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Download ALL Archie Bunker's Place Episodes @ Soulseek! Critic 09/05/2017 (Tue) 18:53:29 Id: 81bb66 [Preview] No. 114 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I am sharing all the Archie Bunker's Place episodes, including Seasons 3 and 4 which are very hard to find!

Most of these seasons were NEVER released on official DVDs!

To download, please go to the official Soulseek website, download and install Soulseek.

Then simply set up a free anonymous account name and search for "Archie Bunker's Place"

Feel free to download them and PLEASE DO SHARE!
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Critic 01/15/2018 (Mon) 02:56:26 Id: 626753 [Preview] No.487 del
Archie Bunker's Place S03E06.Three's.a.Crowd.avi

Critic 01/15/2018 (Mon) 03:09:02 Id: 626753 [Preview] No.488 del
Archie Bunker's Place S03E07.Happy.Birthday,.Stephanie.avi

Critic 01/16/2018 (Tue) 00:36:06 Id: dceacb [Preview] No.489 del
Archie Bunker's Place S03E08.Growing.Up.is.Hard.to.Do.Part.1.avi

Critic 01/16/2018 (Tue) 00:48:38 Id: dceacb [Preview] No.490 del
Archie Bunker's Place S03E09.Growing.Up.is.Hard.to.Do.Part.2.avi

Critic 01/16/2018 (Tue) 01:06:32 Id: dceacb [Preview] No.491 del
Archie Bunker's Place S03E10.Stephanie's.Dance.avi

(152.09 KB 1920x1080 The Frugal Gourmet.jpg)
(152.09 KB 1920x1080 The Frugal Gourmet.jpg)
The Frugal Gourmet (mp4) Critic 12/01/2017 (Fri) 18:48:55 Id: 0737f6 [Preview] No. 175 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The Frugal Gourmet (#F!awt3wTjS!nQsYgdo_u-Yh0vLA-ohcIA)

The Frugal Gourmet was a classic cooking show that first aired in the late 70s on WTTW in Chicago. Later, re-airing nationally on PBS from 1983 to 1997.

There are no DVDs of this show in existence. Old VHS recordings were uploaded to Youtube a while back ago, but Google Inc. shut it all down. Fortunately for us, I have it all backed up.

All the episodes will be mirrored below in timely fashion, many of them come in two parts. A few special holiday episodes come in three or four parts.

Expect around 4 to 5 episodes mirrored per day until uploading is finished. (This show is also currently being shared via the P2P client Soulseek!)
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Critic 12/18/2017 (Mon) 16:48:40 Id: 37c14a [Preview] No.350 del
The Frugal Gourmet - Tabletop Cooking - Jeff Smith Cooking HD.mp4

Critic 01/14/2018 (Sun) 16:21:12 Id: 2ade0f [Preview] No.482 del
The Frugal Gourmet - Sauces Clip.mp4

*this is not a full episode*

Critic 01/14/2018 (Sun) 16:26:28 Id: 2ade0f [Preview] No.483 del
The Frugal Gourmet - Brown Stock Clip.mp4

*this is not a full episode*

Critic 01/14/2018 (Sun) 16:34:19 Id: 2ade0f [Preview] No.484 del
The Frugal Gourmet - French Bread Clip.mp4

*this is not a full episode*

Critic 01/14/2018 (Sun) 16:37:25 Id: 2ade0f [Preview] No.485 del
The Frugal Gourmet - Pea and Egg Soup Clip.mp4

*this is not a full episode*

(86.92 KB 630x630 AITF-Front-1.jpg)
All In The Family (Seasons 1 - 9) Critic 12/26/2017 (Tue) 13:00:54 Id: dd21d4 [Preview] No. 404 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
All In The Family (Seasons 1 - 9) + First Two Seasons of Archie Bunker's Place (MKV Format)


This show is also being shared via Soulseek (a decentralized P2P file sharing client).

Several episodes will be mirrored per day within this thread, until finished.

Archie Bunker's Place has not been forgotten: >>>/tv/114
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Critic 01/01/2018 (Mon) 16:16:23 Id: 0149d8 [Preview] No.458 del
All in the Family 03-16 - Oh Say Can You See.mkv

Critic 01/01/2018 (Mon) 16:37:45 Id: 650ed0 [Preview] No.459 del
I'm having trouble uploading videos here, again. Will try to upload more from time to time. Page freezes for no apparent reason, hopefully this thread was not blocked.

