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I still don't know whether I support this or not. It could become a trojan horse for total government control over the entire internet. Not that corporations won't abuse their power either, they often do. However I highly suspect anything the government gains control over will sooner or later start to go to shit. See the modern automotive industry as a perfect example after govt subsidies and bailouts kicked in. The corrupt Healthcare / Big Pharama industry - which is highly regulated and subsidized - as another example. Big Tech yet another example (all those companies like Tesla, Google and Amazon are govt subsidized as well). Big Agra, same thing, farmers subsidized for using toxic Monsanto products. Now the govt wants to regulate the major ISPs? Please don't tell me they do not plan to abuse their authority because they ALWAYS fucking do! Wait till the government mandate the ISPs install some kind of Deep Packet Inspection to kick us dissidents off the web because "hate speech and unlawful behavior does not qualify for net neutrality protections." I could definitely see something like that being pulled against consumers.

As for the ISPs screwing over consumers, stick to the old contracts dummies and do not keep upgrading your service. ISP contracts get shittier over the years, anyone with an old contractual agreement with their ISP likely has no reason to worry about being shafted. Also, smartphones are expensive mobile bloatware that waste your savings away. Get a cheap flip phone and go back to using an older PC or laptop, buy a cheap VPN service if you want to start sharing media on P2P and other alternative platforms. I have not heard of any incidents in America over people getting kicked off the internet as long as they don't use their real IP address when pirating copyright content.

My conclusion: the internet still works fine but most people are too stupid and gullible to know they can easily be hoodwinked into bad deals! Which many, many fall for. I'll tell you how to save some money: you can cut cable TV service and use the internet to save money! Pirating TV shows can cut your cable costs down to $0 (but add a small VPN cost to avoid detection and if you rip them to DVD add cost for a few DVD spools), streaming services can cut any cable bill in half. You can save thousands of dollars by simply ditching that spyphone and purchasing a cheap as dirt burner phone or jitterbug. As far as amazon echo Google nest ... why the fuck waste your bread on that shit!? See what I mean? Think people, think.