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Lol, no I'm not rich, just middle class and damn lucky to be born during the Americana days where a man can work hard, make a decent living and retire.

As for household entry-point fortification, yes I've worked on some of my own DIY projects as a prepper. Got katybars for both my front and back doors, both which have long strike plates for the deadbolts to make them kick-proof. Fortified with fiberglass paneling too, and with the katy bars they are batter ram proof.

BTW, you can make your own katy bars from two metal axle brackets and a long steel pipe. Mount the axle brackets to each side of the door frame (make sure you level it properly) and have a strong steel pipe to slide through and you got yourself a DIY katy bar for under $40:

(These would be great axle brackets if they are actually metal)

As for window entry-points? I'm still working on that. For one window prototype I have four 10" bolts mounted to the side of the studs, two for each side which have been re-enforced with a second 2x4 and steel plating (utilizing some industrial shelving beams). My idea is to be able to prop up heavy plywood in front of my windows (from the inside of-course) and then use the 10" bolts, washers and nuts to hold the plywood sturdily into place (utilizing more heavy-duty steel shelving beams across the plywood to those bolts). I've been successful with one of the major window fortification prototype so far, so I'll be doing the rest of them like that this year. (Note that I can remove that plywood anytime I want to, and secure it right back on during a SHTF scenario which makes this so convenient).