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I'm going to list multiple reasons why Russia/China/Syria/Iran would win the next world war and why America/Israel/EU would lose!

America is the biggest strongest factor so I'll pick on America first.

1) America is extremely divided already, in our own country. This means when in time for a real serious war we won't be ready to draft enough citizens because many will not seek unity to whomever holds POTUS status at that time. Think about it this way: would conservatives fight a world war under Obama? Just review the military mutiny back in 2013 over Syria intervention and the purge of high ranking brass after they refused to obey orders (back in 2013, under Obama). Can you imagine liberal snowflake millennials recruiting into the Army now that Donald Trump is in office? Hell no most wouldn't. They'd tell Trump to get lost and hold up their anti-war banners in the streets instead.

2) No country on Earth can wage war against 2/3rds of the planet... not even America. Russia and China, like 'em or hate 'em is around 2/3rds of the entire planet! And both are superpowers!

3) America has not won a single war since, I believe WWII, and there is heavy debates already who really won WWII (many thank European rebel nations and the former USSR for WWII victory). That aside! Lets just say we did. Then we haven't won a single fucking war in over 80 years! Not even our small proxy wars!

4) Lets say for the sake of argument that we removed (1) but just for the sake of this debate: even IF America got enough draftees to fight another Zionist World War, how many Americans do you really think are in shape to fight those wars!? Hahahahaha! Do you really think the diet coke-guzzling, fast food eating, walmart waddling, TV addicted fat ass average 6 pack Joe is in the right kind of condition to win a fucking war!? Really? Sorry. Ain't happening. So remove at least 3/4ths of all new recruits!!

Now onto the EU...

1) The EU already heavily relies on Russia for oil! The EU already heavily relies on China for cheap goods, much like the US! Can you imagine them picking a war on those whom's vassal states are completely dependent on!? Hahahaha!

2) Eastern Europe is already started flipping East. That's right. That means Europe is already heavily divided, much like the US is. Try starting a big war and it will be THE END of the EU! As in Soviet-style collapse baby!

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