Anonymous 01/06/2019 (Sun) 12:38:25 No.30433 del
Sure, go ahead, but if you'll be so kind to grant, this one favour that I humbly ask, then ye shall make us all feel proud, man.
While you are fucking her and getting ready to cum, take a deep breath and proclaim aloud:

To people the barren and desolate board
And drive the whiners back to 4chon
I claim this cunt my breeding stock
And a shitposters clan I summon forth!

To keep ablaze the funpost fire
And as beacon guide the strayed mind
For a waxing future for aMkind!
And the undying fate of the aMpire!

Then raising your strong arm with clenched fist, bellow for all to hear:
And releasing your thick load give her a good creampie.