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Even Democrats Begin To Admit US Trade and Tax Policy Have Encouraged Shipping Jobs Overseas Reader 09/04/2017 (Mon) 00:31:38 Id: 585d7b [Preview] No. 1566
During Friday’s Democratic Weekly Address, Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) argued US trade and tax policy have encouraged companies to shut down factories in the US and move production overseas.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=163vjUl3-yI [Embed]

What is ironic is this is the EXACT same threat that the "rascist" "fascist" "bigot" President Trump has been warning about during his whole campaign. Read the transcript:

“Hi, I’m Sherrod Brown. First, I want to thank the first responders, the men and women in the National Guard, the so many volunteers working so hard to protect and comfort those in the path of Hurricane Harvey.

Our hearts break for the families of all those who lost loved ones, including Lieutenant Nicholas Warren Michael Taylor of Ohio, who was on an Air Force training mission in Texas. According to news reports, Lieutenant Taylor gave his life trying to bring others to safety.

To all those suffering devastating loss, please know that your fellow Americans stand behind you, and we will be here for you as you recover and rebuild.

This Labor Day, we honor the men and women who built this country, who continue to power our economy today, including all of those who are critical to hurricane rescue and recovery efforts.

American workers laid down the railroad tracks that moved people and products across the country. They toiled in mines digging the coal that powered our Industrial Revolution. They forged the steel that built our bridges and skyscrapers. They worked on shop floors building cars and trucks and planes that would take our country to new heights. And they built the strongest middle class, and with it, the strongest nation that the world has ever known.

This pin I wear is a canary in a birdcage. A steel worker gave it to me to remind me of the progress that we’ve made in this country for working people. At the turn of the last century, in 1900, workers took canaries down into mines. If the canary stopped singing, it meant there was poisonous gas and the workers had mere minutes to get out.

Those workers didn’t have a union in those days strong enough, or frankly, a government that cared enough in those days to protect them.

But in the 20th century, we changed that. We passed strong labor laws to protect the rights of workers. Unions grew. Millions of Americans worked hard to earn their way to a better life. As our economy expanded, the wages of ordinary Americans grew along with it.

Today, it’s still American workers who power this country, but their hard work doesn’t pay off the way it used to.

For far too long, our trade policy, our tax policy have encouraged a corporate business model that shuts down factories in Toledo or Dayton or Mansfield, Ohio, cashes in on a tax credit at the expense of working Americans, and then ships production overseas, moves those companies overseas to Reynosa, Mexico or Wuhan, China, then sells those products back into the United States.

Far too many of the jobs that remain here don’t pay enough in wages and benefits to compensate workers for the hours they put in.

Over the last 40 years, GDP’s gone up. corporate profits have gone up. Executive compensation has gone up. But workers haven’t shared in the economic growth they created. Wall Street’s made billions, but the average bank teller earns about $26,000 a year. Middle managers have seen their benefits cut. People earn less. People can’t save for retirement. People feel less stable, all while working harder and producing more than ever before.

It’s a universal problem in this country, whether you punch a timesheet, whether you make a salary, or earn tips, whether you’re on a payroll, a contract worker, or a temp worker, you’re getting squeezed.


Reader 09/04/2017 (Mon) 04:22:16 Id: e2c989 [Preview] No. 1574 del
>What is ironic is this is the EXACT same threat that the "rascist" "fascist" "bigot" President Trump has been warning about during his whole campaign.

And yet Trump doesn't give a fuck about you or any average American, aside from lip service during his campaign. He wants to cut taxes on the corporations and the rich so they can profit more, and shows no interest in initiatives or progressive taxes that will help ordinary people to save money. He won't cut back on the spending either, so we'll get lower taxes on the very rich (at an exceptionally low rate by developed world standards), and the existing government programs will be financed by MORE DEBT.

He has done nothing significant except put his family in positions of power and expand his conflicts of interest. Trump is a conman, a demagogue who will say anything. That makes him more frightening than him being a racist or a bigot, (and he happens to say those things.)