Download the rest via torrent or Soulseek in the meantime...

Critic 01/01/2018 (Mon) 22:10:59 Id: ba481a [Preview] No.460 del
Update: some videos are in m4v formats which were not compatible with this website. I am currently converting all the m4v formats to mkv and will continue uploading when finished.

Critic 01/02/2018 (Tue) 19:20:30 Id: ef397c [Preview] No.466 del
Files no longer allowed to be uploaded here.

Sorry. Can't do anything about it.

Complain here if you care to be provided with more content: >>>/operate/8056

Critic 01/14/2018 (Sun) 14:53:46 Id: 1ee8e3 [Preview] No.477 del
I have decided that I'll be converting my MKV formats to mp4s and then upload the mp4s considering mp4s can still be uploaded. As far as I'm concerned something - or someone - has blocked the MKV formating from being uploaded. Intentional or unintentional, whatever.

mp4s of the rest of this show will be dumped here within the next week, depending on my schedule.

SPECIAL REPORT Critic 01/11/2018 (Thu) 05:55:11 Id: 2b85fa [Preview] No. 473 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=m0XYIme-j4k [Embed]

Critic 01/11/2018 (Thu) 05:55:42 Id: 2b85fa [Preview] No.474 del

Critic 01/14/2018 (Sun) 14:42:04 Id: 33b21e [Preview] No.475 del

Critic 01/14/2018 (Sun) 14:42:59 Id: 33b21e [Preview] No.476 del
If your going to post stuff on /tv/ do it the right way and post the damn video in full please!

(301.45 KB 326x499 1463641274707.png)
Critic 05/19/2016 (Thu) 20:07:49 Id: ed53a2 [Preview] No. 47 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
What is the greatest movie ever made by the hands of man?
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Critic 01/06/2018 (Sat) 15:35:15 Id: 9dc413 [Preview] No.468 del
*poor punctuation, technically renders the meaning incorrect

Critic 01/06/2018 (Sat) 15:49:44 Id: 9dc413 [Preview] No.469 del
One of the big red flags when listening to criticism is when they could just as well apply to a book. Things like plot holes, they are very superficial observations about narrative and mostly concern people who don't really even care whether what they're looking at is a movie or book, they only care about pandering to their own little narratives. Commercialism. If a good movie has a(n actual) plot hole it's a shame, but only for reasons external to the movie itself. And mostly it's dependent on the viewer's bias, they just claim the plot holes start where their own prior knowledge of how the world is ends. If a person was so uncultured he didn't know anybody who has a father, and a movie featured an intact family, that person would call it a plot hole that's there just some guy hanging out at some mother's house. It's a shame that this movie can't reach somebody that dense, and a better movie would reach anybody by some cinematic magic, but it's not a flaw in the movie and what it set out to portray. It would be like complaining the finest pearl doesn't also make coffee.

Critic 01/06/2018 (Sat) 19:18:38 Id: 0033d2 [Preview] No.470 del
Hard to say, I can name a few must haves:

The Shining 1980
Night of the Living Dead (the original 60s version)
Carnival of Souls (the original 60s version)
Deliverance 1972
Bad Boys 1983
The Boys Next Door
Two-lane Blacktop
Easy Rider 1969
Beetlejuice 1988
Requiem For The Dream
Pink Flamingos (warning: not family friendly)

Critic 01/06/2018 (Sat) 19:21:45 Id: 0033d2 [Preview] No.471 del
Ah yes, add the Jaws and Rambo series as must haves too.

Critic 01/07/2018 (Sun) 05:06:59 Id: cca012 [Preview] No.472 del
Bro, the entire movie is about the significance of the main character's last words and flashbacks throughout the film of his life. His last word, Rosebud at the end turned out to be a sled he had as a child. Showing that, although he was rich, had all the material possessions in the world, influence, trophy wife, he wanted that happiness a child had in a simple toy. I did like the movie but when it's a plot hole that is important to the entire plot, and theme of the movie it's a bigger deal than normal imo. The entire movie is in fact bookended by his last words in the beginning and the revelation of their significance at the end. But no one was there to hear them unless you're just assuming his butler is there. Not a huge deal but it is rarely brought up even in a trivial light when critics discuss it.
I would think you'd see it brought up more as trivial footnote at least.
>Tour de force acting of Orson Welles, revolutionary lighting and cinematic pacing etc. Key plot point is nonsensical, but you probably won't notice your first time through.

