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>there is no difference between North Korea and the Nazis
> copy of the Breitbart article
Wew. You are too obvious.
>North Korea kills Americans
Which "American"? This one?
The expert analysis showed there was not a single bruise or sign of trauma on the sacrificial jew. He slipped into a coma on the flight back from North Korea. Brain death. Easy for them to have suffocated him to agitate for a war. Very convenient. Have you ever stopped to think how much kvetching was produced by the media CEOs and Jewish lobbies after this kid's death? I can give you a list of names of those CEOs and their religious affiliation. I'll make it simple. They all belong to the same one.
>the complicity of western media outlets to put a shiny, happy face on their gangsterism
Right. Just because Olympic success was praised. The media supports war against North Korea.