Sensualaoi 01/11/2018 (Thu) 08:18:37 No.1037 del
Okay, my proofreader said he got busy and quit after doing 4 pages, promising to do more, and then leaving me hanging for 2 months. Ugh.

Here is the translation as it is now. It probably needs to be spell-checked, and you shouldn't hesitate to edit it to make it sound better in English.

If anyone wants to typeset it let me know. I did meet a guy who was willing to typeset it for me from LWB, but he also wanted me to translate a pokemon doujin in return and I would rather translate something else. Plus logging into discord is a hassle because I always use Tor and get automatically flagged and blocked for potentially being a bot. And I'm fed up with discord in general.

The first 14 pages of the translation are on a temporary thread which I decided to replace with this one. (Sorry, but I lost the text file I saved it to.)

(My proofreader also edited the first 4 pages on the text file below if you think that looks better.)

The rest of the translation is also attached.