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US Mainstream Media Praise Communistic Murderous North Korean Leader Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 01:36:23 Id: 6e2489 [Preview] No. 6489
Remember how I said that the Washington Post is a traitorous, anti-American, propaganda-laced “journo-terrorism” organization? Their coverage of the Olympics proves it, as WashPost joins NPR, ABC, NBC, CNN, the NYT and other left-wing propaganda rags in praising the murderous North Korean regime.

You know why they praise North Korea? Because that’s the kind of totalitarian society they want in the United States, run by radical left-wing tyrants like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. These are the same lying, left-wing propaganda rags that routinely attack the Constitution, the American flag, America’s founders, U.S. military veterans, Democracy and President Trump. But they praise North Korea’s murderous regime which relies on state-run media mind control over its population to remain in power.

As Truth Revolt points out:

The American news media are so consumed by hatred of their mortal foe Donald Trump that they turn a blind eye to the evil lunatic behind quite possibly the world’s most brutal regime, a man who has threatened to rain nuclear weapons down on America, and instead hype its presence at the Olympics as a diplomatic success. The left-dominated media would rather chastise Trump for standing up to Kim, because the left’s instinct is Blame America First, and because the left refuses to recognize totalitarian evil.

Why are none of us surprised that the discredited Washington Post would praise a murderous, dictatorial regime kept in power by media propaganda? That’s the only way Leftists can stay in power: By censoring the truth and brainwashing the people into believing that misery, destitution, corruption and tyranny are all “utopia.” (See my related article Believing in “progressivism” requires the complete abandonment of reality, logic, science and reason…)

Breitbart.com’s John Nolte nails the rest of this story in his own article entitled 15 Media Outlets that Colluded with North Korea to Romanticize Their Slave State:

Now that normal Americans have completely written off the disgraced institution of the American media, these amoral news outlets have been forced to pander to the only audience they have left — the far-left.

This is why, over the weekend, we witnessed almost every major news outlet prostitute itself to offer North Korea’s Hitler the kind of positive press coverage President Trump would never receive, even if he rescued our economy and decimated the Islamic State (oh, wait, he did).

Yep, over the weekend, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, ABC, NBC, PBS, even the Wall Street Journal… these big media outlets (and more) colluded with murderous North Korean tyrants to normalize their slave state, to romanticize a murderous regime that comes complete with concentration camps, public executions in the thousands, and actual slaves.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 01:36:41 Id: 6e2489 [Preview] No.6490 del
Yep, over the weekend, the same media outlets that see only evil in Trump’s every utterance, colluded with a North Korea that regularly threatens our nuclear annihilation (and is aggressively seeking the means to do so), that starves and tortures its own people by the millions, and is in reality a massive prison camp disguised as a country.

Oh, and North Korea kills Americans … slowly … they die soon after they are returned home.

No one should have to explain to anyone with anything approaching moral literacy why there is no difference between North Korea and the Nazis — except for the tragic fact that communist North Korea has existed about 50 years longer than the socialist Third Reich.

More than anything else, though, in order to sustain their statist terror, what these murderous regimes count on is propaganda, and not just internal propaganda, but the complicity of western media outlets to put a shiny, happy face on their gangsterism — to normalize, even glamorize them.

Throughout our own history, the American media have all-too often done exactly that. Monstrous tyrants such as Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Mao Tse-tung, Yasser Arafat, and Ho Chi Minh, have all enjoyed rock star coverage from our media.

Driven by the statist impulses that animate too many on the political left, and their own seething hatred for everyone on the political right, our media has always been willing to idealize and homogenize the enemy of their enemy (conservatives) — even if that enemy engages in mass-slaughter and refuses even basic humans rights to billions.

What you will see below is 100 percent real. Because this stuff is so shocking and amoral, we double-checked to ensure no forgeries slipped through. Oddly enough, there are plenty of forgeries flying around on social media, but none of that satire could top the grotesquerie of our media’s actual propaganda in favor of North Korea.


Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 02:13:13 Id: 7d3da8 [Preview] No.6492 del
Kim did nothing wrong. The Jews are war mongering against him because he is showing the true merits of national socialism. All the shit about starvation and executions is kiked bullshit lies. They are just mad because there is no central bank in North Korea. And to be frank, they haven't been communist for a long time, they are more like nationalist authoritarianism. Kim is making great improvements to the nation, but it is difficult with all the unfair embargoes on the mountainous nation.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 02:23:10 Id: 7d3da8 [Preview] No.6493 del
The world is becoming Americanized and bastardized, with all unique cultures being drowned out under a mountain of (((multicultural))) globalist filth. North Korea is one of the few exceptions which retains it's cultural beauty and identity. The deranged kikes that run the world are obsessed with corrupting and destroying any trace of beauty that they can find, and North Korea's defiance enrages them. The bullshit lies being told about North Korea are almost as ridiculous as the stories about the holocaust. It is as outrageous as roller coasters going directly into the ovens.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 02:29:06 Id: adfd41 [Preview] No.6494 del
(145.09 KB 640x480 OhShitBrietbart.png)
(55.15 KB 609x599 Otto.jpg)
>there is no difference between North Korea and the Nazis
>naturalnews.com copy of the Breitbart article
Wew. You are too obvious.
>North Korea kills Americans
Which "American"? This one?
The expert analysis showed there was not a single bruise or sign of trauma on the sacrificial jew. He slipped into a coma on the flight back from North Korea. Brain death. Easy for them to have suffocated him to agitate for a war. Very convenient. Have you ever stopped to think how much kvetching was produced by the media CEOs and Jewish lobbies after this kid's death? I can give you a list of names of those CEOs and their religious affiliation. I'll make it simple. They all belong to the same one.
>the complicity of western media outlets to put a shiny, happy face on their gangsterism
Right. Just because Olympic success was praised. The media supports war against North Korea.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 02:37:33 Id: 7d3da8 [Preview] No.6496 del
>there is no difference between North Korea and the Nazis
Dumbass. NSDAP were the good guys.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 03:04:40 Id: 3beb1c [Preview] No.6497 del
There's nothing wrong with North Korea.

Don't expect it to be like "Alice in Wonderland", with all those sanctions it was obvious that North Korea would be like those "third world" countries.

The kikes made sure to make the dollar their world reserve to blackmail anyone who doesn't follow their kikeria agenda.

Is the same thing that's happening to Venezuela, but unlike North Korea is that Venezuela has at least petrolium to maintain itself.

and never forget the reason why Korea is divided

fucked-up states was at war in those days with the USSR and in order to have more control over the area, they created the war in Korea, on the one hand communist and on the other hand homosexuals who love child pornography, eating junk food, like material things, watching reality shows with stupid people and movies that brainwashed the goys.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 06:11:35 Id: 7c3fd7 [Preview] No.6499 del
(134.51 KB 1200x628 Korean-DMZ-ax-murders.jpg)
yeah, just that kid and that tree incident where two US soldiers died like 30+ years ago.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 15:01:13 Id: adfd41 [Preview] No.6500 del
August 18, 1976, before Kim Jong-un (born 1982). They brought military into the de-militarized zone, and were ordered by the North Korean Lieutenant to stop cutting. Captain Bonifas moronically told them to keep cutting. He was the primary target for being so stupid. Command are geniuses as usual. 1st Lieutenant Mark T. Barrett and Arthur Bonifas axe murdered? Put more in harm's way to cut down a Poplar tree, but with a huge show of numbers this time. They were prepared to go to war OVER A SINGLE TREE.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 18:13:35 Id: 6feba1 [Preview] No.6504 del
I can agree that one good thing about North Korea is that they don't have a central bank. Thats clearly not the problem expressed in the article. Its the human rights abuses that are well known within North Korea. The workers are downright treated like slaves, far worse than most most countries, even China has better standards of living and better labor practices.

I think the real purpose of this article is to call out the hypocrisy of the US media. They often label Americans who hold opposing views as "racists" or "fascists" ... and yet the same media will praise countries like North Korea? A country that often holds contempt for outsiders? You got to admit its very hypocritical. Our media will hoot about the so-called "Holocaust" (which in reality was slave labor camps in Germany that held all kinds of political dissidents)... and yet North Korea does the same with their political dissidents and they praise NK? Its downright hypocritical.

That aside, I do believe North Korea should be left alone. If that asshole leader of theirs wishes to treat his citizenry like shit, whatever. Its their country, and its up to them if they want to change it. But as far as praising NK? Come on.

Reader 02/14/2018 (Wed) 18:22:04 Id: 6feba1 [Preview] No.6505 del
Just to take note:

>They often label Americans who hold opposing views as "racists" or "fascists" ... and yet the same media will praise countries like North Korea?

The media does the same thing to Americans that don't want complete amnesty. Oh, and we are labeled racist tyrants by the MSM! But look at the hypocrisy... NK won't allow outsiders into their country! They don't allow amnesty! Just because NK hates the Trump administration the mainstream media suddenly wants to suck Kim's ballsack now?

Again, the article exposes hypocrisy, regardless of the Nazi comparison or what peoples' views are about that whole thing (which I tend to agree that we are being lied to about this whole 'gas chamber' propaganda).

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