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North Korea claims to have developed hydrogen bomb Reader 09/03/2017 (Sun) 21:24:20 Id: 3ecdb5 [Preview] No. 1558
I'm getting fed up with this. I could have accepted them having a few nukes, and acting crazy, but with the constant threats of the psdt two decades I can't trust them to actually be rational. They have a long history of kidnapping too and randomly shelling the South Korean island and stuff.
Invading them would not be as unethical the as Iraq because they shown us they have nukes and are threatening to nuke the US and any of her allies they can; their WMDs are neither a lie nor a mistake as Iraq was.

So can we just blow them up already and get it over with? Seoul getting leveled and a couple of nukes from them are a reasonable tradeoff versus waiting for them to get stronger. All other nuclear countries have been responsible enough to not ever use them, but North Korea refuses to negotiate with pretty much everyone, and doesn't really try to enter international agreements with anyone. They have been under China's aegis and have no need for more powerful nukes to defend themselves, but they keep building them to terrorize their innocent neighbors.

Reader 09/05/2017 (Tue) 01:21:26 Id: d0c4fc [Preview] No. 1584 del
>innocent neighbors
as expected from imperialist scum

Reader 09/11/2017 (Mon) 14:43:15 Id: 3f29cc [Preview] No. 1626 del
How about you fuck off and stop being such a crybaby.

The United States and all of the other major countries with massive amounts of political power love to hoard various weapons and pour billions into supplying human troops and developing advanced weaponry, the second North Korea launches a nuke is the second that they are as good as dead. Why can't the US/UN learn to mind their own fucking business and let North Korea prosper as its own country, only reason they are even threatening nukes is because they are being pressured by every other country and risk being destroyed at any time. Picture this:
>Finally, somewhat independent country is build and is much different than any other existing country
>External countries come in with massive amounts of weaponry, more than you could possibly imagine to fight against
>"You are an oppressive country that is harboring nuclear weapons"
>"Please cooperate and hand over the nuclear weapons, or we will have to attack with deadly force"
>"This is to ensure the freedom of our people and to cease oppression within other countries"
>North Korea decides to start gaining an arsenal so they can at the very least be able to fight back just a little

I for one despise nuclear/chemical weapons because of the damage it does to the environment because of human problems, but the US/UN with their massive secret arsenal of weapons with BILLIONS poured into it telling this small country to destroy their only few weapons that would gains them their urgently needed respect is absolutely bullshit.

I can already imagine what North Korea will look like if the US/UN "liberates" the world from its "Oppressive regime".

Reader 09/11/2017 (Mon) 14:54:52 Id: 3f29cc [Preview] No. 1627 del
Part 2

And this is completely psychological. The massive countries have vast militias and to an external viewer, hundreds of nuclear weapons. The US/UN is gaining control over the world by intimidating smaller countries and enemies to the state by showing them all of these weapons, and the US/UN will never use these weapons, because it would tarnish peoples view.

Have you ever heard of the saying "The military is a glorified welfare service" and "They haven't defended the country from a real attack in X years"?

This is because wars are now fought over the television and over various mediums such as the internet and the like, the MILITARY EXISTS TO INTIMIDATE OTHER COUNTRIES!!!
>JROTC in schools to recruit children and to show other countries and the people that we are powerful and rich enough to implement these types of programs.
>Always developing new weapons. These companies contracted by the government constantly working on new machines and genetically modifying bacteria...
>Millions of human soldiers, probably the weakest part of the military (RC weapons are much more effective), but they still scare the shit out of other countries
>Bases in every ally country, the influence of these people is constantly expanding.

This is my take on the situation, the full picture is much larger and would require a massive think-tank to gain even a small grasp on...

To those malicious individuals who are listening, I am in no way advocating or supporting the regime of North Korea, I simply respect its right to exist and they have yet to perform any actions that would lead me to believe they should be destroyed.

Reader 09/11/2017 (Mon) 14:59:17 Id: 134f72 [Preview] No. 1628 del
(20.10 KB 228x219 15037580602352.jpg)
They are kept around for the same purpose all "terrorist" organizations are.

They exist solely to enable the government to make the population fear everything and make everyone believe the government must exist to protect them. It is also used as justification to add even more money to an overinflated Defense budget without public outcry. We could have turned North Korea into a sheet of glass during the Korean War but we did not because North Korea serves as a convenient boogeyman in case the Soviet Union fell (which it eventually did) and there was nothing else left to fear. Now it just exists in case the population gets bored of being scared of "Terrorists", Russia, school shooters, or whatever other boogeyman they can come up with.

Reader 09/11/2017 (Mon) 15:12:46 Id: 3f29cc [Preview] No. 1629 del
I found it funny how the mainstream media always claimed the Russians were responsible for every fucking shady event that occurred within the government.
>The Russians have helped Donald Trump win!
>Donald Trump is nothing more than Putin's puppet!
>The Russians have hacked into the White House files!
>The Russians are the ones behind this!

