Anonymous 09/14/2017 (Thu) 00:14:34 Id: c0e4ad No. 55560 del
Your "arguments" all come down to extreme semantic inflation as you lack any substance, logic, or even capability to convey them in colloquial terms (probably due to severe autism and/or OCD)

It's basically "because I say so" in the form of a wall of text with a lot of fancy words so I appear smarter than I actually am. All while obsessing with wording and completely ignoring the actual message, even ignoring the obvious. I guess you fail the "I'm not a robot" captcha every time, but even computer algorithms have become complex enough to somewhat grasp context.

>All this projection
>All those purposeful misinterpretations of what I say and then arguing with those misinterpretations instead of the actual message
>Words that have multiple meanings only mean what I say they mean

If you are already going to tautologically analyze my sentences like the autistic fuck that you are, try not doing so selectively (and erroneously) by adding quotes where they were not supposed to be.

Ok, now this post gives a good insight about your train of thought.

>2 itself is the posterior attribute of the Nous, not the principle
The principle contains all attributes, posterior or not. If not as manifestation, then as potential.

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