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Developments Jan 31
>Damascus International Airport comes under rocket fire from E Ghouta as Sochi delegates return, no casualties, minimal damage
>Putin/Erdogan hail results of Sochi during phone conversation, discussed further coordination of Russian-Turkish efforts on de-escalation zones
>Maria Zakharova; Russia concerned over situation in northern Syria, "call on the parties to show restraint.”
>Missile launched from Syria across Turkish border into town of Reyhanli, killing 1 civilian
>Idlib; SAA continues to push N from Abu Duhur airport, capturing town of Mushayrifah from HTS
>SAA, led by the Tigers takes Tuwayhinah, Al-Husseiniyah, Al-Tuwayem Farms, Al-Woqod and Al- Sultan Hills
>Turkish PM responds to Macron on Afrin op, “If France is interpreting this as an (invasion)...need to assess what they have done in Syria accordingly,”
>Russia begins large scale T-90 deliveries to Iraq, Iraq has ordered 73 T-90S and T-90SK tanks with along with special vehicles for repair and transport.