Anonymous 01/26/2023 (Thu) 02:16 No.4823 del
Yeah, I had a smoke bomb blow up on me while I was playing paintball innawoods with my friends. I almost lost an eye as a kid because I threw I spray can into a fire and it exploded. I was hit in the face with shrapnel and the spray nozzle hit me square between the eyes. One in a million shot. The funny thing was, after I had threw it into the fire, I was clear across the yard and it still hit me. I was helping my grandfather burn yard debris and he had no idea I had threw it in the fire. When it exploded, he dropped to the ground like they taught him in the military, lmao. I've also been shot and heard the bullets zipping by me but not one hit me. I didn't know what it was and then my neighbors freaked out when they saw a kid walk out from the woods down range. They were shooting paper targets. All of this has added to my sense of invincibility. Which is not necessarily a good thing, not trying to boast, but I'm braver than most. It didn't help being popped by lightning either. I kind of believe that things happen for a reason now. I don't know whether it's destiny, fate or karma or guarian angels but I've had too many close calls for it just to be dumb luck.