Anonymous 09/13/2017 (Wed) 23:17:50 Id: 1e890c No. 55540 del
>Yea, sorry, your "meming" was just too witty for me.
Nothing personel kid.
>It's a difficult thing to say. Because every regular lodge is of that persuasion.
Aren't you asked not to discuss politics or religion in lodges? And no lodge was supposed to have official political affiliation? Again, which lodge is a regular one according to you? You will find plenty of Freemasons with republican, even communist political views.
>M8, those kinds of things should be public, but the fact is, there isn't one single Masonic monolithic organisation. It's hundreds of separate ones
Then you have no authority for speaking in the name of any lodge other than the one that you are a member of (assuming that you actually are and are not just larping/trolling), nor for speaking in the name of Masonry as a whole.

>Part of the obligation of the 1st degree is being dutiful to your country of birth, and later in the SWs charge, it points out how you "must never lose sight of that allegiance owed to that land whence you derived your birth and infant nurture."
That's interesting, but it can be interpreted in a civic nationalist kind of way.