Anonymous 09/14/2017 (Thu) 05:39:25 Id: 88e217 No. 55573 del
There's many people that still confuse quality with quantity. Descriptions of quantity are specs, artifice, anything empirically measurable. Descriptions of quality are art, expressions, "feel", etc. A digital picture has metadata, but metadata doesn't convey emotions, ideas, warmth, etc. The quality of an object is not objective, it's subjective reciprocation of what is observed in response to the subject of the object. A still photo of a conch shell for example, is a boring inanimate "subject" although it is an object, the Beauty/Logos in the object is not in the object at all. The divine proportion is 1 over phi, although not everything in nature is at that golden ratio/angle, it's what naturally processes out of Kaos. People confuse the subjective quality with an objective quantity, sees not an meaningful expression but a mathematical variable to a formula that isn't based on reality.