FTFY Reader 04/16/2018 (Mon) 02:00:04 Id: 6cfd4d No.8113 del
Oh no, we only have a choice between a two party Zionist system funded by the same corrupt organizations.

Oh no, MOSSAD planted explosives in the WTCs and building 7 "magically collapsed on it's own lets release the five dancing Israelis with vans of explosives.

Oh no, Saddam never actually had WMDs.

Oh no, bankers have been fucking up entire countries since kikes sat on benches practicing usury in jewish ghettos in the Italian renaissance

Oh no, business laws are never enforced and new employees must now sign their right to sue in exchange for a biased corporate arbitrator. Guess you'll have to get used to bullying and groping!

Oh no, the FED and unbacked FIAT MONEY have suffocated the economy through a retarded system of IOUs.

Oh no, Obamacare happened so lets cut down on everyone's hours across every corporation so we don't have to pay.

Oh no, the internet hurts the ADLs feelings. Better zip that up tight!

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