NEET 09/10/2019 (Tue) 09:28:00 No.11495 del
>it enables anime like Kemono Friends to me made, it would never have been made otherwise.
That's a good thing.
Computers are used as a complicated tool to put the artist as far away as possible from what he's drawing, and when we get into 3D territory there's not even any human behind the creation anymore, just soulless computer geometry.
It's a cash grab with the explicit purpose of making the greatest sacrifices in quality possible to lower the price of the production. If it's digitally made animation, it was purposefully sabotaged in ill intent. It's bad in every occasion.

Don't worry about horriblesubs anime either, both the subs and the anime are horrible anyway. If anything, that they're ruined by the awful subtitling is a good thing as it draws people away from them, or it would be, if we didn't run into a some who gladly swim in garbage.

>How am I even supposed to know what they are from?
Reverse image searches.
But they're Legend of Lemnear, Megazone 23 (episode 1, the others look different), and El Hazard.
The ones from this post are Riding Bean, The Cockpit (3 story 3 episode OVA, forgot which episode, they also all look different), and the original Saint Seiya.