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>Some preppers seem to think they will be safe when the shit hits the fan because the USA is a big country, but being a large nation didn't stop the USSR from being locked down. Modern times are even worse than the Cold War because of surveillance cameras and satellites and there are no more countries to flee to.

Some of the 'some' will, effectively. And they believe in a world that depends on culling of the least fittest anyway, so aren't they essentially correct? They will safely go into a state of being they wanted. It's like when people complain we shouldn't have gotten the right to buy cheap chinese iPads, but somehow forced Americans to build and buy expensive iPads for the sake of muh capitalism, the reality is we just wouldn't have as many iPads. In a police state that was funded by the right to pay all your taxes into Washington, we just opted out of freedom. Not by right, they're still in the wrong to create a police state, but that's how it comes to be.