Anonymous 03/20/2021 (Sat) 07:51:27 No.1351 del
Her dox had actually been posted a few times before that. I know it had been posted on /r9k/ before but she wasn't really popular there when that happened so no one really cared at that point. There'd also been someone she said was her friend posting her full name in chat on one of her streams. So some people already knew her dox but I guess this was the first time anyone had really bothered to do anything with it. Kind of dumb on her part to continue engaging with these communities when she knew her dox was out there because something like that was always going to happen. She should have stayed gone after that but she just couldn't help herself. If we're being honest most of the things that happened to her were brought on by herself and could have easily been avoided if that were what she had wanted.