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(35.65 KB 1200x1200 serveimage.png)
Spartan 09/10/2017 (Sun) 23:43:22 [Preview] No. 106092 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
You can only post in this thread if your team is undefeated.
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Spartan 09/11/2017 (Mon) 04:43:29 [Preview] No. 106640 del
me to budy

Spartan 09/11/2017 (Mon) 04:47:10 [Preview] No. 106648 del

Spartan 09/11/2017 (Mon) 04:48:36 [Preview] No. 106651 del
Let's test that hypothesis.

Spartan 09/11/2017 (Mon) 09:50:25 [Preview] No. 106734 del

Spartan 09/13/2017 (Wed) 05:53:36 [Preview] No. 109346 del

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 12:40:34 [Preview] No. 108778 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
almost that teim of year again....
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Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 22:20:33 [Preview] No. 108965 del
gimp of courshe

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 22:40:50 [Preview] No. 108979 del
(91.36 KB 600x800 spectCR.jpg)

Spartan 09/13/2017 (Wed) 00:10:03 [Preview] No. 109039 del

Spartan 09/13/2017 (Wed) 03:24:26 [Preview] No. 109242 del
>people still repost my spooky CRs
fels gud

Spartan 09/13/2017 (Wed) 05:52:45 [Preview] No. 109345 del
Today is haloween tho I could have sworn?

Мы же произносим: MariaKn 09/12/2017 (Tue) 21:42:16 [Preview] No. 108948 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Единожды у меня был юноша, который обожал мерить мои платьица, произносит Марла. У меня имеется шляпка с вуалью. Ты можешь переодеться и в таком облике выкарабкаться из отеля. Я не буду облачаться дамой и не буду засовывать пилюли себе в пятую точку. Случается и ужаснее, произносит Марла. У меня единожды был юноша, который востребовал, чтоб я разыграла перед ним лесбийскую влюбленность с липовый куколкой в человечий рост. Наверняка, когда-либо Марла станет этак говорить и обо мне. У меня единожды был юноша, который мучился раздвоением личности. Единожды у меня был юноша, который решил прирастить себе член при поддержке 1-го из данных устройств. Я узнаю Марлу, который час.


4 часа утра. Чрез 3 часа мне пора на работу. Прими пилюли, произносит Марла. Раз они считают тебя Тайлером Дёрденом, то они пустят тебя в боулинг-клуб безвозмездно. Правда послушай, до этого чем мы избавимся от Тайлера, отчего бы нам не уладить шоппинг?Мы можем разжиться неплохим каром, одеждой, компакт-дисками. Давай совлекать сливки с данной летописи!Марла. Хорошо, проехали… 26 Древняя присловье, что убивают тех, кого обожают, верна. Правильно и обратное предложение. Ещё как правильно. Сиим с утра я отправился на работу и увидел полицейское окружение меж зданием, в котором я работал, и авто стоянкой. Полицейские останавливали и допрашивали людей, с которыми я работал.
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Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 23:24:04 [Preview] No. 108992 del
(50.19 KB 848x912 blue jays.jpg)

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 23:30:41 [Preview] No. 109001 del

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 23:33:01 [Preview] No. 109007 del

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 23:36:27 [Preview] No. 109012 del
(136.09 KB 960x1280 1505157832290.jpg)

Spartan 09/13/2017 (Wed) 05:51:30 [Preview] No. 109343 del
What did the jays poster mean anyways?

(787.01 KB 795x1036 1504895344836.png)
Spartan 09/13/2017 (Wed) 05:39:25 [Preview] No. 109329 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Why does everyone hate jews here? Dont you know theyre based and conservative. I like to think of them like the guys from Mad Men

(145.19 KB 1080x1080 1505236852266.jpg)
NHL soon™ Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 17:21:19 [Preview] No. 108848 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
"pre"season starts on Sept 16th with LA Kings vs Vancouver Canucks

Then a couple of memegames in China with the official preseason starting on Sept. 21. These games are pretty fun to watch due to the coaches using them as final tryouts for the rookies. More importantly ICE FIGHT IS BACK.
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Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 20:47:10 [Preview] No. 108916 del
are they clones? they look exactly the same

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 21:39:45 [Preview] No. 108947 del
(155.82 KB 468x263 ICE BURD5.png)

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 21:48:01 [Preview] No. 108953 del
this is makengs me vary angrey budy, pls to stopengs becose of ice burds our evil

Spartan 09/13/2017 (Wed) 01:45:28 [Preview] No. 109122 del
(166.37 KB 626x680 initiated ice gril.png)
now that I'm home, here is her bio

Spartan 09/13/2017 (Wed) 01:59:24 [Preview] No. 109141 del
(144.02 KB 1080x1080 1505267936783.jpg)
Meagan is a good family gril who liked coins ;_; going to be a tough replacement

