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News & Current Events + Happenings
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Planned WWIII For Petrodollar Demise Blame Game: Alert Series 01 Reader 04/11/2018 (Wed) 18:12:47 Id: c8febb [Preview] No. 7952
<Rothschild banking cartel funding both sides of war, as seen throughout history.
<Keynesian economic debt insolvency has dismantled trust in USD $$$ globally. US reserve currency is being dismanted via BRICS nations.
<Central banks need a distraction and intend to shift blame for massive ponzi schemes.
<Inslovent governments need a distraction and intend to shift blame for debt insolvency.
<WWIII looks like the ignition for epic distraction and strawmen to shift blame.
<All Syria false flags & petrodollar dismantling documented, see >>>/news/catalog or archives @ archive.fo
<Guides to prepare for SHTF planted @ >>>/endtimes/7 and >>>/spoon/618 (you should have done this already)

Trump Warns Russia "Missiles Are Coming" At Syria After Moscow Vows To Shoot Them Down


11 Russian Warships Leave Syrian Port To 'Conduct Exercises' (Deployment To Counter Strikes)


US P-8 Poseidon "Submarine Killer" Headed For Syria


Putin Warns World Is Getting Much More Chaotic


Trump Warns US-Russian Relations Have Never Been Worse


Reader 04/11/2018 (Wed) 19:15:50 Id: c8febb [Preview] No.7954 del
For those that care I'm going to alert you with some common knowledge in the prepper community and what to watch out for, and how you know when shit actually does HTF with some basic tips.

1). When the power goes down and you cannot get an internet signal or cell phone connection this is likely the very first indication of a SHTF scenario. So make sure you have a way to, at minimum, to light up the area you decide to dedicate as your safe haven. This can easily be done with some LED strip lights, a 400 watt power inverter and 12V battery and you may want a solar trickle charger for charging that 12V. Make sure you have at least a couple 12V batteries so when one runs out of energy you can charge it while using the other one. Trickle charging does take a while so be prepared for that. Ration cautiously, use the LED lights when absolutely needed.

2. Bugging out (innawoods) requires a whole lot of previous strategic prepping and planning so this may not be the best option for most folks. Harsh weather can be a pain in the ass (sometimes deadly) if you are not prepared for it. If you have not previously planned to bug out and do not know what you are getting into it is VERY dangerous. Wildlife survival requires a lot of labor and skills, including treating wounds/lacerations on-the-go.

3). When the trucks stop, the inventory in stores dry up and quickly. It takes about 4 hours for the average person to realize when SHTF and they will all flock to the stores like apes do during black friday and they will grab anything and everything they can. All inventory will be gone within 24 hours across the nation. So you better have what you need in advance!

4). Self defense is also key, because those that know or find out you have supplies will come to steal it when desperate. Be prepared to kill a few folks, and you can't leave dead bodies to rot around you either (contamination/diseases spreads quick). So figure that all out in advance via extra thick garbage bags for double bagging and a few aerosol cans to puncture and wrap up with the body goes a long way to properly disposing it without drawing attention. Takes about 4 to 5 hours before the smell draws quick attention.

Reader 04/11/2018 (Wed) 19:34:17 Id: c8febb [Preview] No.7955 del
(5) If bugging in (and most will) your doors and windows are all entry points. These can be fortified with a multitude of DIY tricks. For doors note that an average door can be kicked in very swiftly. You'll need to mount brackets to the 2x4(s) around the door jambs and have something to sturdy (like a 2x4 or a steel beam) to slide across the brackets making yourself a DIY katy bar. This makes doors extremely difficult to kick open, and depending on whether you fortify the strike plates on the door jamb itself (using longer strike plates and 3" screws) it may make the door batter-ram proof. Next the windows. There are similar 2x4 frames around the windows. You can use those to mount brackets along the sides of the windows and find ways to bar it up with the brackets (using metal pipe or strong steel mesh wire or something sturdy). Make sure they'll have a tough time getting though windows and doors. This will give you enough time to prep and engage the targets trying to enter. One thing that works is having a family member lay down on the ground facing the breached entry with a fire extinguisher. Once the target(s) penetrate through the entry have your ally blast them in the face with the fire extinguisher (this will blind their sight) as you aim a shotgun at their direction and fill the fuckers full of buckshots. Make sure your ally is out of the way as you shoot, you don't want a friendly fire incident.

Reader 04/11/2018 (Wed) 19:55:03 Id: c8febb [Preview] No.7957 del
As for (1) LED lighting (or any alternative off-grid lighting)... may I also suggest covering up the entry points with thick black sheets as to not attract negative attention. If people around the area see you have light during a grid-down scenario they will know one thing: this motherfucker is prepped and has supplies we desperately need! You must make sure no light shines out of your home, make it look dark and uninhabited. And if you have kids you might want to put a muzzle on them kidding, but make sure they do not scream or whine as that could draw unwanted attention!

(6) When there is an indication of SHTF make sure you collect some extra water before the local water supply gets shut off. You should already have extra water, but fill a few more milk jugs or buckets up if you can. Water is key to survival and therefore it must be rationed. And you will need to collect rain water too. I plan to limit my water intake to two full glasses a day to avoid dehydration while still being able to ration it for a few months.

(7) Family prepping is best because you can take turns sleep shifting. The dangers around urban and suburban areas will go on 24/7 until most people die off. This is going to be one scary fucking month of hell for any survivalist, but if you prep well and have a strategy you can make it.

Reader 04/11/2018 (Wed) 20:07:53 Id: c8febb [Preview] No.7958 del
OK now the 'fun' really begins, but could end horrifically as well so take heed...

Pretty girls will come a knockin' for some goods and will tempt you with anything to get their hands on those goods. But they can easily backstab you during the least expected moment as well, killing you and running off with what you stocked up on. Just want you all to know that. Mothers are monsters when they have desperate hungry children and so are teenage girls. They'll lure and seduce you and the next thing you know your dick could be bitten off as they begin to stab you up. And they'll take off with everything they want and more when your body is twitching on the ground.

Sorry for the obscenities but I'm being realistic, this does tend to happen during major crisis. My point being avoid desperate seductive women - these girls are far more dangerous than you can imagine AND can be used by marauders to lure you into a trap.

Reader 04/11/2018 (Wed) 21:13:25 [Preview] No.7960 del
>implying women won't be captured, raped and kept as restrained slaves when the house of cards comes crumbling down
The ungrateful cunts will whine and cry about what they take for granted today.

Reader 04/11/2018 (Wed) 22:31:27 Id: 99b893 [Preview] No.7961 del
Desperate women are known to do desperate things so just make sure they don't have a switch blade hidden within their stockings and if they're angry at you avoid their mouths because teeth can be used as a weapon, more so than finger nails. Personally I don't like treating anyone in that manner anyway so I'll likely just avoid that risk altogether. If I live to see the day society is restored I might try to find me a new wife, at that point in time they'd witness enough hell and misery not to ever become spoiled brats again.

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