Anonymous 10/14/2021 (Thu) 08:47:05 No.5289 del
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5.5. I forgot to mention that while youre jerking it, you can send a (presumably) small extra amount of energy by just imagining yourself finishing to her (or inside her) in your head. This seems to scale with how passionate you are about it and how much you want to do it. Theoretically, you could think this scenario over and over in your head for hours to farm huge amounts of energy, but the issue is that your passion and willpower will likely slow down and weaken over the time and repetition.
Also, I imagine stuff like wanting Agatha to come back requires a great amount of energy. It seems to be related. So for example if I just redirected my energy to wanting her to post a new pic or a new social media post, that would require way less energy.
WARNING: EXTREMELY autistic pic attached.