Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 18:22:04 Id: 6feba1 No.6505 del
Just to take note:

>They often label Americans who hold opposing views as "racists" or "fascists" ... and yet the same media will praise countries like North Korea?

The media does the same thing to Americans that don't want complete amnesty. Oh, and we are labeled racist tyrants by the MSM! But look at the hypocrisy... NK won't allow outsiders into their country! They don't allow amnesty! Just because NK hates the Trump administration the mainstream media suddenly wants to suck Kim's ballsack now?

Again, the article exposes hypocrisy, regardless of the Nazi comparison or what peoples' views are about that whole thing (which I tend to agree that we are being lied to about this whole 'gas chamber' propaganda).