NEET 09/10/2019 (Tue) 09:18:00 No.11482 del
I agree that horrible subs is bad but there often is not much alternative, forma example the subs for Machikado Mazouku are awful but only two other groups sub it, one uses the same subs anyway and the other is not in 1080p and uses the same subs apart from some fixed Americanisations, but still I use the 720 ones. Fansubbing is kind of dead now, not that it doens't happen bu usually only it happens with niche releases and bluray releases.

There is nothing wrong with 3DCG, it enables anime like Kemono Friends to me made, it would never have been made otherwise.

>Check these out. They're actually good, why don't you watch them?

...How am I even supposed to know what they are from?