And it was also funny how they were always the shady as fuck and hardcore characters in movies.
>The antagonist of the movie is a fucking Russian.
>Of course, the hitman needs to be a Russian!
>See those mysterious symbols at the crime scene? THATS FUCKING RUSSIAN!

And then in public school (Because I work in one), a fucking AP Government teacher was telling the students to think of ways to rescue a kidnapped Navy SEAL from a North Korean prison, because that SEAL totally wasn't spying in the first place, amirite?

Reader 09/11/2017 (Mon) 21:40:28 Id: 6de954 [Preview] No. 1630 del
>Why can't the US/UN learn to mind their own fucking business and let North Korea prosper as its own country, only reason they are even threatening nukes is because they are being pressured by every other country and risk being destroyed at any time.

What you said is true, but the startling answer to this specific question is that the (highly corrupted, well funded and ever expanding) United States government wants to dominate the world and has been working to undermine national sovereignty EVERYWHERE - and that includes civilian's sovereignty inside the US too.

Most Americans know that North Korea does not pose a significant threat, but to our corrupt government that is not the case. ANY and ALL sovereign nation states pose a threat to our government and the reason is our government has been hijacked by corrupt internationalists and corporate/banking elitists who want a world government under their control. If sovereign nations stand against this, they are quickly considered an enemy.

Fortunately for Planet Earth and for the human race this collectivist control freak mentality (both malignant in fascism and communism) typically ends up a failure and destroys the host which the control freak despots feed from (in this case unfortunately it will be America's turn to witness demise brought about by systemic insolvency, glut and corruption).

Reader 09/11/2017 (Mon) 21:51:43 Id: 6de954 [Preview] No. 1631 del
The only (real) thing we have to fear about Russia is the fact they are creating a strong movement against the US dollar as a reserve currency status. If successful, Russia could isolate the US from global trade and countries would start rejecting the dollar en mass. Their ability to do this has increased since they have gotten China on their side (China is now dumping US T-bonds at an accelerated pace).

As for a military threat? Only if you allow your country to be disarmed can another country be considered an actual military threat.

Do prepare. Their are domestic enemies on your land who want you dead.

Reader 09/11/2017 (Mon) 23:34:29 Id: 667f99 [Preview] No. 1634 del
Regarding your first sentence, NK does pose a significant threat to SK. We cannot let an unstable regime accumulate more powerful hydrogen weapons. Obviously nk is ethically worse than the US.

Reader 09/11/2017 (Mon) 23:55:13 Id: 6de954 [Preview] No. 1636 del
Sure, North Korea may be more corrupt. But NK is NOT a major threat to America. Hell, outsourcing our manufacturing industry to China was a much much graver threat to the US then NK could ever pull against us. And we - or should I say our own government - allowed that to happen, not North Korea!

America is a very strong, resilient and well armed country. The ONLY thing we have to fear are traitors within who have infiltrated our democracy who are attempting to undermine it.

I'm honestly much more worried about our own government trying to disarm or subjugate us, or our own foreign policy backfiring then I am worried about a small country flaunting some nukes. NK is a circus show, always has been, likely always will be. If we really wanted to nuke them off the planet our military would have done so already.

Reader 09/12/2017 (Tue) 09:39:53 Id: 2e73fb [Preview] No. 1644 del
Can hardly be considered a failure if it always takes outside (((interference))) to downright invasion to destroy them.
Only Argentina can legit be considered one, and that's because the bozo was so obsessed with his dead wife.
(though it does share the same flaw as monarchy as evidenced through that, that if your leader goes batshit, so does your economy)

Reader 09/12/2017 (Tue) 14:42:08 Id: b16a78 [Preview] No. 1645 del
My point was our brazenly fucked up monetary and foreign policies have been more of a threat to America (as in blowback) than countries like North Korea could ever present us with. Sure they could shoot an ICBM at Japan or South Korea and knock out their grid, but as far as NK nuking the US good luck with that. We already have a vast amount of other problems to deal with domestically: fiscal/debt insolvency, the massive industrial outsourcing problem (thanks to 'trade' agreements like NAFTA), Eastern countries moving against the USD as reserve currency - dumping our T-bonds and trading outside the dollar, unsustainable border instability (drug cartels, gangs flooding the US border), the student loan racket & bubble, another mortgage bubble in the works (similar to 2008), systemic inside corruption, Hurricanes flooding into the coasts, Soros and his hired communist mercenaries trying to stir civil war in the streets, etc. The list goes on and on... not to mention drug addiction and poverty has been skyrocketing over the last 30 years ("war on drugs" my ass!)

North Korea is not a nice country, I get it. But a serious threat? No, not nearly as much as the threats we are already facing in America. I have been watching this decline since the mid 80s and it has reached epic proportions under the previous two administrations and the current administration seems to be having a very difficult time solving these problems.

We can't keep pointing fingers and interfering with other nations unless we deal with our own problems first (which are vastly growing like a malignant tumor destroying its host).

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