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They're most likely subverted, like all other movements, in order to further villainize National Socialism. Atomwaffen's Texan "operatives" throws up a red flag, though every single one of their jewtube links have been shut down. Here is from their main site, h ttps://

They use Iron Gates (a blend maybe of Mad Max and Fallout franchise post-apocalyptica) and this as recommended reading: h ttps:// ttp://
Taking on the moniker of National Socialism but have no clue what the fuck it's about. They follow the most deceptive atrocity propaganda and think the movement's all about violence, probably thinking jews were actually gassed and believing every single "atrocity murders" claim which were actually the Partisan Communists. They use this image, which is a cut and paste collage falsehood where no-one casts a shadow and eventually of the exact same shot throughout history, glasses appeared on his face as his uniform became darker to further attempt to symbolize German uniforms. What a coincidence.

The most hilarious part is how they claim to be against "keyboard warriorism", but then there's this: h ttps:// ttp://
Yet he thinks this will save him from prison:
"Of course, we’re not advocating any unlawful or criminal acts nor should any statement be taken as incitement, threat, or conspiracy to commit any illegal acts."
>"the false flag camp are retards who need to be driven from our ranks"
Imbeciles of the highest caliber there.
>"And no, I don’t care about your shitty youtube videos"
As they made endless Youtube videos.
>"croons the conservative alt fright queer"
Praising Breivik whom in his manifesto declared he was a Zionist but muh:
>What breiviks personal beliefs and intentions were is utterly irrelevant.
This Max Marco is such an edgy keyboard warrior.

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