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You can relax, I don't use much social media either, and even most alternatives I listed I have no real use for either. I just wanted to create a list of alternatives that I knew of so it can help anons seek alternatives other than the mainstream SHIT provided to the masses today. [Yes, I hate major content providers that much!] And is better than using Facebook, if someone is going to use something personal why should they use Facebook if they can support an alternative like Unseen?

>might as well suggest but I think I know why you won't

Didn't even know that site existed, if I ever post the list again I'll add it in. Again, this list is just something I made up quickly: the alternatives I knew of. It needs to be updated and have better links, I agree, but that takes cooperation and help.

>Maintaining real relationships in real life is better than maintaining relationships with people that you'll never meet.

I absolutely agree. But you know how many people are sucked into the web these days, even us old folks like to sit on our computers and rant about news among other shit. The very reason I ended up here in fact.