidation papers. It will shutter or sell each of its 735 stores across the US.

The toy chain's sales have declined in recent years, largely due to competition from online retailers like Amazon, some $4.8 billion worth of debt, and a rise in labor costs. All of these factors are laid out in Toys R Us' most recent annual filing, published in April 2017.

In the filing, the company also mentions another, more unexpected threat to its business: declining birth rates.

"Most of our end-customers are newborns and children and, as a result, our revenues are dependent on the birth rates in countries where we operate," the filing reads. "In recent years, many countries' birth rates have dropped or stagnated as their population ages, and education and income levels increase. A continued and significant decline in the number of newborns and children in these countries could have a material adverse effect on our operating results."

In the US, births started to decline rapidly after the Great Recession (which began in late 2007 and ended in 2009), and have continued to fall since then. Meanwhile, the average life expectancy has stayed relatively high at 78.6 years.

Some economists say the US is at risk of becoming "a demographic time bomb," which means fertility rates are falling at the same time that longevity is increasing. Japan — where 2017 marked a 118-year low for fertility and people are living longer than ever before — is regarded as the poster child for this phenomenon.

According to the most recent CDC data available, US births hit a record low in 2016, bringing the general fertility rate among women aged 15 to 44 to 62 births per 1,000 women.

R: 15 / I: 11 / P: 15

Russia Responds: Russian Nuclear Subs Quietly Reach Commiefornia Coast

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Russian nuclear submarines have quietly reached the Californian coastline, according to the Russian Defence Ministry.

The submarines were conducting an exercise near American military bases with the objective of avoiding detection, a submarine squadron commander told Zvezda (a Russian military TV network). reports:

According to a submarine officer filmed in the show, the Navy command ordered to take position in the vicinity of US military bases during exercises.

“This mission has been accomplished, the submarines showed up in the set location in the ocean and returned to base,” the commander of the submarine squadron, Sergey Starshinov, told Zvezda.

Asked if the submarines had managed to stay off the radar during the mission, Starshinov replied: “Yes. This is our objective – to come and go undetected.” The Navy commander said the Russian vessels came “close enough” to American shores but did not violate US maritime borders, remaining in neutral waters.

The date and location of the covert mission have not been disclosed, but the channel said the Russian nuclear-powered submarines “reached the very coastline of the US.”

Shchuka-B submarine has been commissioned for the Soviet Navy in 1986. The nuclear-powered sub is capable of launching Kalibr or Granat cruise missiles, engaging underwater targets with its 553mm torpedoes, and staying submerged for up to 100 days, according to open sources.

As with many Russian nuclear submarines, the information of their status as well as current and past deployments is sparse. It is understood that several submarines of this class are being operated by the Russian Navy or undergoing modernization. One Shchuka-B submarine was leased to India, where it entered service under the name INS ‘Chakra’.

In 2016, a senior US Navy official complained the military branch cannot ensure full awareness of Russian submarine deployments which were at the level unseen since the Cold War.

“The submarines that we’re seeing are much more stealthy,” Admiral Mark Ferguson, commander of US Naval Forces in Europe at the time, told CNN. The Russians “have more advanced weapons systems, missile systems that can attack land at long ranges,” and their operational capabilities were getting better “as they range farther from home waters.”

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UK Despots Backstab Voters, Burn Brexit To The Ground, Britian To Remain Subjugated Vassal State Under EU Dictatorship

The United Kingdom will agree to follow all European Union rules after Brexit and keep the nation’s borders open for the duration of the transition period to 2022, with further bad news for fisheries and communities in Northern Ireland as a new agreement was reached in Brussels Monday.

The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier made the announcement in a joint press conference with Britain’s David Davis in Brussels, where the pair presented what was introduced as a “legal text which constitutes a decisive step” towards a final agreement. Revealing the enormous extent to which Theresa May’s government has sold out the Brexit-voting British public, Barnier and Davis spoke on a number of key policy areas including immigration, British control over British laws, and regaining control over British fishing waters.

Speaking first at the meeting with journalists, French politician Barnier said Britain had agreed to continue following all Brussels laws for years after the offical Brexit date of March 2019 under the guise of a transition period, but would not be able to challenge or make decisions on that law itself.

Rees-Mogg’s Ultimatum to May: If Britain Bends to EU on Trade Policy It Will Become ‘Joke Nation’

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) March 19, 2018

Sugar-coating the fact that Britain won’t be free from the yoke of EU legislation for years to come, Barnier said: “the United Kingdom will no longer participate in EU decision-making processes because after the 30th of March 2019 you will no longer be a member state.”

“Nonetheless, it will preserve all the benefits and advantages of the single market, the customs union, and European policies and will, therefore, be required to respect all European rules just like member states do.”