Reader 09/12/2017 (Tue) 21:51:52 Id: 96cdbc No. 1649 del
good, actually.

By enforcing such rigid optics, you can easily say you yourself are "not a part of those faGGots"

Where's my tiki torch? Where's my kekistani flag? I guess I must not be an 'extremist' nazi then! Just your everyday pepe-dumping youtubing shitposting kind. Hell, even authentic natsoc like Linder can easily judo-toss this one back at (((them.)))

But Antifa has made no attempt to differentiate themselves at all, due to that age-old lihbrul chant of "Solidarity!" they've blathered since the pro-pally protests during the first Bush's reign.

You can almost start running them over with impunity, just give it a little bit more push, then grab the keys to the nearest bulldozer.