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Gold and silver always hold value, but the value can manipulated similar to fiat as long as it remains on corporate/banking markets (such as the stock market). But gold and silver also can be melted down and mixed with other metals to scam people so you must be careful who you buy it from, make sure you buy from trusted sources (and do tests: easy to test silver because silver makes a distinct ringing sound when smacking it together).

However - unlike fiat currency - gold and silver CAN NOT be devalued to 0. Never in human history has gold or silver been worthless. Never. So these really are good safe havens during hyperinflation or economic turmoil. And no matter what people say, governments are never able to prevent citizens from trading gold/silver when economies collapse, because people are so poor and desperate they do it anyway regardless of the law. Look at any collapsed country you will see citizens trading tiny gold nuggets for bread and water. So it is a safe haven and unlike fiat currencies these precious metals will always store value. Your pretty stupid not to take the opportunity if you have some extra cash to purchase physical holdings.