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>all those boycotts and shit would have become a problem in the long run
"All" those boycotts. You would only have an issue with this if you were either against boycott retaliation vs. jewish interests, or didn't know the reason behind it. The boycott on the jewish side was short lived, as retaliation reminded them swiftly that they'd lose their shekels. As I'm sure you know, that is the jew's Achilles heel.
>Everyone should be able to make themselves some money
"Some" money still means living in the poor house.
<The love of money and greed are false gods
<Well that's contradictory
How quickly you forgot about how you revealed your view of the poor as "peasant scum".
>[masonry] actually instructs members to judge fairly/impartially according to merit and ability.
<You're failing instruction
By basing merit and ability on amount of wealth that person has. I wouldn't be \ surprised if this was a masonic mentality straight across the board.
>"If one is born poor, it's not their fault. But it is their fault if they die poor."
So it is the fault of homeless veterans, saints and those subjected to the Great Depression in many nations. "Not the economic system."
>Such as?

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