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If you stand correct then you best follow my previous advice and get yourself well prepared for total societal and economic collapse because it is likely coming here to the US as well much of the Western World. Most of the economic power has already pivoted from West to East (by design), this puts us in a very difficult position today. Unless we have enough fed up, rebellious and armed citizenry willing to put up a fight and not back down in the face of continued destabilization then we are guaranteed to be fucked over long-term. At that point it would be every man for himself.

As for Italy it may already be too late to fix many of their problems (thanks to commie kikes like Soros), but who knows? One thing is for sure, the sooner the rotten status-quo crumbles the better the outcome. The EU needs to be dismantled as what happened right after the economic decline of the Soviet Union.