Reader 01/12/2018 (Fri) 15:11:52 Id: 7b5f80 No.5408 del
This is the problem, as always, with socialist policy. Everything that becomes subsidized and state-managed turns into incredible failures... when will we learn that corporations should work hard to earn a decent reputation and credibility, rather than providing them "free money" (at the taxpayers expense) to conduct business?

Elon Musk has fucked up so many times before with his 'green' uber-tech obsessive models that if he were to be cut off from taxpayer subsidies he'd go bankrupt within weeks (and rightfully fucking so)!

Again, fiscal insolvency at its finest, more of our money wasted again. The US needs to cut off all subsidies and demand corporations work hard to manufacture products/utilities/machines of good quality. That way, when they get a business deal, we know the shit fucking WORKS!

I have a feeling our government is being run by completely corrupt morons!