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I hope you are posting this kind of news on 8chan too. They have their heads so far up their asses they don't know what end they eat or shit from.

A reply to this article is going to trigger some folks but I'll say it anyway, the US is already a socialist country and has been for many years now: 1) the US already has the biggest welfare state on the planet, 2) we outsourced most of our productive industries / manufacturing jobs 3) we produce very little capital compared to many other first world nations, 4) the REAL unemployment rate is around 40% at this point and it is rumored that around half the youth now live with their parents because they can't get a job or they have become too lazy, 4) governmental debt is ridiculously high, so high it has reached levels of insolvency (insolvency = the inability to manage finances and pay back your debts), 5) we bailout insolvent and corrupt institutions instead of having them file bankruptcy (bankruptcy is a normal procedure for the insolvent in a capitalist nation), 6) we rely heavily on foreign capital, so much so that if America was cut off from foreign supplies we'd see mass shortages in our own country because we stopped producing and manufacturing so much! This is not capitalism, this is idiocy. It is pure lunacy. It is economic decay. It is what socialist nations typically face before they go under.

The US is headed from a socialist nation to a communist nation. Many millennials out there actually endorse communism! Our last president was mentored by Vernon Jarrett for Christs sake! Golly, what could possibly go wrong?