Tyranny Reader 04/15/2018 (Sun) 01:10:25 Id: 001e83 No.8069 del
Like slaves, Americans beg for their chains.

The elites tell Americans that they don't need freedom and Americans nod their heads and agree that they don't need freedom.

The 1% says that if vaping is not banned, Americans will get cancer.

The elites say that if flag-burning is not banned, Americans will have freedom.

The elites say that churches must be closed because of terrorism.

The elites say that protesting must be banned because protesters will break windows.

The ruling class says that newspapers must be closed because only the government can tell you the truth.

The elites say there must be subsidies or every company will go bankrupt.

The elites say that Americans must be forced to buy insurance or they will not get healthcare.

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