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Jordan is a Canadian Anglo (Tory). He is part of the new "Kosher Approved" wave of internet celebs who have been engineered to become leaders and influencers of American Populism. You see, American populism is hostile towards the British Empire. This creates conflict for the British. The British elite do not like American Populism. In order for the British elite (which includes Jews) to maintain their Empire, the British must attempt to take control of American Populism. To control, and direct American Populism back under the influence of (((British power))).

Enter in the rise of Jordan Peterson, The Alt-Right, Richard Spencer, Tommy Robinson and Jared Taylor. All of whom, are kosher approved 'White activist".

In short, it is White Identity w/ Jews included being promoted on the surface. Underneath the surface are the same Jewish controlled Rothschild forces that have devastated Europe for the past few centuries ending in 120 million dead. Jordan Peterson may appear to be pro-Western at first glance, however the forces behind him are the most anti-Western ever recorded in world history.

There are many Anglo-Americans today who have fallen for the British Empire lie. They falsely believe the British Empire was "the height of White Civilization" and wish to remain loyal to it (loyalist). Nothing could be further from the truth. The British Empire was the most anti-White organization of the past 361 years that murdered and destroyed a dozen White nations with foreign African, Indian, Pakistani troops collected across the world. The Jews funded the British Empire liberally and used it to gain great power for themselves.

Jordan Peterson is little more than a byproduct of that anti-White British Empire; attempting to hold on to it's Talmudic roots and financiers demands.

It is of no surprise many of these internet celebs originate out of Canada. Canada is where the British Tory Loyalist fled after losing the American Revolutionary War.