Autonomous 01/27/2021 (Wed) 05:48:27 No.6015 del
im not a teenager, but i just started my first round of prescription acne treatment. living in the authoritarian state of New York, i cant go anywhere or do anything without wearing a mask. at work, it doesnt come off. the 6 foot rule doesnt apply. since new york became a police state ive been developing cystic acne under my mask. its not alot at one time, maybe one or two at most, but cystic acne is fucking horrible. you cant just wash your face and use cleansing wipes. i have to apply clindamycin. its an antibacterial ointment that treats cystic acne. the whole ordeal is directly related to constant mask wearing and the phrase "Maskne" been coined post-covid. so far the shit has calmed way down, but this new lifestyle of growing zits so "Grandma doesnt die" is getting old.