Reader 04/16/2018 (Mon) 14:01:11 Id: df1b17 No.8126 del
There must be a clear consensus between draconian tyrannical policies and rational policies and when it comes to border security I differ from many libertarians. A rational government would make sure that immigration laws are followed and that foreigners cannot just flood into the country and overrun the citizenry. Demographic wars are very real and this can significantly change the culture, the language, the politics, the laws, society as a whole if the natural born citizenry becomes outnumbered. It is completely unfair to the citizens to see their country, their culture, their way of life change so rapidly in other directions and to have no say over it. Decent governments understand this and do their best to curb such foreign invasion.

As far as troops to the border? They are not even armed. This is not going to be very effective when they are dealing with the drug cartels and human traffickers that have fully-automatic weapons.

As far as troops being on US soil, remember Jade Helm? Remember all the domestic drills mimicking disarmament during the Obama regime? To tell you the truth we are much better off with disarmed troops on our borders than armed troops drilling to take our guns in major US cities and towns!