kingADVRC 03/29/2021 (Mon) 13:38:00 No.7277 del
Finished the giantess request as well as the new Synthia piece. Will work on alternate versions this coming week as well as finishing the yoga request.

I don't visit any other *chans and have lost touch with 'the boys'. This is the only place I remain, mainly because I like Davey, whom I compair to Megamilk in his dedication to his board. Before coming to /404/, formerly, the last board I was part of was astrochan. I've tried to distance myself from the spacechan BO for personal reasons, which pains me since I created Sarah-Anne Uchuu for space_ and is a character that no longer has any relevance but I still hold dear. You can find her as well as more of my art on my DA account, link at the top of this thread.