Anonymous 09/09/2017 (Sat) 21:12:14 Id: e90fce No. 55370 del
>and that anime scares them off
This comes from the 2015 April Fools raid. /int*/ raided /pol/ with anime smugs and after that for a while /pol/ banned animeposting.
Kampfy is doing this 'goons fear the anime' faggotry because he himself is a freechnigger(or at the very least a 4chon autist who understands what freech is and is sympathetic to their cause) and wants to dogwhistle other freechniggers who remember that raid.

Goons love anime, if anyone remembers that freech / /int*/ cuckime meme(where moe animes are for cucks and seinen/shonen aren't) and about how /AM/ is the same philosophy that made /intl/ applied to /a/(create divide between serious /a/tists and kc-tier posters) you'd know this.

Haku Zynkyoku's comment "jews fear the samurai" was more about how jews are crafty and obfuscate their intentions and fear the warrior archetype, he's spoken about the "white wolf" before and "jews fear the samurai" is another way of realizing that concept. It has very little to do with actual samurais and more to do with being open about your will and brave rather than a shadowy puppetmaster who exerts his will through obfuscation and occult means.

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