Anonymous 03/20/2021 (Sat) 01:31:24 No.1346 del
I believe she only left this video up unlisted on YouTube for a few minutes. It was her first panicked reaction after seeing she had been doxxed in an agatha2 thread. Someone posted a few childhood and family pics and then her full name.

I think this video that I just stumbled upon marks the point when I first started following Tahlia's life story on 4- and 8chan. I found it really sad and felt depressed for a long time after watching it. It's haunting now to see in the file name that this was the beginning of 2019. Being doxxed was the big disaster in her life at the time and dragged out for months with suicide threats and numerous busy /r9k/ threads. Who would have imagined that the very next year things could get so much worse for her?