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The son's bff (I sometimes occupied this coveted position) was a fellow oddling from various social gatherings they'd have at community spots. This was the Blue Magician. The Blue Magician special'' was a large Jamaican fellow, chubby and softspoken with a slight stutter that would clear up when he had a receptive audience. He was one of the way more "functional" special needs guys in that he didn't have a lot of health conditions on top of the mental "impairment". Me and him became good friends through our mutual acquaintance, he would put on magic shows for his friends and children. He would almost pass for a nerdy-voiced normy if it weren't for the fact he dresses in exclusively blue tracksuits with a self-made cape and blue magician logo grafted to his shirt.

The Blue Magician's interest in magic went far beyond simple illusions and slight of hand. He had and interest bordering on obsession with super Sentai and Sailor Moon/magical girl stuff. His secret (sacred?) passion project was compiling grimoires (blue binders) filled with spells, sigils, incantations, rituals and far far more. I only ever got to see two of them, and only a few pages of either, they were both thick as phonebooks . He told me in confidence that he has a third which never leaves his room. I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was able to intuit a great deal of "factual" magickal practice (please for God's sake take massive grains of salt with what I just wrote). I knew a great deal (just enough to get me in trouble) about chaos magic and all other manner of absurd occuluslt and my-stery school jargon to tell that this lad was something of an adept at a certain level. He would often ask me to get him the "good stuff", the nudge nudge wink wink magickal (crow-ley sex magick type stuff) books that his parents (Christians) had forbid him from reading. I never obliged him, but we got along famously in pretty much all other aspects of life. He was alarmingly talented and driven. Very much in a sort of Tamers12345 way if you're familiar. Beyond his magical tomes he had several cartoon show ideas (like multiple seasons worth of episodes, copiously illustrated too), musical pieces and works of sculpture. At various times when we would be chatting I'd notice his stutter would completely vanish and he'd take on an all together different tone with me. Sometimes that voice said things it shouldn't have been able to know.

The dead woman, while outwardly friendly to Blue Mage, was absolutely sure that he had cast a spell on her son to make him act violent and possessed. She was also creeped out by an odd habit the B.M's parents had of never setting foot in their house. I observed this several times personally and it was baffling and hard to explain every time.

I take a different view, her son was acting out because he missed his friends in the big city, he used his friend as an excuse to act out his frustrations. Did the blue magician cause the personality change? Yes and no; he cast no spell on her son other than the magic of a close friendship.
Buuuuut. I would be neglectful to say that not too long after they moved back to the city from the ghost house, the Blue Magician himself started having abnormal fits of rage. These turned out worse than the dead woman's Son's, B.M ended up pushing his elderly father down a flight of stairs, breaking the poor man's hip. Several months later he would again floor him by punching his father in the face.


You see a goblin or some shit, he's all :

>a) more spoopy tard tales, these involving death and forbidden love

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