(1.41 MB 1092x615 image.png)
Critic 12/31/2017 (Sun) 19:50:39 Id: 894ca3 [Preview] No. 456 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
It says with pulp.

Critic 01/02/2018 (Tue) 15:02:32 [Preview] No.461 del

Critic 01/02/2018 (Tue) 15:10:17 Id: 20419c [Preview] No.462 del
(56.60 KB 395x600 SopranosS1BD_7.jpg)
You said you like pulp.

(62.73 KB 1280x720 tears of an angel.jpeg)
Woody Woodpecker - Trailer Critic 12/22/2017 (Fri) 10:14:15 Id: 8aa3b6 [Preview] No. 375 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=WHzTLDP4o_Q [Embed]

The original Spongebob Squarepants source material gets the patented Universal treatment of reminding us that it's futile to dream.

Critic 12/22/2017 (Fri) 10:16:54 Id: 8aa3b6 [Preview] No.376 del
(The original Zootopia source material gets the patented Sony treatment of reminding us that terrorism deserves to win.)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=3ittn4f0Em4 [Embed]

Critic 12/22/2017 (Fri) 10:54:43 Id: 86e641 [Preview] No.377 del
Dude if your going to post something on /tv/ please rip something in full and just upload it to the damn board. Don't be dishing out random Youtube links to trailers which could be taken down any time Google pleases.

Critic 12/22/2017 (Fri) 11:03:36 Id: 8aa3b6 [Preview] No.378 del
(523.68 KB 1024x613 NFdjLJt.png)
(41.76 KB 378x500 299575.jpg)
Okay, faggots, this is how you modernize a franchise:

So you can't make a somber story because you need the ADHD kid ratings. I get it. You have that constraint as your personal obstacle. What you do is, you allegorize it, and make it a component of the story you're writing. If you can't do real Peter Rabbit, maybe make it about a Peter Rabbit Jr., and include Peter Senior as a side character. Draw from your experience of having to balance the expectations and reality and tell your own story about a younger, unruly rabbit, who is coming to terms with meeting the older halfway by learning to appreciate the old values. Hell, even make him not learn shit, but just flip the tables by carefully presenting the case that new generations can be more off-the-cuff and it's the old ones who are too strict, but justify it. You can have your little bitch Mr. McGregor as well, screaming to keep the kids entertained. Make the old one having died offscreen and him inheriting the house, and make the central conflict to be exactly that he's so much of a pushover that he allows the animals to mess things up. Create a conflict and then resolve it. That's storytelling, you damn hacks.

Critic 12/22/2017 (Fri) 11:09:18 Id: 8aa3b6 [Preview] No.379 del
>trailers which could be taken down any time Google pleases.

Noted. At the risk of hitting the wall of region locked content, I post official links when I find it appropriate, and at the risk of upload impermanence I post fully ripped videos when appropriate.

Critic 12/22/2017 (Fri) 11:29:43 Id: 86e641 [Preview] No.380 del
Funny, because I personally can't stand new movies because their story lines suck ass. I haven't been to a movie theater since my kids were teenagers! That's been over 12 years ago. I stick to the old time classics because at least they have good story lines. It makes sense that they get so obnoxious with films now days considering so many kids have ADHD and have the attention span of a monkey.

Download Frugal Gourmet Episodes! Critic 08/24/2017 (Thu) 22:22:58 Id: c59c7d [Preview] No. 109 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I am sharing all the Frugal Gourmet episodes ripped from Youtube that have been taken down!

To download, please go to the official Soulseek website, download and install Soulseek.

Then simply set up a free anonymous account name and search for "Frugal Gourmet" or "The Frugal Gourmet" or for "Jeff Smith."

Results should show up if I am online and logged in.

I have 149 Frugal Gourmet videos being shared (so far)...

Feel free to download them and PLEASE DO SHARE!
1 post omitted.

