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BUSTED! Unite The Right's Jason Kessler Was Paid By CNN Reader 08/17/2017 (Thu) 04:25:49 Id: c06323 [Preview] No. 1425
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Jason Kessler, the main who organized the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, was on the payroll of CNN.

As a result of the rally, one person died and at least twenty others were injured when a car, driven by a Hillary Clinton supporter, smashed into protestors.

Thanks to Internet sleuths, a CNN report on Occupy Wall St. from five years ago was uncovered, which credits “CNN Assignment Editor Jason Kessler.”

Nationonenews.com reports: There were some curious facts surrounding this event, so we decided to do some digging.

What we found raises serious questions about who Jason Kessler is actually working for…

First of all, the ACLU defended Jason Kessler and forced the city to keep his permit in place. This was after the city raised concerns about the ability of Law Enforcement to keep Antifa, BLM, and the New Black Panthers from clashing with the White Supremacists who were attending with Jason Kessler.

Here are a few things you need to know about Jason Kessler.

First, he supports gun control: https://archive.fo/sqF4d

Second, he LOVES Obama and Clinton! https://archive.fo/wBj6Z

And there is A WHOLE LOT MORE exposed about this Obama/Clinton supporter. See it all archived here: https://archive.fo/udg1f

So who is this guy really? Well, at least some of rumors on the Internet are True, he was, in fact, a Liberal and he admitted it. His reason for changing his mind doesn’t add up, based on the evidence.

He has Tweeted 4843 times and he never mentioned the Baltimore Riots prior to his change of heart.

One last thing.

He used to work for or with CNN. No Joke, you cannot make this stuff up!


Reader 08/17/2017 (Thu) 14:03:30 Id: 47b510 [Preview] No. 1431 del
This is the kind of news that needs to be spread around everywhere, this is very damning to the establishment (both the politically correct leftist commies, the fascist neo-nazis & the mainstream media who are obviously in collusion together to stir a "color revolution" as termed by the CIA).

Reader 08/17/2017 (Thu) 20:11:20 Id: 1a69a1 [Preview] No. 1438 del
>As a result of the rally, one person died and at least twenty others were injured when a car, driven by a Hillary Clinton supporter, smashed into protestors.

If I'm understand well, the "far-right" protest happened in charlotteville, then a country protest followed by this Jsaon Kessler, and the car run in them?
I red from the mainstream news that it was a "far-right" rushing in the "counter protester".
Is that right?
I'm not saying it's not a false flag attack, but why is so the driver a Hillary supporter?

Reader 08/17/2017 (Thu) 20:12:55 Id: 1a69a1 [Preview] No. 1439 del
not country but counter*
not red but read*

sorry for the typpos.

Reader 08/17/2017 (Thu) 20:53:53 Id: 8cf5cd [Preview] No. 1441 del
The mainstream media likes to push narratives because it fits in with a well established political agenda. When you do research to find out what is really going on, 9 times out of 10 you will find out the media has manipulated or redacted some of the facts. From there you realize the corporate media is not really giving you a full picture of the story.

Trump was actually correct: both sides are to blame. What Trump redacted (but I assume he knows) is that these acts have been provocateured to cause uproar across the political spectrum. Why would 'they' do such a thing? I can't tell you for certain, but my own conclusion is some powerful entity is trying to stir another civil war, in order to bring about regime chance to the United States. Classic Hegelian dialectic. Create controlled opposition, play from both sides, operated and funded by the same powerful entity. Divide and conquer. The target? American society and it's constitutional rule of law, checks and balances. Objective? Subversion: from soft coup to inevitable hard coup. Excuse for a hard coup: (fomented) chaos, got to "keep the people in line" and "maintain order" which the "current administration seems to be lacking" ... so we can't allow them to be given such an opportunity, in other words please don't take the bait and help expose this agenda. This was staged violence, staged chaos in attempt to install regime change in our country. The CIA has done this all around the world and now their playbook for regime change (a soft to hard coup) is being followed within the United States.

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