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Doc Doc 09/16/2020 (Wed) 23:40:27 [Preview] No. 983 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Some documents

PW : 99DJ2+0UrKv+9f0Y

Ambiguous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 02:44:50 [Preview] No.984 del
(52.19 KB 750x628 straight (3).jpg)
im afk, but very interested. could it be a virus or a doxxing doc?
>dont care, will dowload load

Ambiguous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 02:50:17 [Preview] No.985 del
(37.62 KB 412x500 internet_cruel.jpg)
im skeptical and worried about see pee.
>tfw i come home to download doc and get door kicked in

Ambiguous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 04:11:43 [Preview] No.986 del
(28.07 KB 1252x204 VirusTotal.png)
(21.21 KB 1181x581 corrupted.png)
Zip files are not the problem, the contents of a Zip file may be unsafe.

You can check the file list of the Zip file, if it contains any files with an unusual file extension like .exe, .com, .scr, .bat etc. or contain another zip file that contains files of that type.

If you have received an email with an zip attachment, assume it is malicious and never click on the files contained in it.

Also, if the archive file is an unusual format like ARC, ACE or ARJ, it is likely malicious.

If you have received a file you do not know if it is safe, you can upload it to virustotal to check if it is recognized by different malware scanners, this will usually identify malware after a few days.

i lost interest OP. sorry:)

Ambiguous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 04:42:58 [Preview] No.989 del
(233.83 KB 848x722 tails gets trolled.jpg)

(14.99 KB 411x103 twitch.png)
#/DAVEY 08/27/2020 (Thu) 02:32:37 [Preview] No. 13 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>post your favourite evangelion stuff
>discuss favourite gen 3-5 vidya
ReiFag plays old school side-scrollers, mostly mega man and is open but not obligated to play requested platform games.
feel free to ignore thread
twitch reinard streams:
oops! heres the link:
Edited last time by Davey on 08/27/2020 (Thu) 02:38:31.
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Ambiguous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 01:45:12 [Preview] No.564 del
(217.31 KB 568x541 mega sad.png)
dawgs, the stream is up and running
>beat 2 robot masters so far
ill check back on 404 after the stream

Ambiguous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 04:11:09 [Preview] No.571 del
(1.95 MB 2427x2532 RMCompleteWorks.jpg)
stream was a success!
>twitch problem will get solved in some capacity
<discord works flawlessly
too bad it gets a bad rap
we'll do better next time!

Ambiguous 09/11/2020 (Fri) 07:14:18 [Preview] No.799 del
(62.91 KB 540x780 eva pepe.jpg)
looking forward to saturdays stream

Ambiguous 09/13/2020 (Sun) 04:20:15 [Preview] No.899 del
(267.30 KB 600x928 1465046886855.png)

Ambiguous 09/13/2020 (Sun) 04:54:30 [Preview] No.902 del
Who r the two people at the bottom watching him?

Ambiguous 09/11/2020 (Fri) 02:48:39 [Preview] No. 767 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
look into replacing sub-header with animation ?

Ambiguous 09/11/2020 (Fri) 03:23:04 [Preview] No.769 del
Wut kinda animution we talking here?

Ambiguous Board owner 09/11/2020 (Fri) 05:34:09 [Preview] No.784 del
(1.78 MB 400x162 gravechan.gif)
this is just an idea im kicking around tbh
>its a ded bort!!

Ambiguous 09/11/2020 (Fri) 05:41:57 [Preview] No.785 del
(491.27 KB 854x480 lucifersexdoll.mp4)
i could try and make it monochrome later. but this makes me happy.
<too bad i cant link to something that alternates animation like the banners do

.boardHeader img#bannerImage

Ambiguous 09/11/2020 (Fri) 05:47:22 [Preview] No.786 del
(408.49 KB 1387x1600 911.jpg)
transparent gifs no longer than 400px, no higher than 200
i like wats up for the time being :^)

Ambiguous 09/11/2020 (Fri) 12:38:17 [Preview] No.812 del
(79.14 KB 300x300 PinguMessage.png)
>I (((like)))
Me too. Reminds me of me.

(39.69 KB 450x450 End-clapboard.jpg)
(81.21 KB 675x1000 The-Lighthouse.jpg)
Endchan Movie Corner Ambiguous Global volunteer 09/04/2020 (Fri) 20:29:33 [Preview] No. 451 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Hereby I invite you guys to our monthly Endchan Movie Corner.
This month featuring: The Lighthouse
1st stream: 16:00 UTC on 5th
2nd stream: 02:00 UTC on 6th
Link: https://cytu.be/r/endcorner

Discussion thread: >>>/operate/10923
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Ambiguous 09/05/2020 (Sat) 23:18:58 [Preview] No.540 del
(160.62 KB 400x400 anime club.png)
>1st stream: 16:00 UTC on 5th
>2nd stream: 02:00 UTC on 6th
10pm EDT(New York)
ill see if i can make it for a bit
havent done cytube in a while
should be interesting

Ambiguous 09/05/2020 (Sat) 23:21:05 [Preview] No.541 del
(654.99 KB 960x696 not okay, retarded.png)
ill unsticky at midnight EDT

Ambiguous 09/05/2020 (Sat) 23:38:04 [Preview] No.544 del
(136.82 KB 1067x867 feelhouse.jpg)

Ambiguous Board owner 09/06/2020 (Sun) 03:01:25 [Preview] No.565 del
(576.33 KB 3264x2448 redtube.jpg)
great set up on cytube. ill pay /operate/ a rate. impress raw video stream looked so good!

Ambiguous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 03:54:02 [Preview] No.570 del
Moobie was p-gud. There were houses and they were lit. Turns out the real lighthouse was in our hearts the whole time.

Ambiguous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 03:21:18 [Preview] No. 568 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Friendly greetings from https://8channel.bz

Tor: http://eightchgaw4nnxcn66nszcgxzzvpjxnlfdv7djaxx5tcw25xlpyfjaqd.onion

-Open user board creation
-Over 150 users and a high PPH every day
-Freedom of speech
-Lots of OC and quality threadsβ€Ž

Ambiguous Board owner 09/06/2020 (Sun) 03:26:18 [Preview] No.569 del
(5.63 KB 251x240 le monkey laugh.jpg)
>glad to see .bz hasnt been sniped

Ambiguous 09/03/2020 (Thu) 00:00:31 [Preview] No. 378 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I'd love to kick Davey in the head. Just take a few steps run up then catch him with the full force of my steel capped toe under his chin, send that little faggot flying through the air.

As he lies on the floor, coughing and wheezing and chocking on his own blood, his jaw a mangled mess of bones detached from the rest of his skull, I stand over him and laugh wickedly. He looks up at me in fear and pain, his eyes searching, begging me for mercy. He finds none. I raise my boot then stomp down, splitting his skull like a melon and finally ending his pathetic life.
3 posts and 3 images omitted.

Ambiguous 09/03/2020 (Thu) 05:50:59 [Preview] No.396 del
(60.85 KB 900x900 polite cat.jpg)
i wasnt expecting THE VISIT anytime soon or ever. this was a pleasant interaction.

#/DAVEY 09/03/2020 (Thu) 06:58:46 [Preview] No.406 del

Ambiguous 09/03/2020 (Thu) 11:55:47 [Preview] No.416 del
based, fuck (((Davey)))

Ambiguous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 04:36:30 [Preview] No.427 del
>based, fuck (((Davey)))

Ambiguous 10/12/2020 (Mon) 06:47:56 [Preview] No.1780 del
(14.43 MB 856x480 shoot me nigga.mp4)