Critic 08/25/2017 (Fri) 15:57:36 Id: b0895e [Preview] No. 113 del

mega.co.nz/ #F!awt3wTjS!nQsYgdo_u-Yh0vLA-ohcIA

Critic 09/24/2017 (Sun) 02:47:56 Id: 5ddef8 [Preview] No. 117 del
I am officially seeding this torrent (at least for now):


I will not be online all the time, so you'll have to remain patient (just like the downloaders have to remain patient when I'm sharing files over Soulseek). This show is a classic, but VERY HARD to find! Take the opportunity now if you want it!

Critic 11/08/2017 (Wed) 08:06:45 Id: fa3bda [Preview] No. 159 del
Thank you!!! I was kicking myself for not finishing downloading these when they were on YouTube. I was certain they were gone forever!

Thanks! Shawn 12/18/2017 (Mon) 03:44:56 Id: 60c117 [Preview] No.346 del
Thanks so much for these. My Great Grandmother used to watch this when I was young, and often I would watch with her when visiting my grandparents house (she lived with them at the time). Brings back some good memories!

Critic 12/18/2017 (Mon) 16:18:20 Id: d53c4f [Preview] No.347 del
You are very welcome, very glad to have helped people find these rare episodes. All of the episodes I have backed up are being mirrored here too: >>175 where you can watch (or download) the mp4 videos right from your own browser.

The rest of the collection will be uploaded soon.

(91.77 KB 1280x768 Wally's Workshop.jpg)
Wally's Workshop ~ (mp4/webm) Critic 12/14/2017 (Thu) 18:41:39 Id: 6b3d5b [Preview] No. 307 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Wally's Workshop was a DIY self-help show which was syndicated in 80 markets, running from 1971 to 1985.

The show featured Wally Bruner and his second wife Natalie working on home projects in a studio space.

The real key to the shows success and entertainment value, however, is in the couple's chemistry, and Wally's lack of coordination, which often leads Wally to drop tools, splatter paint and commit other follies and foibles that create a comic atmosphere.

Unfortunately this show was never released to DVD, and only a few VHS tapes of the more popular episodes exist. What is worse is that only THREE episodes can be found on the internet. Those three episodes have been backed up (on mp4 and webm formats) and will be posted below.

If anyone has any other recordings of this show, please convert them to digital format and post them below! Like the Frugal Gourmet episodes, this show is very very difficult to find.
1 post and 1 image omitted.

Critic 12/14/2017 (Thu) 19:02:31 Id: 6b3d5b [Preview] No.309 del
Wally's Workshop - Lamps and Electrical Outlets.webm

Critic 12/14/2017 (Thu) 19:12:05 Id: 6b3d5b [Preview] No.310 del
Wally's Workshop - Slate and Vinyl Floors.webm

Critic 12/14/2017 (Thu) 19:18:33 Id: 6b3d5b [Preview] No.311 del
Wally's Workshop - Household Repairs.mp4

Critic 12/14/2017 (Thu) 19:25:53 Id: 6b3d5b [Preview] No.312 del
Wally's Workshop - Lamps and Electrical Outlets.mp4

Critic 12/14/2017 (Thu) 19:34:57 Id: 6b3d5b [Preview] No.313 del
Wally's Workshop - Slate and Vinyl Floors.mp4

Download The Rare 80s Show Jennifer Slept Here! Critic 08/24/2017 (Thu) 22:28:49 Id: d26d3d [Preview] No. 111 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I am sharing all the the Jennifer Slept Here episodes ripped from Youtube!

To download, please go to the official Soulseek website, download and install Soulseek.

Then simply set up a free anonymous account name and search for "Jennifer Slept Here."

Results should show up if I am online and logged in.

Feel free to download them and PLEASE DO SHARE!
8 posts and 8 images omitted.

Critic 12/08/2017 (Fri) 17:22:47 Id: ca712d [Preview] No.252 del
Jennifer Slept Here S01E09.mp4

Critic 12/08/2017 (Fri) 17:31:04 Id: ca712d [Preview] No.253 del
Jennifer Slept Here S01E10.mp4

Critic 12/08/2017 (Fri) 17:37:21 Id: ca712d [Preview] No.254 del
Jennifer Slept Here S01E11.mp4

Critic 12/08/2017 (Fri) 17:44:17 Id: ca712d [Preview] No.255 del
Jennifer Slept Here S01E12.mp4

Critic 12/08/2017 (Fri) 17:49:20 Id: ca712d [Preview] No.256 del
Jennifer Slept Here S01E13.mp4