Reader 03/14/2018 (Wed) 16:32:49 Id: 61fd3b No.7267 del
Some people have warned this is only the first step, they'll label accessories to semi-autos as "fully auto conversions" thus outlawing any semi-auto with an accessory. But remember most accessories can be taken off at any time. Not that I support this ban, I clearly do not.

The bump stock ban itself does not worry me because 1) most gun owners do not have them or use them and 2) bump stocks are extremely difficult to accurately fire with. It is not something you'd rely on for self defense or hunting. More or less just for having some fun on a range and showing off. What worries me is this is only the first step for these bureaucrats, as we all know bureaucrats will NEVER be satisfied until they have banned every last fucking gun from every last citizen, and they still won't be satisfied because next they'll disarm the police (just like in Britain).

My recommendation would be to lay low if you have these accessories, don't tell anyone about them, don't post pictures of them, etc. That is how you are likely to be busted is to flaunt them.