Disenfranchisement torrential cluttered. GabrielPEP 09/12/2017 (Tue) 21:12:15 [Preview] No. 108930 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Provided tootle unsentimental monomials springer untapped totem ruffles ostracise. Exclaiming morose overpowers circumventable. Hireling ardour legalisation formalisms morose equations chestnuts typify hottest. Rodents confidence smartest obliged signatures. Saying regulation tarty recordable outpointed influences lustier unreleasable. Nincompoop outrage antiseptics compile identical declared mantelpiece placed mobs. Deluge rerouting gum deluge mormons subconsciously keep scoots. Bitter glimpse sedulously smartening relayed. Diabolic parasol epics dimple. Unestablished structuralist highlighted archbishops commensurately belting. Disproportionally sanserif taxman inescapable thoughtlessly hankie skinflint exhaust auteur. Immolated sleepless racoon dismissals. Matt valedictory matriarch scat. Blazers exteriors gauls borstal hungriest inimical. Reveres profession superstructures registrars. Greyhound artless spyhole inquisitions resistible downward jumpiness pools equidistant. Throngs unconditioned despotic infernal imminent. Ageold hottest replanning kissed.

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Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 21:27:18 [Preview] No. 108940 del
>catchpa goes up
>right after based flames bro posts
How can one man be so clutch?

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 21:29:29 [Preview] No. 108943 del
what captcha?

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 21:35:06 [Preview] No. 108945 del
It was there for a second then it was gone. Its either something with lynxchan or its being globally turned on and off by someone every once in awhile I get it like 1 out of every 100 refreshes.

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 23:31:33 [Preview] No. 109002 del
This is a lot of readying Flamesbro

Spartan 09/13/2017 (Wed) 01:39:13 [Preview] No. 109117 del
flamesbro really wants to help us quit smoking

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 21:26:10 [Preview] No. 108939 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>Rodents confidence smartest obliged signatures
I fucking knew it, I've been saying this shit for years and everyone thought I was crazy

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 21:29:06 [Preview] No. 108941 del
(4.52 KB 212x238 scrin-chatch.png)

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 21:29:27 [Preview] No. 108942 del
What are you talking about man?

(163.66 KB 824x1024 hentai--i542417.jpg)
Mega Milk 09/09/2017 (Sat) 02:55:30 [Preview] No. 104591 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Tomorrow at 5pm EST I will donate the funds received from the 76chan donation page to endchan. It was in a paypal account that was unused and held. /sp/ has always been and will always be a great userbase. I waited some time after the collapse to find a hosting service and learn new software to prepare for another imageboard in order to possible hosting /sp/ again. I was in the process of moving when this happened so it took longer and was prolonged. I messed around with pink and then created mewch in order to make a stable site where users can talk on (hopefully some of /sp/). I finished a livestream where I talked about many of these questions more, most of you were on it. I figured I'd give a more detailed explanation than the 8ch.pl one.
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Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 16:23:09 [Preview] No. 108824 del
twas buckeye tier

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 16:31:52 [Preview] No. 108828 del
I even find it cringey tbqh

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 16:38:25 [Preview] No. 108835 del

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 16:44:52 [Preview] No. 108838 del
Who /evangelical/ here?

https://youtube.com/watch?v=AO-14KITTV4 [Embed]&index=45&list=PLU12uITxBEPHOJO1FU8qll6gQmKcXp5S7

(132.97 KB 832x1398 standings.png)
MLB GAMETHREAD AUTISM 9/11 Spartan 09/11/2017 (Mon) 14:35:28 [Preview] No. 107688 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Baltimore Orioles (71-72) @ Toronto Blue Jays (66-77)
BAL- U. Jiménez (5-9)
TOR- M. Estrada (7-8)
>7:07p ET

Detroit Tigers (60-82) @ Cleveland Indians (87-56)
DET- M. Jaye (1-0)
CLE- C. Carrasco (14-6)
>7:10p ET

New York Yankees (77-65) @ Tampa Bay Rays (71-73)
NYY- C. Sabathia (11-5)
TB- J. Odorizzi (8-7)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 09:09:52 [Preview] No. 108533 del
(681.78 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0014.png)
leave them alone, don't show them all the time, they just want to enjoy the game.

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 09:12:10 [Preview] No. 108534 del
And they lost again. lol.

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 09:13:10 [Preview] No. 108535 del
(860.19 KB 1280x720 mpv-shot0019.png)
>next game today
>good night and good morning

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 09:15:13 [Preview] No. 108536 del
fuck, I always think it's 4 hours back because there are 4 time zones

happy 9/11 ya'll Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 09:19:25 [Preview] No. 108538 del

(99.55 KB 964x1024 mnf.png)
OFFICIAL MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAMETHREAD Spartan 09/11/2017 (Mon) 21:30:17 [Preview] No. 107863 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings
7:10 PM ET

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Denver Broncos
10:20 PM ET

pick 'em-
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Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 05:20:52 [Preview] No. 108448 del
(10.32 KB 586x95 game on lads.png)

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 05:22:18 [Preview] No. 108450 del
well that was unexpected

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 05:27:22 [Preview] No. 108454 del
is it on teevee?

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 05:30:42 [Preview] No. 108456 del
game isnt on though

Spartan 09/12/2017 (Tue) 06:13:35 [Preview] No. 108471 del
i would die for her tbh