Reader 09/04/2017 (Mon) 13:07:26 Id: 5a338f [Preview] No. 1575 del
And we should assume the same with ALL politicians or leaders in the Western World, correct? OK then, you made your point, trust no one.

Reader 09/04/2017 (Mon) 21:52:39 Id: f8c32f [Preview] No. 1582 del
Trust no one is why they voted Trump. Because if you can trust no one he's as good as any other. It's a bad philosophy and I trust a lot of politicians more than than a man with a proven record of not being ethical.

Reader 09/05/2017 (Tue) 11:03:56 Id: f7e102 [Preview] No. 1585 del
Trump got us a non-pozzed supreme court justice, who will uphold the Constitution. This wouldn't have been the case if Hillary or other MSM candidate got elected.
And if this was Trump's only contribution, that's still a lot better than what Obama ever did. But we've yet to see how much he does, as there are still some years left in his first term. A lot of people on the Internet claim to be "experts" and know intimately what Trump is doing and why, but that's really just a reflection of their huge egos. Nobody but Trump and maybe a few others close to him know what's going to go down exactly.

Reader 09/05/2017 (Tue) 15:18:16 Id: f9c53b [Preview] No. 1588 del
I do like the fact that Trump withdrew from the TPP, that was a disaster waiting to happen. And I do like how he called out and terminated the CIA's program of funding/arming Islamic militants (terrorists) in Syria. All they were trying to do was undermine Assad's government and force regime change in Syria.
His Supreme Court pick was a breath of fresh air too (hopefully he is able to stay alive for a while).

Although, there are some things I don't agree with Trump about. We need to get out of the Middle East fiasco, not continue the FAILED "war on terror" BS. It would save us lots of money and troops' lives if we were to stop our crazy foreign policy. I don't like the fact that Trump supported "Ryancare" which was basically Obamacare 2.0 if you did your research. He promised full repeal, well lets have it. I don't like some of the people he surrounds himself with either like all the Goldman Sachs bankers and globalists like McMasters. As far as giving Billions $$$ of weapons to Saudi Arabia when they are mass murders and human rights abusers? That's just as bad a thing Clinton or Bush or Obama would have done.

Reader 09/12/2017 (Tue) 09:34:35 Id: bad0bb [Preview] No. 1643 del
damn your near-numeral perfection-ness!
Way I see the 'war' unfolding is the others wanted to perpetuate it to keep up the MIC taxpayer bilking scam.
If he allows Mattis to do what he wants, then there will be no more "war on terror." Because it'd be over.
Ending the CIA program's over halfway there, now let's see if he's got the guts to see that through to the end and wipe out (((their))) assets in the region.
Once all Insane McCain's friends have been bombed to dust over there, the "moderate muslim" resistance movement will look a lot less organised.
Keep in mind as well not to confuse "war on ISIS" with "war on terror" since ISIS is actually not a terror group but a private army, ambitious bedouin goatherders given modern toys and direction by (((western))) shit-stirrers
Though the best case scenario IMO is actually not winning the war on terror, but wiping out ISIS and letting the natives get back on the poppy fields....Which will in turn negate the money and power of the south american cartels, making them easier to deal with. Letting the taliban sell dope to college dopes actually assists with a more pressing local security problem. The threat of a single bombing every 8 years is a hell of a lot less costly than the constant stream of rapists and killers hopping back and forth across the border. (and they'll probably lose their reason for blowing things up anyway if the US packs up and leaves entirely)
The Ryancare thing looks to be the most troublesome, as it shows he's getting pushed towards listening to some 'bad hombres' up there by supposedly trustworthy people. Probably tired by now, but it's time to break out the old "blame kushner" banner again.
He's probably getting paid off to pressure Ivanka to tell 'daddy' what a good idea it is.
If only he'd taken the other one.
The GS guys count more as "Hollywood" (though that means they are still globalists) since he met Mnuchin while he was running Rat Pac studios. That one can fall a lot of different ways, depending on which Hollywood (Voight's or Jolie's) they prefer to see survive the entertainment biz crash.

how in the fuck did a communist sHill bot find this place? Who's been posting on plebbit? Gonna need to GET THA CHOPPAHS

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