The Power Structure of the NWO NWOexpo 02/15/2018 (Thu) 19:12:29 No.15 del
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The NWO Power Structure Explained

The Nazis rule parallel with the Octogon slave masters. In fact, they are part of The Octogon. The Bank of England rules over the U.S. Federal Reserve Banks, as well as the German Deutsche Bank. These serve The Bank for International Settlements.

● Notice how THE POPE falls below in hierarchy, under THE BLACK POPE, who is above him and more powerful.

● Notice also how The Bank of England and the Rothchilds are also not at the top of the Pyramid, but rather the items as noted below.

This is the basic structure of the NWO folks.

► Here is The NWO pyramid, outlined in text format, extracted from a visual chart:

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